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Fiery Cross Reef/Island Deployment

Radio Free Asia reports that once again,  Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s Navy’s Air Force (PLANAF) KJ-200 maritime patrol aircraft and Y-8 cargo aircraft, which are also used in a dual role for maritime surveillance are on the runway at Fiery Cross Reef/Island.

Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s Navy’s Air Force Y-8

(RFA) “The reported presence of the PLANAF at Fiery Cross Reef is the latest sign of China’s efforts to assert control over the South China Sea from the bases it finished building atop reefs and rocks in 2016. It comes amid a slew of Chinese actions at sea and administrative measures that appear intended to reinforce Beijing’s sweeping maritime claims.”

Fiery Cross – from reef to Chinese Military Fortress

Beijing has created a new “provincial administrative district” that covers all of the Spratley Island chain that it calls “Nansha”. This signals that the Spratley Islands and the South China Sea is officially “part of Red China.”

China has placed aircraft on its artificial islands and bases in the South China Sea before, after the first H-6K bomber landed on Woody Island in 2018, which lies further north, in the Paracel Islands. However, those deployments came from the People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF). This new deployment belongs to the PLANAF, the fast-growing aviation wing of Communist China’s navy.

(Janes) “Two sightings of surveillance aircraft within a month could indicate that the PLANAF is beginning to periodically base aircraft on Fiery Cross Reef,” Sean O’Connor, principal analyst at Jane’s, said in a press release. “Aircraft could be regularly rotated through the base from other PLANAF units in the South Sea Fleet.”

Chinese Marines practicing for the invasion of Taiwan on Fiery Cross Military Island

The Communist Chinese Lie (all the time)

Speaking at the White House in September 2015 after a meeting with then-U.S. President Barack Obama, Chinese President Xi Jinping pushed back on U.S. concern over this issue, telling a news conference: “there is no intention to militarize” the artificial islands that they were completing. I’m sure that Barack bowed to him. Today Fiery Cross boasts hangars for fighter jets, bombers, and military transport planes, and has a deep harbor for accommodating and replenishing warships and ships of the Communist Chinese Coast Guard traveling far out into the South China Sea. China has also deployed surface-to-air missiles and anti-ship cruise missiles on Fiery Cross Reef, threatening any nearby navies and aircraft.

Other Claimants

The Spratley Islands (now Chinese Nansha District) is also claimed by Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Taiwan to the area.

China brushed their claims aside in true Communist Chinese fashion because none of those nations are strong enough to fight Red China in a bilateral war. One would think that those claimants would ally with other nations who could face down China – Japan for example.

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      1. I think that Japan wants to protect itself from a caustic and belligerent neighbor. China sees things differently – and expects that the planet belongs to China, including Japan. I’m sure that they’ll allow Japan to remain Japanese so long as they pay tribute. But that’s not the way that Japan wants to roll. So they’re building F-35’s and a new blue water navy with aircraft carriers.

  1. Gee…where was all the liberal, eco-weenie outcry over the wanton destruction of these fragile marine environments.




    Time to start intelligently rebuilding our Navy…..

    1. The progressive movement excuses anything that Communist China does because (a) they’re communists (b) to criticize them would be racist (c) they’re a “developing nation”.

      We need to sink their navy. Artificial reefs are good for tourism and help the environment.

  2. As you’ve said before, let’s write off that debt by way of reparation for the bioweapon. Maybe use some of the cash to enhance the Navy.

    1. I can’t think of much that would be more personally satisfying than to see the US take Plague reparations from China and pour it into more submarines.

  3. China wants the oil down there… And they know none of the countries down there are willing to openly ally with the US right now.

    1. Then, the termites will get the oil.

      A lot of what happens in the long run depends on the US will to stop China. The claimants are afraid that the US will leave them hanging. And I understand why.

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