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There has been an ongoing concern about “National Identification Cards”. I get it. Nobody trusts big brother – including me. However a driver’s license is not really identification, but we treat it like that because nobody trusts the Feds. A driver’s license identifies the operator as one who has the ‘privilege’ to operate a specific class of motor vehicle.

The federal effort to standardize state identification through the REAL ID Act established minimum security standards for license issuance and production and prohibited Federal agencies from accepting for certain purposes, driver’s licenses and identification cards from states not meeting the Act’s minimum standards. The purposes covered by the Act are: accessing Federal facilities, entering nuclear power plants, and, boarding federally regulated commercial aircraft.

It’s time to apply that standard to voting, in a different way. I suggest we look at the system that Mexico established.

The voting card identifies the owner as a citizen, holding the right to vote. They can and should be issued by states, but to a common standard in much the same way as we do with “Real ID”. Look at the back of the voting card, above. You’ll see little boxes. When you vote IN PERSON, they are punched. Each time you vote, there is another punch. The card is renewed once the area to be punched is full and you get a new photo.

The cards should be issued without direct fee. Let the funding come from each state’s general fund. Motor vehicle departments can issue them because the mechanism is in place.

The County Registrar of Voters can issue in-person absentee ballots if you’re going to be out of town or out of country when the vote is to be taken. Your ID is punched, you have a ballot and you can mail it back to them.

I don’t know that this would eliminate the sort of fraud that we are seeing in this national election but it would REDUCE it. It all comes down to who counts the votes, no matter what system you put in place, and that has to be standardized nationally with each state taking the responsibility of enforcing those standards.

What do you think?

It may be too late for this sort of system (which the democrat party would oppose violently to the bottom of their wicked hearts). The corruption and rot may be too great ever to try for some sort of honest voting system.

Arguments against in person voting as being “super-spreader events” are nothing but straw man arguments. They’ve beaten that plague horse to death in my opinion. We either have free and fair elections where every voter is vetted and every vote is counted, or we don’t have a republic… and we’re very close to kissing the republic good-bye.

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    1. Yes, it’s a MUST READ. A mountain of red flags. And I don’t know how it will be resolved.

    2. Read that last night…it’s spot on. Apparently after 2018, Trump had DHS set up an election fraud sting. This isn’t over by a long shot, despite continued counting starts and stops and “found” Biden ballots.

      1. Voter ID is racist, presumably because inner city people don’t have ID’s and are too stupid to get them.

        We all knew that the Democrats would keep “finding” ballots to support their candidates until they all won because they TOLD US that was what they planned to do.

        1. When the all encompassing “they” kept demanding to know if the President would “accept the election”, it was projection the fix was in. Today the “they” will proclaim Biden the next president (small ‘p’ on purpose). Release the Kraken! (or feral pigs, your choice)

          1. Nasty Pelosi congratulated corrupt, creepy, senile old Joe on his victory. The fraud hasn’t been dealt with and the recounts are not done, but the pigs are taking a victory lap.

          1. That’s incredibly racist since the pigs keep saying that we need to help the inner city people who are not able to afford a drivers license or state ID.

          2. Or read English. Too much Dem pandering to people who won’t learn the language so they can garner more votes. Their subversiveness has been decades in the making.

  1. Unless and until there are consequences for cheating all that can be done is try to make it more difficult to cheat. (I’m thinking necktie parties are called for here.) Otherwise the answer to what form of government we have will begin with “banana”

    1. yeah.

      Banana “Republic” doesn’t really work, because it implies that there is a republic.

  2. Plan your work and work your plan.

    They’ve been telling us for weeks, months even, that there were gonna be problems. They told us in advance what they were going to do. And yet here we are. Ya follow?

    1. The donkeys have been telling us precisely how they intended to engage in fraud. Then they worked the plan, and some people are surprised?

  3. Off topic a bit. it appears that the Republicans will take the Senate unless the election fraud prevails in North Carolina, Georgia and Alaska. If the Republicans have the Senate, any Republican Senator from a Democrat governed state should be looking over their shoulder. My prediction is that there will be 3 such Senators that meet an untimely death or are somehow removed from office so that the Democrat Party can have their way.

    How long until being in opposition to the Democrat Party is a capital crime or maybe just a major felony? I think they can do this in 4 years if they control all branches of the Federal Government (with the new 13 member SCOTUS). Damn the Constitution, full speed ahead!!

    1. P.S. I unfortunately believe that the courts will not be able to rectify the election fraud issues and Biden will be the next President. I forgot that above.

      When does the party start?

  4. I like the purple thumb, and require in person vote and each voter after casting their vote dips their thumb into the ink. In order to get in line at the polling place, you have to be registered and on the registration list, and that list is held by an impartial election official carrying and AK-47. If you don’t do all of the above, you don’t vote, and no absentee ballots. Make time to vote on election day or don’t.

    Fool proof.

    1. +2…this approach is being stated everywhere, because the good honest folks have nothing to hide. LL is correct tho, Dem’s won’t go for it, ever, because they can’t cheat. The bright spot is there is Federal Law on the books, then again, when lawlessness has been openly flaunted who’s to say they’d give a damn.

    2. +3 on the purple thumb.
      There’s no way our trusted officials would accidentally issue a card with pre-existing, multiple punches – is there.

  5. I’m following the “sting” scenario which Camperfixer mentioned which isn’t making much headway – certainly not in MSM. It sounds plausible and possible to me. The ultimate goal by Trump is a National Voter ID card so this never happens again. This won’t be over for months (IMO)

    1. The donkeys declared that the election was won by Biden today and that it’s “official” since the fraud is being addressed and the recounts and counts are still underway. They want to get Biden seated before he’s unseated.

    2. It’s called “The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity”, Wikipedia has an okay blurb on it. Appears to be ongoing behind the scenes, as indicated in an article I read last night.

  6. Insuring an honest election with minimal cheating and fraud is NOT difficult. The reason we don’t have such a system is the people in power don’t want such a system. An honest system limits THEIR power and control. The goal of BOTH parties is permanent tenure in office…,NOT honest elections. And passing laws about election processes is pointless. Those laws would be ignored. It is illegal for a non-citizen to vote yet thy do……bynthe millions. To become a citizen a person must be moderately client in English. Therefore ballots printed in ANY language but American English should be unnecessary etnthey come in DOZENS of different languages. The entire “system” is corrupt beyond redemption……including he electoral process. And that will never change because those in power don’t want it to change. And what “we the people” want is totally irrelevant to them.

    1. Dan, I stridently agree with all you’ve said but one. The system will change at the point of a gun. When those mealy mouthed pasty dough cretins in D.C. come to know actual fear, the system will become honest.

      The question is how many will take up those arms and how much do they prize honest elections. Without the former the latter remains impossible. None will rise to the work except that they value the effort. Talk, talk, talk about keeping the country we grew up in. Again, more talk about preserving the Republic. Waiting on government to correct its own ‘error’ is a foolish game.

      This isn’t radical thought. It is actually enshrined by those who fought for and founded our country.

  7. Ain’t over until it is over. Use your preferred search engine and read all the requirements of the Electoral College. In many states the state legislators must approve the Electors. Some of the fraudulent states have GOP controlled State Congress (PA for example). At the national level the Senate is in GOP hands.

    Seems the writers of the Constitution were well aware of voting fraud and put in safeguards. The question today, do our elected officials have the guts to fight the fight?

    1. The past is telling. We have seen that no, the elected do not have the sand. The desire for the Republic is secondary to those who wish to preserve the quid pro quo in Congress, et al. First must be overcome their finding value in protecting that status quo, then turning them towards preserving the Republic. They won’t do this on their own; they have every incentive to resist such a turning.

      Let The People remove that incentive. As always, the deplorable status of our nation is rightly down to the apathy of the People. We let it happen. We allow it to continue. Maybe someday enough people will shake of the bonds of ignorance and take heed. But first must be the extermination of ignorance.

      There’s your game plan, me hearties.

      1. The apathetic – complacent hoards, only care when it is so bad that it breaks their rice bowl completely. Like German Jews. They only took it seriously when they were in the box cars on the way to the ovens.

  8. The Media and Career Reprobates are doing to The Election Fraud the same as they did for the Biden Crime Family Corruption bombshell(s)…FULL dismissive operation despite video knowledge. Talk about beyond the pale…sold their souls to not have egg on their face, and to win. Special place in The Basement for them. Trump will ramp up his take-down of the biggest cheat in history perpetrated on the willfully ignorant. The rest of “aware” folks will cheer him on and approx. $10mil has been donated in the last 24 hrs to the Trump Team to fight this reprehensible mess.

  9. I know they advertised it but watching the coup unfold in real time isn’t easy.

    Let’s see how this works out in court. In the meanwhile, the Dems have blown up our governance and the GOP seems only too happy to assist.

  10. In a way this is already being accomplished with the ‘Star I.D’ drivers license program which requires the following and more verification. : Valid, unexpired United States Passport, Certified Birth Certificate, Social Security card, United States Military Form DD 214, Medicare/Medicaid Identification Card , W-2 Tax Form, Valid Driver License or Identification Card displaying applicant’s current address, Voter Registration Card, Residential Mortgage Contract, Current Lease or Rental agreement for housing, Proof of payment of residential property tax (Homestead), Previous year tax returns bearing applicants address, Vehicle registration bearing applicants name and address, Utility bill (Water, Gas, or Electric) less than 90 days old, Any State or Federal Court documents indicating residence address, School enrollment documentation, Defense Department Form 214 (Report of Separation), Sex offender registration documents, Current Homeowners insurance policy with name and address, Social Security benefits statements/summary mailed to physical address, U.S. or State Government check or other document mailed to applicants physical address, Military Orders documenting duty station and place of residence.
    This could seriously reduce voter fraud.

    1. Do we have voter fraud, or vote counter fraud.
      ID for valid voters is one thing.
      What’s the plan when the vote counters slip in all the bogus votes they put together ahead of time, and/or discard votes for the other party?

      1. There’s a lot of that going on with this election.

        Last time, they never thought that President Trump would win. Hillary was assured of victory. This time, they had four years to prepare and embed. You have to hand it to the pigs. They are well funded.

  11. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

    NO MORE EARLY VOTING OR MAIL-IN VOTING. Except with either a doctor’s note or you’re out of the country.

    Voting starts at 00:00 AM EST on the 1st Tuesday of November yada yada and adjust as time zones so everyone starts voting at the same time. Ends at 24:00 EST the same day. That’s 24 hours to vote. Any absentee or military ballots must be in and stamped as in by 12:00 EST on election day. If you’re out of the country, you can afford to FedEX it or drop it off at your nearest consulate or embassy. Or at your local US ONLY military base. The foreign ballots get counted as the ballots are those scantron sheets and are coded to go to the state, county and precinct that they come out of.

    Yes on positive voter id. Yes on purple finger.

    No on ballot harvesting or widespread vote harvesting from old folks homes. If they can go to the grocery store they can go to the friggin voting precinct.

    And here’s the real kicker.

    10 years per single count of election tampering or fraud, served consecutively, no plea bargain, no probation/parole. Complete loss of all voting rights and now illegal to ever work on a campaign or election ever again. More than 5 counts? DEATH. By Hanging. In the town/city square at Noon on the day the 1 appeal fails. If the appeal fails to show that the person didn’t commit fraud, then let go free. And that means ‘the investigators farked up and this particular person wasn’t involved at all.’ Else, DEATH.

    I, personally, would go so far as to say all personal property or portions of personal property belonging to the fraudster gets cashed in and given as compensation to the offended party, but that’s just a little bit radical.

    Though, yes, I do condone DEATH for election fraud. And for treason. (And for white collar crimes… equate a dollar value toa life, maybe $100K equals a life, so commit, oh, say $3 million in fraud, that’s 30 ‘lives’ you’ve destroyed… and each life is a Capital (death) case…)

    Yeah, I’m harsh. But if F…ing Iraq can have a clean election, so can we!

      1. Beans – Beans – Beans, what would the pig donkeys do if they didn’t rig the election or make illegal aliens legal to vote? The party would die.

        DRJIM – exactly

    1. Beans, it ain’t ever going to happen! The pig donkeys will throw their bodies in the way of doing those sorts of things. As LL said, if not for election fraud the pig donkeys would be a small minority party. They only “win” by cheating.

  12. Pretty sure the horse left the barn so long ago that the barn has been gentrified into Hipster apartments. Once the Dems get a few more Senate seats and have the legislative and executive branches, there won’t ever need to be an election again, anyway – that solves voter fraud instantly.

    Look, we’ve been living (in most States and cities) with no Rule of Law, no US or State Constitutions, no representative government (hell, no legislative branches at all) for eight months . General reaction in many of those places has been “great, this is awesome”.

    More-or-less half of the country just voted to continue and increase those measures. Half the country no longer cares about freedom. Half the country vehemently, actively desires to become oppressed serfs.

    You can’t have a free country if half of the people don’t want to be free. Freedom can’t be imposed, it’s an oxymoron.

    Don’t get me wrong. If everything continues going to shit in the general violence / failure of societal order / civil war way, I’m perfectly happy to go get killed trying to help fight the good fight. I’ll do what I can, and I know some of you guys are Badasses, but I’m just an Ass and I know how it’ll go eventually. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to engage some Inner City Ute forces first and rack up a nice ratio instead of Federal Regulars and getting instantly killed? Who knows.

    Problem is, even if a “side” were to “win” a modern civil war in the US, it would be like 2 kids fighting over a sand castle, in the sand castle. Whoever wins, wins sand and ruins.

    Let’s just say there’s a civil war, and “our side’ wins – what then? We have 100 million civilians who don’t want to be free… what are we supposed to do, kill them? Stick them in Re-education Camps?

    Doesn’t seem like the way to Renew a Nation, somehow.

    I think America’s done guys, and it’s just a matter of waiting while it degenerates into yet another Marxist hell, and hoping we don’t live that long.

    My Positive Thought for the Day!

    1. Kle, in your mind they have won. Get out of the hole you are digging.

      Only a small percentage of the population overtly supported the Revolutionary War 240 years ago. The rest were glad when this country was created. That is what has to happen again. Those 100 million might actually finally understand freedom and liberty.

      1. President Trump may pull a rabbit out of a hat and win another term. I’m trying to remain positive.

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