I wrote “BZ” in response to a different post on a different blog the other day and received a confused response.

In the days when ships would send messages to each other with signal flags, a code was introduced to cut down the number of flags needed to send often-repeated messages. The ‘two-letter code’ used two flags, normally indicating single letters of the alphabet, to signify more complex messages. It just happens that the flags for B and Z, when hoisted together, meant ‘maneuver well executed’ as a sign of approval when something was carried out particularly well. The military phonetic alphabet uses the names Bravo and Zulu for B and Z, so the message is often signified as Bravo Zulu.

It means well done. It’s not like some cryptic message.


Jan 6

I have long maintained that the Capitol Police invited the protesters in and that the charge of trespass is bogus. Apparently a judge finally agreed with me. The defendant went in, walked around for ten minutes, took a few photos, and left.

There are people in USGOV who refuse to speak with me because of my opinion of the Jan 6 demonstration.

Martin was the first January 6 defendant to testify in his defense trial and argued that Capitol Police allowed him to enter the facility. According to the Post, Martin “said he ‘went with the flow’ as he approached the Capitol and testified that he saw a police officer wave him into the building.”


Texas To Start Busing Illegal Aliens To Washington DC

Texas will bus illegal immigrants caught entering the state to Washington, D.C., Governor Greg Abbott (R) announced.

During a press conference, Abbott announced several new actions his administration is taking to expand Operation Lone Star, a state government effort to curb illegal immigration into the state from Mexico.

I’m sure that the illegal aliens will find work in DC driving cabs (unlicensed),  working in the lawn care and fast food businesses.


Can you Identify this Military Vehicle?


What about the “Big Guy”?

(redstate) The source who distributed Hunter Biden‘s laptop to congressmen and media has fled the US to Switzerland, saying he fears retaliation from the Biden administration.

Jack Maxey gave a copy of the hard drive from Hunter’s abandoned laptop in the spring of 2021.

He also gave copies and material from it to the Washington Post, New York Times, and Senator Chuck Grassley in his role as ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee – but he claims they all sat on it for months.

For the past two weeks, Maxey has been in hiding in Zurich, working with IT experts to dig out more data from the ‘laptop from hell’.

Maxey, a former co-host of ex-Donald Trump advisor Steve Bannon’s podcast the War Room, claims he and his colleagues have found ‘450 gigabytes of deleted material’ including 80,000 images and videos and more than 120,000 archived emails.

He said he intends to post them all online in a searchable database in the coming weeks.



The outfit is corporate cancer.


Which Hot Dog style is your Favorite?


  1. as a very young kid growing up in “Da Bron’x”, a dog was a frank on a roll with a bit of mustard (not enough to spoil the taste); a number of the Austro-Hungarian Jews (those that got out) would pile sauerkraut on top, but that would always make for a soggy mess that tasted like rotten cabbage.

    • At home, I just boil or grill a frank and put a streamer of mustard on it. I like sauerkraut, but if you put it on the dog, it has to blotted dry or you end up with a soggy mess. All sauerkraut is not created equal…

      • Hebrew National dogs (sometimes Smokey Links) on lightly toasted English Mufflers or Rye bread. Mustard and a slice of pepper jack or cheddar.

        • I almost always buy Hebrew National because they taste better than the other dogs. We’re not talking better than a brat, but for dogs, they’ll do.

          • I said Nathan’s, also should have included Hebrew National. Grew up having those or Ballpark…and I’m still here (well, certainly “preserved”…cause we ate real food and our go-to sports drink was the hose.)

          • The tepid hose water always had a slight metallic taste but on a hot day, who cared? It was a different planet then, PaulM

  2. michigan, no onions, footlong……that blackrock thing is scary. i read they missed a payment on a huge building the other day though. don’t know how that could be so seeing as how they own the banks etc..vehicle? that’s easy, my dream bugout truck.

    • If I go out, I go for the Chicago dog (Portillos). It’s a good warm weather bug-out vehicle. In freezing weather, there are other options.

    • A trend of late is for outfits with world-wide multi-bazillion dollar buying power to just do whatever the hell they want as far payment terms, retainage, down-payments, whatever for little guys are concerned, despite whatever the contract says. Of particular concern to me are interpretation of scope of work and specifications for materials and machinery. Contracts? We doan need no steenking contracts! Anyway. To them, “huge building” = little guy in the broad scheme of things. Sure, you can take ’em to court, but it will take years and you’ll spend more on attorneys than it will be worth and still no guarantee of winning, and I guarantee they have more attorneys than you can afford. I have some recent experience with this. Not BZ.

      Sonic extra-long chili cheese dog with onions and Maxey didn’t kill himself. Yet.

  3. “BlackRock is a top shareholder in many competing publicly traded companies” per wiki.
    No, and still no. Investors in the mutual fund own those stocks. They are held in street name, they aren’t owned by Black Rock. The proxy voting power is defacto and not by affirmative consent. Larry Fink, Black Rock’s CEO thinks that since the company holds the stocks in street name rather than the investor’s his moral decisions are actually what investors want those companies to push. Congress should should pass legislation to end allowing investment firms to do any such thing. Make them have an affirmative proxy vote by every investor every time. That should put an end to that.

    • They should put an end to it but won’t. When Joe Brandon was installed, a handful of Black Rock execs quit their day job to become Brandon advisors. They now work at the White House.

  4. Hotdogs- Yesterday I broiled them and put mustard & siracha sauce on, most everyone else (3 kids, 2 spouses & 2 grandkids) just put mustard on.
    I’d have grilled them but it was pouring rain outside then, my wife doesn’t like them boiled (that was my usual way of cooking them) the broiler pan did a good job.

    Sounds like Blackrock is one of the players you’ll see when you peek behind the curtain!
    Anyone remember the SF series StarGate? The bad guys were the system lords called the Goa’uld, they were all out to grab everything but from time to time they got together to deal with common problems. There was not any real trust between them but sometimes they had to work together to maintain control over what they had & to deal with problems.
    That’s the kind of group you’ll see when you peek behind the curtain… they all want it all but it is more important that they don’t loose what they have over the peons-serfs-civilians, important enough that they will work together when it’s good for business.

    • The Goa’uld are cruel, untrustworthy, megalomaniacal, worm-like (literal) parasites. They have “genetic memories” and hold grudges and perceived slights as close as a normal person would hold the memories of those he loves and cherishes. The mere idea of anyone or any thing that they do not control drives them crazy.

      There is of course no resemblance between our (for values of “our”) “elites” and the Goa’uld. Here is the difference: The Goa’uld are assholes but at least honest about being malignant conquerors. They don’t tell themselves tales about how they are powerless victims and then demand that the rest of us believe their mythology.

      Not that I’m a Stargate Universe expert by any means. But that’s how I see it.

  5. Re the truck, a modern version of an LRDG rig (scorpion symbol)?

    Hot dogs-grilled Pearl brand, relish or ketchup (never both), grilled roll. Would definitely try a “Mephis” though. Mustard (the grainier the better) on larger versions like kielbasa, other sausages. Anyone in upstate NY-check out Dano’s Heuriger in Lodi-east shore of Lake Seneca. German farmhouse food-all kinds of sausage and pickled veggies, house made mustard…OMG so good!

    • I’ve been to Dano’s a time or two. It’s worth a trip from almost anywhere but like most German restaurants they never have the good old just like Oma makes dishes.Just a little north of Watkins Glen where I’ve seen some great racing in the past.

  6. To be frank (pun intended) how is it possible for this Blackrock to be the overlord of so many massive companies. Little wonder who’s pulling the strings.

    Heads should roll for the Jan 6th psy-op and that America has retained political prisoners of our own without actually being charged. “Invited in” was part of the plan, put people at ease…then Bam!, hunted down like criminals. One judge had the cajones to do what is right. Will there be a cascade effect? Hope so.

    The Nan is now marginalized…also part of the plan, so she can retire with “dignity and accolade”.(massive eye-roll)

    Like to think Hunter is toast. Like Trump directly communicating to The People with Twitter, I hope this guy releases EVERYTHING from the HDD, let people see the unvarnished reality of the Biden Crime Family. I’d pay for the website, call it I still contend the Joe/Kamala team is soon getting their pink slips and fat bank accounts for “a job well done”. Jill can stick Joe in the mpMemory Care facility then travel the world. No honor among thieves, Catholic or not.

    That assault vehicle looks like a few weekend warrior types heading up to the mountains to “camp”…just need the Yeti strapped to the back.

    Dogs- Nathan’s, grilled (boiled are for the ballpark), mustard, and sometimes a little diced onion or cheese for zing (not both at the same time). A chili dog is a mess but makes it more of a singular meal. Portillos is great.

    • “Jill can stick Joe in the mpMemory Care facility then travel the world.” I would imagine any Secret Service agents that screw up are going to be stuck with that duty…

        • OldTimers warehouses use locked exits to restrain ‘aggressive wanderers’.
          Corn dogs, plural.
          Back in the olden days — pre-2021 — HomeTown Buffet offered tubs of midget corndogs… all I could eat during a two-hour marathon lunch.
          A soup-bowl was required to prevent ‘aggressive wanderers’.

  7. A Coney (invented in Detroit) has chili, mustard and chopped onion, no cheese.
    Never seen it otherwise.
    I recently looked up the history again while sitting in a Coney shop.
    Never heard of a Michigan.

    • Ed, think back on the 2016 election, that moment when you could not believe Trump won despite the media desperate to spin it otherwise…how you felt – in your gut? Joyous relief. Same with the 2020 election…up until 10PM…we were thinking “Okay, we’re gonna be alright”, only to get depressed again at 8:00am when you heard “the result” and your emotional cart went over the cliff?

      Which one will it be? Will people pay for being enemies within, justice truly served for once? Or will it be 2020, disappointed the criminals in expensive suits get to skate again, untouched? We have been so conditioned to get happy over crumbs…I want the whole cake.

      Hoping it’s the former, indicating a sea change to the good.

  8. Sneaky Pete Hot Dog : Toasted bun, mustard, grilled beef hot dog, onions, kraut and special sauce [sort of very mild BBQ but spicy tomato blend] the best I’ve had.

  9. I ‘ve known what BZ means for a long time, but I never knew why it meant that until today.

    Pretty sure that Blackrock only “owns shares of” most of those companies, instead of “is majority owner”. Still awful, but less so.

    Could be wrong though, finance is far from my specialty.

    I like most hot dog styles, even the demented “NY System” only found in R.I. and nearby Mass. and Conn. Approach with caution. Very fond of chili-cheese dogs, and what they describe above as “Memphis”. Also quite happy with just a regular dog with relish and onion.


  10. “There are people in USGOV who refuse to speak with me because of my opinion of the Jan 6 demonstration.”

    Sorry to hear that, LL.

    A lot of people on a very basic psychological level are “team-joiners” though, and it can be very easy for people in government service to grow to see civilians as the other side.

    Once people join a team mentally, it becomes very hard to reason with them on that subject.


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