Update on China

Floods, Earthquakes and Plagues in Communist China (more here) in the news that you never receive in the mainstream media outlets.

The story remains the same, and more particularly with the Three Gorges Damn.

Officials: “Don’t blame the dams”

The Public: “we blame corrupt officials and lying politicians”

Politician: “we blame the dams and who built them”…but who built them?

Relatively smaller earthquakes (3-5) impact China much more profoundly than they would in the West because of different construction standards that one finds in China.

Problems with Sinograin (Chinese national food company) both in terms of improper handling and other corruption have provoked a controversy in China. China, a nation that can only provide 60% of what it needs, has suffered from floods that ruined a significant portion of the 2020 harvest.


Rumors of Sabotage

There are a lot of rumors about the origin of the fire that devastated the USS Bonhomme Richard (LHD-6). The Bonhomme Richard spent the past two years in the San Diego dockyard as it was modernized to accept the F-35B, but the current fire may “total” the ship.

There has been no speculation from this blog, however, after speaking with people who are closer to the issue than I am, there’s a distinct possibility that the ship was the victim of sabotage and that Communist China may have been responsible. How and why was this fire allowed to spread so fast and so far? There are safeguards at the Combat Information Center that would have led to early containment if the fire happened accidentally, but in a sabotage situation, the game changes. And the ship wasn’t ready for THAT. There were no casualties, and there were no weapons on the ship since it was undergoing refit. The fire did not reach the ship’s fuel supplies.

But the USS Bonhomme Richard, currently 22 years old, will likely be scrapped because of the fire, whatever its origin.

I don’t know if enough specific evidence will ever be amassed to link the fire to sabotage by Communist China. For now, it’s one of a few theories.


  1. What goes around… Or what we heard from the ‘undermine America’ Obama era: Chickens coming home to roost. Either way, China is feeling the pain, and as we see with COVID, retaliating any way they can then blaming us.

    If it looks like a duck…I vote for the ship being sabotaged, as I believe Notre Dame was (but thankfully to be rebuilt as the original.)

  2. they must be really afraid of the f35…how many more events natural or man-made can china withstand? when folks get hungry, things tend to get dicey re: arab spring.

    • We just concluded the largest corn sale in history to China. But they will eat through that. And their own domestic supplies appear to have been mismanaged on an epic bad scale.

  3. They say the halon system was shut off, for work on the system.

    I’m not too happy about the way they seem to have done things during the refit, and the way the fire appears to have been fought. Viewing from a great distance though, ground truth might well be different.


  4. Whatever the outcome on that ship, I’m thankful there was no loss of life.

    From news accounts, the sailors from around the port jumped into the battle showing the core mettle of the Navy.

    • It took longer than it should have to move the Fitz, undergoing repairs next to the BHR but overall, it was a good effort. They likely lost the ship, though.

  5. Sabotage causing the fire is a possibility….and while not high on the list CCP involvement is not impossible. However plain old carelessness and/or stupidity is the most likely cause. Remember….we lost the USS Miami because a POS worker involved with its refit had zero vacation and sick das available, wanted a day off so he started a fire. The Navy ended up decommissioning the sub because repair costs were too high. In addition all branches of the military are full of Demonrats…..essentially communists. Sabotage by a crew member is far more likely than some nefarious foreign agent. And warships are big complicated things with lots of dangerous materials and systems. Sometimes things just to wrong. Hopefully an honest investigation will learn the cause. Problem is “optics” takes precedence over truth. The real cause may never be known or announced.

    • The Chinese had an LHD (Similar to the BHR) catch fire in the harbor in Shanghai a couple months ago. The motive of tit for tat is being explored. They blamed the US for their fire. It could have been a careless dockyard worker, though. Espionage can be very difficult to prove.

      • Apply Occam’s Razor. As entertaining as the idea of sabotage is, in reality the cause of the fire was likely something prosaic.

        • The only problem with The Razor is who is applying it. Back about thirty years ago when Demo Dick and the Team 6 guys rolled into town, I was a reservist and they called on us to do a Red Cell on the Kitty Hawk (Shitty Kitty) and on the Constellation (Connie). They supplied us with fake ID and fake orders, that should have been identified as fake when presented. The idea is that we would be caught. I went onboard as a Master Chief Boatswain’s Mate. Nobody looked twice. I was given quarters and I smuggled half a dozen bottles of Jack Daniels onboard and delivered them to the Goat Locker as a gift.

          Then I went where no boatswains mate should be – Master Chief of no master chief and stole classified manuals and left two simulated bombs. We all dropped off our stuff and then Marchenko stood us for drinks at McP’s.

          So yeah, using Occam’s Razor, it’s likely – from my point of view.

      • And the same high standard of construction is what the ChiComs used on their spoil islands in the South China Sea.

        But, amazingly, Imperial Japanese pillboxes and spoil islands (usually additions to stretch to make airfields) are still as strong or stronger than during the war years.

        As to earthquakes, if’n I was to go to ChiCom proper, I wouldn’t stay in anything over 3 floors high. The same shoddy concrete work that went into the dams and the islands has gone into all of their construction.

        At least the Soviet Russian concrete construction, as ugly as it was and still is, could stand up to a little shake and bake.

        • Buildings collapse in China for no apparent reason – all of the time. It only makes local news but it’s almost not news because it’s frequent. Not in downtown Shanghai or Beijing, but in the regional capitols. I could go off on (yet another) China rant at this point, but they’re expelling foreigners and will keep those who criticize China in camps, possibly as hostages.

          If you own a factory in China, your share in the “profits” is now zero, as the Chinese figure it. Have a problem with that? Sue them in a Chinese Court? Can’t get a visa? Ooooh, poor baby. The court will tell you what you get and that’s one big round number.

  6. VERY interesting video. The PRC seems to be a total mess right now with all that’s happening there.
    Sabotage? Maybe. If that can be proven there should be consequences.

    • The video is an objective look at some serious internal problems that China has. The bad loan problem is FAR WORSE than the Bank of China is willing to admit or that the video suggests. It’s an internal problem for China but it’s another brick in the wall.

      • And all of their little client nations are starting to find out that money from China comes with a serious loss of state independence.

        • I think that the light went on with most of them, and they’re using the pandemic as an excuse to sue Communist China in local courts, with the locally arrived at settlement absolving them of debt to the Communists. Poor China. All that treasure poured into the belt-road-to-nowhere.

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