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Defunding the Police

The progressive movement’s efforts to create a national effort to de-fund state and local police, which will result in a rampant crime problem, is consistent with the drive for more centralized power in the federal government.

State, county, and local law enforcement operate separately from the federal government and it’s not controlled by them. It’s controlled by you and your tax dollars. I realize that some people don’t feel that’s the case, but I assure you that it is. For the most part, they support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights – and the Tenth Amendment. They are a hedge against federal control. The officers live locally, for the most part, and are part of the community. Their children go to school where yours do. They’re not shipped in and transferred around the country to keep a distance from YOU.

If they’re defunded and demoralized sufficiently, the federal government will step in and replace them with federal troops that don’t answer to you. They will answer to their masters in Washington DC.

It’s difficult to have a cultural revolution when you don’t control the police.

What you see is a DELIBERATE trend, designed with an end in mind that is not in your best interests.




I don’t watch CNN for the same reason that I don’t drink from the toilet. I can’t be clearer than that.




Ammo Advisory

The two pictures are of a recent purchase at a Walmart.  This is a re-post. I’m not purchasing ammo at the moment.

After purchasing the ammo the buyer noticed that the neck was cracked on one of the shell casings. Every round was inspected and 13 out of 60 of the shells had cracked necks. This isn’t Walmarts fault. This is the fault of the new manufacturer of Remington ammo since the post-bankruptcy purchase.

Vista outdoors purchased Remington ammunition post-bankruptcy and seems to have shoddy quality control. Please check your ammo before purchasing. A cracked shell casing will cause the firearm to malfunction – severely.

Handloaders routinely check this because whether it’s just a neck-down or a full-length resize, you’re stressing the brass and if you do it long enough, you’ll find bad cases. People buying factory ammo usually expect a higher standard of QC.


For the historical record, I’m not old.

But I do observe old people.

OLD is when – your sweetie says, “Let’s go upstairs and make love,” and you answer, “Honey, I can’t do both.”

OLD is when – Your friends compliment you on your new alligator shoes and you’re barefoot.

OLD is when – “Getting a little action” means that you don’t need to take any fiber that day.

OLD is when – An all-nighter means not getting up to go to the bathroom.

OLD is when – You don’t care where your spouse goes, just as long as you don’t have to go along.


State Department Travel Advisories

I’m preparing to leave the US on business and I checked the advisories. Something that stood out to me, is their strident cautionary note that vaccination doesn’t mean that you won’t contract or spread COVID-19. The US State Department is telling you that the vaccines don’t work. Check it out for yourselves.

“Fully vaccinated air travelers coming to the United States from abroad, including U.S. citizens, are still required to have a negative SARS-CoV-2 viral test result or documentation of recovery from COVID-19 before they board a flight to the United States.”

If they don’t work, and the official government line is they don’t, then why is USGOV pushing vaccinations down everyone’s throat?

Then again, maybe they’re just getting things ready for the NEXT PLAGUE?

Don’t throw your obedience mask away just yet – slave.

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  1. I don’t understand what appears to be crystallized brass extending down below the shoulder.

    1. I noticed that and can’t suggest a credible answer. My first thought was a dried lubricant, but that’s a SWAG.

    2. It does look rather odd. My guess is something went south with the annealing process, to say nothing about the final inspection.

    3. My guess is that when they annealed the brass they either got it too hot or kept it on the heat too long.

    4. My first thought too, was improper annealing causing the brass to become brittle at the neck.

  2. Thanks for the heads up about the ammo. I was wondering how the Vista Outdoors purchase was going to work out. Same with Marlin/Ruger. Not that I’m contemplating any ammo purchases in the near future.

    That said, ALL my concealed carry ammo is store bought, for several obvious reasons. I have always liked Remington Golden Saber (in 45 ACP) and some of mine has been on my shelf for “awhile”. I had thought to change it out at some point before the ammo crunch. but it was out of stock even then. So I tried some Hornady Critical Defense in my SIG 220. Nope. Group size doubled. This not a jab at Hornady. My point is that you can take nothing for granted. Double check everything. Then a week later, check it again.

    I too and not old. Some days I feel like it. Naps work wonders. As someone said recently, “I’m still just a kid. My ID has this weird number on it”.

    1. When I ran a large joint agency (fed/state/county/city) law enforcement task force we bought a LOT of Golden Saber and had significant jamming problems. We wheeled all the ammo back for a refund and the distributor was unhappy. Now, that was some time ago and I suspect on reflection that they may have had QC issues then (light powder loads), but I haven’t used Golden Saber since.

      As you say, you need to check your ammo by firing (some of) it. I carry Hornady in my .454 Cassul (Super Redhawk Alaskan) daily carry and Federal in my 1911’s. Usually, Hornady +P+ in the Glock, which has a Glock frame but all custom aftermarket hardware inside, optimized for the hotter loads. I carry Lehigh Defense in my 9mm’s

  3. There’s this form you have to file every year, most years on April 15th. Maybe you have to send a payment in with it, too. If any million or more of you decided you weren’t getting your money’s worth, you don’t have to send the form in; and ultimately the lousy employees will be laid off. MLK found there was enough communication technology available to organize a protest movement some sixty years ago. Today you have the Internet.

  4. Black Hills ammunition is the only large manufacturer I know of that hand inspects every round. They cost a little more but it’s worth it to me

    1. I’m aware of it but haven’t shot it. I shoot Federal Lake City Match in my .308’s and military ammo in the 7.62’s. and 5.56’s

  5. My guess is the problem’s in the Remington facility rather than with Vista itself. Other brands of ammunition owned by them include Federal, CCI, and Speer.

  6. Rats in cages they constructed themselves. Anarchy will continue until they get bored with death and dying and peeing the street and no one is watching. Good riddance to the lot of them.

    Masks. Vaxs. A charade. This we know for certain.

    Iffn’ we hear of some scuttle happening in parts unknown we’ll suspect there was some LL involvement, otherwise, stay safe out there among the crazies, keep the alternative escape route at the ready, and come back in one piece.

  7. “What you see is a DELIBERATE trend, designed with an end in mind that is not in your best interests.”
    Are we at the end of a five, ten or twenty year plan or the start of a new communist plan?

    1. It’s a long-term plan. Frankly, I’ve been aware of it for thirty years. The federal government can’t afford (under current taxation schemes) to swallow the bill for all national policing, but with the trillion-dollar add ons that we’re seeing now, that may be a different matter. They’ve wanted to swallow it whole. Now, Sheriffs are constitutional offices and they are elected officials, operating based on the electorate. That is a problem for them. I think you’d see them trying to take over some blighted city police departments (say, in Minnesota) but it’s a rocky road for them.

  8. What you see is a DELIBERATE trend, designed with an end in mind that is not in your best interests.”

    I gotta admit I had not seen the end goal. I knew it was not good for anyone, but you tied up the loose ends. I have watched ” Unintended Consequences ” used for an excuse long enough to finally realize that “Unintended” doesn’t mean Not Easily Foreseeable, and at some point, stupidity stops being cover for sabotage.
    Or, how did our best and brightest get bamboozled by everyone we entered into a trade agreement with?

    1. Yeah, I very much doubt they were bamboozled even just a little bit.

  9. I agree about the heat treating looking poor. I’ve shot hundreds of of rounds of Core-Lokt in 30-30, and ALL the brass was obviously heat-treated, with the distinctive coloration on the neck. All my new, never fired brass in 30-06 has the same coloring, as well as all my mil surp ammo.

    I used Golden Sabre in my Kimber 45ACP and my Sig P226, and never had an issue with it. Same with SLW’s TRR-8, bur seeing as it’s a wheel gun, it pretty much digests anything you feed it.

    Deliberate, and very disturbing, trends, indeed.

  10. That sucks on the ammo, but it’s ‘Remington’… sigh. Re the WuFlu, are you really surprised? The right and left sides of .gov NEVER talk anyway, and they think nobody in the US actually checks those travel advisories…

    1. The big problem is that there’re some calibers that only Remington used to load, AFAICT.


  11. It is deliberate and your right LL that its been ongoing for some time. Gas pipeline hacked and shutdown 2 weeks ago and now joe starts shutting down gas and oil leases in Alaska. Now we have the largest meat packing outfit in the country being hacked. Someone in Russia of course. I have no idea how or when but something has to break. This cant go on as it has become so blatent.

  12. Yeah, the “defund” operation is just to set things up more efficiently for the next local Tiananmen Square operation, so that it’s easier to bring in goons from far away for the crackdown.

    As for the travel advisory, they just want to have their cake and eat it too – “we saved you all with the vaccine”, combined with “but you still have to be afraid, to enable our dictatorial rule”.

    Makes perfect sense, for the current batch of Stalin wannabes. Logic is racist, after all.

  13. With regards to long term plans of the left/China/USSR/Marxists, I believe it goes deeper than that.
    The end goal is destruction of EVERY facet of “bourgeoisie” life, and to force the “proletariat” into the unsavory choice of “be ruled or revolt” so that their perfect communist utopia can be achieved. Either way permits them to “liquidate” the “troublemakers,” either under the mask of public disorder or by color of law. Either way, they intend to be the rulers once the dust settles.
    And it’s not political at its base, but religious – the religion of Marxism. They CANNOT be wrong, they CANNOT do wrong, and everything and everyone standing in their way is a blasphemer and apostate.

    1. Agreed re last paragraph, with the proviso that the religion of Marxism is a subset of the religion of Resentment. I think that many of the leftist theoreticians were ultimately driven by resentment. One example is Gramsci, who was an extremely short cripple. A remarkable proportion of Marxist theoreticians were Jewish. (“Practicing” or not does not matter — that’s a common and deeply annoying “no true Scotsman” evasion — the point is having a history of persecution. Whether it’s actual or perceived persecution is irrelevant so long as the person himself believes he and/or his people are persecuted.)

      Resentment becomes a desire for revenge, a desire to have power over others in order to be able to wreak that revenge. On the personal-interaction level, one should be extra careful around very short men and ugly women, because members of those groups tend to be more bitter [1] (understandably so, given how they tend to be treated) than the average person on the street. And it need not be a physical shortcoming (pun entirely unintended). I’ve met people who talk about the revenge they’d wreak on their tormentors (both actual and claimed), “when I’m in charge.” Not that I’m any great success in life, but my attitude toward people who cause me trouble or have harmed me is that I want (in order of preference) 1) the conflict fixed so we can live in relative peace, or 2) the troublemakers to disappear from my life. I have zero desire to torture or torment people I dislike, I just want them out of my life and without any power over me. Not only do I not want to torture anyone, I don’t even want to “fix” them: My feelings are “Be your own bad [old meaning] self, but go do it somewhere else”. But then I’m not filled with resentment.

      [1] there is an actual Chinese aphorism that translates as “someone short of stature; belly bursting with bile”. Okay, that’s a mock-Skaldic translation, but the meaning is preserved.

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