The Moon

(youtube) A new simulation reveals an alternative explanation for the moon’s formation. The moon is thought to have formed following a collision between Earth and a Mars-sized object, called Theia. But now Scientists from Durham University’s Institute for Computational Cosmology have used the most detailed supercomputer simulations to create impact scenarios with varying parameters including the angle, speed, and spin of the colliding bodies. The new data shows a giant impact immediately placing a moon-like body into an orbit around Earth, rather than previous models that show the moon forming by the gradual accumulation of the debris from Earth’s impact with Theia. “This opens up a whole new range of possible starting places for the Moon’s evolution”, says lead researcher Jacob Kegerreis.

The point is not necessarily to prove anything but to generate a theory based on known facts.



Space X satellites as they pass through Milky Way over canola fields near Harden NSW Australia.

Last year this image won first place in #aippawards (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers)


And in Other News


The EASTMED Pipeline

The referenced article (h/t Stringshot) lays it out nicely. The Brandon Regime opposed the pipeline as one would expect, but everyone is ignoring the wishes of the USA now that the situation with Russia changed.

The American regime denies blowing up Nordstream. Would they blow up EastMed? I make no predictions. Some cynics believe that the energy crisis has been engineered.


    • We haven’t needed to – ever. Yet we do. That might change if President Trump returns to office, but without him, the mischief will continue. Because we can.

      • Flying drones over nations without consent and shooting missiles at people, which we do regularly, are acts of war. How else can you describe it? I’m not saying that they’re not bad or that I’m not happy that they’ve moved on to the next life — but they are acts of war. What if Syria, for example, flew a drone over DC and took out the Veep, our national treasure? Would we consider THAT an act war?

  1. Yes, the energy “shortage” has been purposely designed and implemented. Everything we are being told, and the irrational moves by this administration (by normal thinking standards) are running us headlong over the dependency cliff. It’s treason.

    Why won’t the oil companies defend their right to drill and produce domestically? They have been silent on the destruction of their businesses. American’s would support them doing everything necessary to get us energy independent again. What, would FJB (still working on a new acronym) send in troops to stop them? Fine them? Who cares. Get it done boys.

    Altho, wouldn’t put it past him…he did speak about nuclear war today, after a $300mil purchase of anti-rad pills…scaring the s–t out of those paying attention. Projection is his game, and he just said it out loud. Never in my lifetime would I thought I’d see a massive regression of modern society to the dark ages, on purpose.

    Four weeks. We don’t regain the H & S and America is done.

    • We are skating on thin ice.

      One of my daughters who lives in SoCal called me and asked,
      Q – Are we going to get involved. in a nuclear war
      A – The Brandon regime really wants one. They can launch a first strike on a pretext and blame Putin.
      Q – When, next year?
      A – Nobody knows. Maybe today, maybe next week? No matter what it’s out of our hands. Just live life to its fullest. Crazy people inhabit the White House.

      • The oil companies don;t object because it doesn’t affect their bottom line. They can pump lots of oil, and sell if for cheap per unit, or they can pump a little oil, and sell it for a lot per unit. In a general sense, they seem to like to spread the wealth and pump more for less. But with the entire USGov oppressing attacking and insulting them, their opinion seems to be “fuck you”, and I can’t blame them.

        The government is no threat to them long-term, because petrochemicals as fuel aren’t really important to their bottom line. Essentially every product in civilization relies upon petrochemicals as feedstock. Fertilizer. Dye. Plastics. Pharmaceuticals. Steel. I’d go on, but the list is endless. The imbecile Watermelons and USGov zombies don;t realize this, but that’s because they are deranged fanatics.


        • There are companies like Occidental Petroleum that make PVC pipes. The high price and recession combine to damage the business.

    • The team who managed the simulation said that the Moon would have formed very quickly without an accretion over geologic epochs. Interesting, isn’t it?

  2. And Ramirez hits it out of the park again.

    LL, they are only acts of war when the other guys do it. Our goals are noble and are hearts are pure so we are okay when we take out somebody. Why should the S have to play by the same rules every other state does? Just a bit of sarcasm for a Friday eve.

  3. The pipelines may have blown up because of poor management and maintenance practices. Isn’t that a common Russian problem?

  4. “Would they blow up EastMed?”
    Of course not. Nordstream had to be blown up because the wrong filthy people stood to profit from it. If the first wave of oligarchs had remained in power and continued to control the Russian economy then Germany buying energy from Russia would have been a Good Thing. That said, what I wrote above could be wrong if this is less about money and more about Morgenthau Plan v2.0.

    “Our goals are noble and are hearts are pure”
    And on top of all that, droning foreign nationals on their own turf is perfectly justified because it is pre-emptive revenge. You just KNOW those Bad People were going to do Bad Things. So they had it coming, and all these events will be celebrated in the far future. Maybe there will even be a holiday and delicious little pastries involved.

    Sitting here failing to do work and instead listening to BWV 208 (another beastly German, that one). Poul Anderson’s Nicholas Van Rijn explains why he listens to Mozart: “I always hoped maybe I would understand Bach some day, before I die, old Johann Sebastian who talked with God in mathematics. I have not the brains, though, in this dumb old head. So maybe I ask only one more chance to listen at Eine Kleine Nachtmusik.
    I don’t have brains to properly appreciate Bach either, but I enjoy it nonetheless.

    • Are you neglecting Beethoven? The great among greats? Falco had his run at Mozart too, rocking Amadeus while the Clash rocked the Casbah.

      EastMed could fail if “they”, whoever “they” are, decided that Europe needed to be spanked a little harder. I doubt that would happen because of the Israeli connection.

  5. why aren’t the oil companies defending themselves? simple, they keep getting 100 dollars a barrel and they don’t have to drill new wells, pay more people, explore new areas etc. twice as much money for half as much work/investment.


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