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Captioned Photo:  Blackhawk with a dirt bike mount. You can call it a tactical dirt bike if you prefer.



In Ukraine

Russian Armor with their new anti-Hellfire (drone fired) defensive steel cage on the turrets.

Traditionally, the Russians have used plates of Kontakt-5 explosive reactive armor to defend them from incoming missiles. Reactive armor is designed to detonate prior to a missile impact in order to disrupt the molten jet of its shaped-charge warhead and feed additional metal in its path. Suddenly, the confidence is gone?

The Russians told the Biden Regime that if the US sent troops to Ukraine, there would be a war and nobody knew where it would end. Jo/Ho blinked. For once, showing common sense.

Civil wars are not the place to interpose yourself.

Rome fought a number of disastrous civil wars, usually to decide who would be emperor and the spoils that came with it. From Julius Caesar forward, victorious generals, enriching themselves, gorging themselves on the battlefield, all wished to be Imperators.



(daily wire) It’s in the news – gay Santa. Making Santa a sodomite in Norway may make news, but will it help the image of their Postal Service (who funded the advertisement)? We will have to poll the Norwegians.


Thanksgiving is in the rearview mirror…

Now we have to wait until Christmas for the next feast.


Range Days are good – Riverrider.

18 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. yes, and i need to get to the range soon. female shooters scare me. every one i ever taught was very accurate right out of the gate. well, almost. my wife still can’t hit the barn standing two feet from it, though not for lack of trying, bless her heart….glad joe finally saw the light on ukraine. they must hve told him they would cut off his grift stream….it is good that there is a month between feasts, lest my girth expand too much.

  2. I enjoy having the ladies show up at the range. They are invariably pleasant and, as Riverrider mentioned, accurate. I had a couple of young women show up recently needing to sight in their rifles for the upcoming deer season so I spotted for both. Both were easy on the eyes and both dialed in quickly. If Bambi cooperates, there’ll be venison for both soon.

  3. They need to put that dirt bike on the platform facing the other way, so you can drive it off the ramp when the helo does a low-altitude pass w/o stopping or landing.

    Russian tank-hats: also anti-Javelin.

    They should make them multi-purpose, and stick some branches in there so the are disguised as Shrubberies.


    1. I think that they’re more worried about the Javelin than the Hellfire. The Hellfire is accurate enough to drop in front or behind the girders.

      1. Tandem warheads defeat reactive armor. The first (precursor) charge detonates the reactive armor, the second goes off a split second later when the main force of the reactive plate’s explosion is dissipated. So anything that causes detonation at a distance can only be a good thing. I suspect Russian APS like Arena don’t cover the upward arc? I can’t tell for certain whether these vehicles have Arena or not (I think not), so maybe this is a cheap substitute if they can’t afford Arena for all their tanks?

    1. You could technically put a chopper on the chopper.

      Thus “Get to the chopper” would take on a new meaning potentially.

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