An Honest Question

What are these strakes at the rear of this plane for?


A Blast from the Past

I helped get Oscar elected Mayor of Las Vegas – so I got my own day.


Medicine in the UK

(Link) The state of things today makes me question whether this is a complete joke – farce – or something serious.

According to the workbook, students were advised: “It is important to note that while most times the birthing person will have female genitalia, you may be caring for a pregnant or birthing person who is transitioning from male to female and may still have external male genitalia.”

I do know from other sources that the UK takes this chick with a stick thing a lot more seriously than say – rural Arizona.

…changing “male to female” to “female to male.” All references to the handling of a penis, prostate gland, and other male biology remained, but also added the suggestion a female to male transgender person could give birth through a surgically constructed ‘penis.’

“Most [females] who use testosterone, at the doses used for ‘transition,’ will develop vaginal atrophy.  The fragile tissue of an atrophied vagina may be unable to stretch to accommodate a baby’s head,” Miller says, also noting that female-to-male transgender people who wish to naturally deliver are at risk of sustaining “new types of birth injury” that have not yet been studied or investigated.

“Examining this potential risk is probably more important than learning to remove a catheter from a non-existent prostate gland.”



(CCC) A California Coastal Commission staff report released on Monday urged the CCC panel to vote against approving the Poseidon Water desalination plant in Huntington Beach, potentially depriving Southern California of a major future source of freshwater.



A map of the approximate situation on the ground in Ukraine as of 00:00 UTC 28/04/22.

Russian forces today focused attacks on pushing Ukrainian defenders over the Siverskyi Donets river as well as West and South-West of Izyum.

Donbass front line – Moscow hopes to conquer this territory in eastern Ukraine by May 9, but for now the Ukrainian forces are holding their positions. The Ukrainians have stated that the Russians may not have enough equipment left for their May Day Parade in Red Square…

Expect a counterattack by Ukraine in another area to weaken the present push by concentrated Russian forces.


Aging Europe – amid an aging Planetary Population


On the Lighter Side



  1. Oh, the “updated” midwifery thing is probably real. Stuff like that is one reason I don’t do clinical medicine any more. As to the pitfalls of trans-appropriate genital care, look up the odious Jessica (formerly Jonathan) Yaniv.

    About Ukrainian refugees. It’s better to be flooded by Slavs than by MENA and sub-Saharans. As to the physical Ukraine itself, the breadbasket of so much of the world, it’s wonderful land. Too bad it’s inconveniently full of Slavs. Great strides were made toward rectifying this in 1932-33. Now about 90 years later it’s time to take another run at doing the job. Maybe it’s not necessary to starve them all to death, so long as they leave. (Kind of like how I feel about the mice that get into my basement: I don’t particularly want them dead, just gone.) Let’s see who ends up owing so much prime farmland in a couple of years. Will it be Bill (pregnant man emoji) Gates?

      • When I go see my doc next month, I’m gonna tell him that I identify as a young, fit, healthy man, so everything’s great, right?


  2. If the Colorado river basin does not get more rain, you will have enough material to write the next instalment on Chinatown (Jack Nicholson movie) staring Huntington Beach and Las Vegas . Is this the beginning of your marketing campaign?

    • Jeff, strange that you ask. I pitched a nuclear generating station powering desalination units farther up the coast in geologically more stable territory (Small Generators) and they laughed at me. California could have exported fresh water, without creating a drain on the grid. They could have refilled Lake Mead. There is no appetite for that in CA.

      • I remember thinking the same thing when I moved to SoCal in 1982, LL. Growing up not-too-far from the Dresden Generating Station, I had no ill thoughts towards nuclear poer generation. Heck, I even built a couple of model kits of the plant.

        These days, small Thorium-bed reactors in a 20′ TEU are doable, and you could stack them like cordword to however big you needed to power whatever it it is that needs powering, like a desalinization plant.

  3. Good maps, looks like the Russians’ reversion to “pound everything with massive artillery” doctrine is having some effect.

    And just imagine how incredibly rich our rulers will be when we give them 33 BILLION. Even today, that’s a lotta cash.

    • Blackmail. Totally. FJB and all the rest of the criminals in DC – the Uniparty – have been getting kick backs for years – IMO. They are willing to sacrifice thousands of lives and multiple billions of our tax dollars to cover up all the BS in the past. No other explanation IMO. Convince me I’m wrong

  4. Well, heck…figures you’d have your own LV Day. It’s good to be the King…or in the presence of one.

    We, your readership, are supremely fortunate to be in the virtual presence of the VM Grand Blog Poohbah Overwatcher. (Too much? Nah.)

  5. Are refugees actually fleeing to Russia or being taken there as prisoners?

    That must have been a LOT of help to get your own day. Is it still your day every year?

    My first thought was the strakes might be some sort of antennas; but I like the comment answers better.

    You all be safe and God bless.

    • I think fleeing to Russia, being taken to Russia as a prisoner, and being unlucky enough to be born in Russia are objectively indistinguishable, but YMMV.


  6. Looks to me like Kherson is the best place for a Uke offensive; if they can shove the Russkies back over the river, they’ll be in a good spot.


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