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A blog reader asked (back channel) why I’ve calmed down politically. I haven’t done that. But life exists outside of Jo/Ho and the political clown car in DC. And sometimes I find that I need to just take a step back from that. I’m pictured above, preparing to eat a hot dog. My daughter, Emilie is the photographer.

Above: Note the big peasant hands, almost too big for the hot dog. I can’t help it.


Sir Sean had a Good Run at Life

Sean Connery and Ursula Andress on the set of Dr. No, 1962



Major Thomas Biddle, 1818, by Thomas Sully

Thomas Sully (1783-1872) was one of the greatest painters in American art. Major Thomas Biddle distinguished himself as an artilleryman during the war of 1812. This portrait was commissioned from Sully by Biddle’s father, when the twenty-eight-year-old was commander of Fort Mifflin. All of Sully’s bravura handling is on view, from the dramatic sky to the glistening epaulets to Biddle’s assured expression – which may owe something to artistic license, as the sitter was notably nearsighted. Biddle later explored the West and became an Army paymaster and banker in Saint Louis, where he was killed in a duel in 1831 arising from a political dispute.

The moral to the story:



Brunch with Emilie (On the Ortega Hwy – Lake Elsinore, CA)

My daughter, Emilie, now mother to a two-year-old boy, is the youngest of my four girls. She is always up for an adventure – though they are fewer now that she has my grandson to care for.

Brian E. L., if you’re reading this, yes, it’s the overlook above Lake Elsinore. I’m sure you know the place. (Brian lurks here, rarely if ever does he comment. He and I have written a couple of screenplays and actually sold them.  One was made by a moron and went straight to video. The less said of Hollywood people the better. There was the time that we took some H-wood types to do a location scout. There is an estate in Del Mar that was owned by a Saudi Royal Prince that I know, who was willing to let them film there. The Iranian bodyguard – Former SAVAK – threatened to kill them and throw them in the lake because they were asses. We should have encouraged that. There are missed opportunities in life. sic transit gloria mundi – all glory is fleeting.)


Bullpup Lever Action

It’s just wrong.


58’ Maserati 450M/58 ‘Eldorato’


The Most Important Meal

I like hot pie AND cold pie. Don’t judge me.

I also like vanilla ice cream on hot pie.

I’ve never seen a Muslim eat pie with ice cream.

Maybe that’s why they’re always angry.

41 thoughts on “Commentary

    1. Exactly. It’s epic wrong. Like putting chocolate ice cream on a blueberry pie wrong.

      1. The only upside to that monstrosity would be pi**ing off every serious firearms owner, if that was your intent. Maybe send that picture to the snowflake brigade with a caption, “Stealth Assault Rifle”, so they can work to ban it.

        1. I think that you’re onto something – stealth assault lever-action BULLPUP. That will have them scratching their heads. Yes, it’s bound to make the top of the banned list.

          1. Go full tacti-tard. Take that… thing, put a composite/plastic folding stock on it, make the receiver out of stainless and ceracote it black, put a 4 part or even 6 part rail on the fore-end, add on a laser, a tac-light, an optics group including a red-dot, lowlight scope and a night-vision attachment. Add side-mounted iron sights as backup. Then put a sling on it, add a bayonet lug, flash-hider/muzzle brake and possibly a suppressor. Mount a grenade launcher under it, or a chainsaw bayonet, or something.

            Add a couple pouches of those tube fast-feeders that they make for shotguns and lever guns, all in some tactical color so you can add it to your Level III+ Goretex ballistic nylon duster with chicken plates to push it up to Level IV.


            Now that would really piss off fudd gun owners and the leftists at the same time.

  1. Y’all need to get some Birds custard. That’s what you have on pie. And ice cream at the same time. Total bliss. Last time I went to America I took some custard with me and people were fighting over it. Ask LSP – he’ll back me up on the custard front having been brought up on the yellow stuff.

    1. Jules – I lived in Old Blighty, and it was there that I was hooked on custard. But they don’t have it here – you have to look hard. And they don’t have trifle, which I prefer to pie. There is a place in Newport Beach, CA (maybe closed now because of the plague) where I used to go on my birthday to get a trifle. They did it right with custard and heavy cream.

      I just checked, Muldoon’s Irish Pub in Newport Beach is still open, but they advise that you have to wear a mask to go there, so it’s off the list until they regain sanity.

      1. Ah yes, custard. I agree with Jules, obviously. I like Marmite too, but that’s a different story.

  2. I like the hot dog eating photo. The enthusiasm is endearing.
    Vanilla ice cream on pie? Absolutely.
    Lever action bullpup? WTF?!
    Have a slot open for me in Red Mist the movie? I do have an IMDB credit as an extra in an unreleased feature so I have experience.

    1. Since you have a credit, we’d be obliged to give you a starring role. I haven’t started on the screenplay yet… so I can write you in.

    1. The siren is an important part of Southern Life, to be sure. When I was a kid, we had one too. Where I live now there is one attached to the local fire department from back when it was a volunteer-only department and there was no phone service.

  3. That’s a properly prepared hotdog…but right now your daughters french toast platter is more my speed (as I need some breakfast). Is that the new “woke” syrup…no label?

    Designers are desperate to come up with something “new” and “forward thinking” (whatever that is)…fully failing to understand that classic design has a “feel” rooted in form follows function. The nuevo design crowd doesn’t know or care how to capture that sense. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. Gag.

    Cowboy hats, pie (slightly warmed), and good black coffee in a proper mug. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to round out all the proper food groups.

    1. I don’t know why but the hat is important when eating breakfast. Must it be a Stetson? I have two cowboy hats, one is a Stetson and one isn’t. That was a dumb question, of course, you wear the Stetson when eating breakfast. The Navy cured me of wearing a cover inside. Open the hatch, step outside, adjust your cover. I will have to break the conditioning and go back to the old ways.

      Nuevo design, huh… I think that USGOV should make the M60E4-Mod1 available to everyone who visits this blog at government cost. I don’t need a hand-out. Add reasonably priced ammo (pre-linked) with or without 1-10 tracer 1-10 API. Some don’t like tracers, but buddy, shooting them on a moonless night without tracers or incendiaries means you have no idea where they’re hitting. Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.

      1. Dad used to say “Things are rarely invented, just redesigned or repurposed.”

        I’m a Frank Lloyd Wright fan, 110 years ago was pushing design elements that bucked the architectural system (I swear Rand used FLW as her muse in The Fountainhead). While imitation may be the highest form of flattery, no one can BE the original. I prefer an older Henry or Winchester lever action (no expert like you or others here, just like those designs). That thing you posted is an abomination trying to be something new and bold, unlike the Maserati…classic.

        I have a few cowboy hats…my everyday preferred is a Colorado Hats (Estes Park), because it fits. Regardless of ‘make’ it needs to be the right shape for you, and fit…and stay on in a stiff wind. You know it when you put it on. Now when MrsPM wears one of hers – even if it’s the well worn work hat – my heart skips a beat. Can’t help it.

    1. They upgraded it maybe 6 or 7 years ago. I’m not sure of the dates because sometimes time slips.

    2. ha! they did. it used to be just an old fire watch cabin w/a deck and picnic tables. best bbq ever. smelled devine, all that smoked meat smell, yummm.

  4. “Apple pie without the cheese is like a kiss without the squeeze.” I quote my Grandmother. Yes, I grew up with a slice of cheddar on warm apple pie. Still my preference after 70 years.

    Lever action bullpup? Seriously? Why? What a wasted design!

    My wife makes some serious trifle for special occasions.

    Almost dead center here in AZ. Distant neighbors, perhaps.

    1. Look at Blue Ridge on the AZ map.

      I like a slice of melted cheddar on my pie too, but NOT a Kraft single. Real cheddar. I’ve even had Swiss and that’s not bad either.

      1. Blue Ridge, just off 260? I’m about 10 mi from west end of 260. Sliced Kraft is not really cheese, IMHO. Will have to try swiss. I cook, my wife bakes. ;-)

      2. Bleh. Apple pie should shine by itself, and cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and allspice are the only real flavorings needed.

  5. Bullpup lever action?
    Hard pass
    The new Henry X model lever action in 44mag?
    Drool, Drool
    But No One has one for sell. I would assume that Henry has added more shifts to their factory and are at this time digging deeper holes to store all the money people are throwing at them.
    So the question remains, Where have all the guns gone (long time passing)?
    (Had to end on a musical note)

    And as far as pie, if it is apple, and Hot,
    Then a slice of sharp cheddar and a scoop of Blue Bell Home-style Vanilla does it for me.
    Haven’t had it in a few years of decade or two so I might just hafta splurge.

    MSG Grumpy

    1. MSG, there are very few weapons of any note that are for sale. When something comes up for sale that I want, the price is absurdly high. A friend of mine pointed out that a Colt Monitor (shorty BAR) came up for sale and they wanted $71,000.00 for it. I laughed. He said, “how much would you have paid?” I said, “NOT SEVENTY-ONE thousand dollars.”

  6. Don’t think I’ve ever met a piece of pie I couldn’t take a liking too…(and it shows):>) A fruit or berry pie warm with some vanilla ice cream is hard to beat in the pantheon of desserts.

  7. I recognize that shot too… Friend of mine lives not far from there. Re the bullpup, What in all that is holy is that POS??? Sigh… And truly glad the girls got their looks from their mother! ;-)

    1. Thanks for saying their mom instead of their mom (and dad)…

      Emilie is a chip off the old block when it comes to her mom.

  8. “If you’re going to eat a hotdog, eat the HELL out of that hotdog.”

    Now I want a hotdog. But I am enjoying a piece of “no sugar added” apple pie. Why NSA? It was the only kind they had in the “Day Old” rack at the grocery store. Habits of a lifetime, honed to a fine point in grad-school poverty, stick with you. And the pie is plenty sweet enough :-).

  9. I’ve had a time looking for old lever actions for sale. Mostly all I see is synthetic stock tacticool. Bleh.
    The very few lever actions for sale are asking shamefully high prices. As in, I’d be ashamed to ask that high.

  10. This is weird, LL. I went down the hot dog route yesterday too. Yes, delicious.

    Great pie photo.

  11. The photo of Emily makes me murderously sad I’m not 30 again.

    A great aunt on Mother’s side insisted on having a slab of cheddar at every meal and said that apple pie without that slab of cheddar was not edible.

      1. I can fully appreciate cheese and apple together as a savoury snack or as an accompaniment to a Ploughman’s lunch, but not on a dessert!

        Still there are other things in America I tried and liked such as deep-fried butter and deep-fried Oreo and heart-attack potatoes. Next time I’m there I’ll give it a shot but mentally I’m not getting it! 🥺

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