After stops and starts, primarily due to the plague situation, the stolen election, and 2020 in general, I am now collaborating with famed British author Jules Smith (who also comments on this blog) on my science fiction novel, Red Mist. A few of you have asked for updates. I’ve had to change some of what was written because the dark and dystopian future wasn’t nearly as dark and dystopian as 2020/21. When you’re living in an era such as we are, it’s not fiction. A walking cadaver and a whore take over the country and move 25,000 troops, drones and armor to defend them in Washington DC – used to be the grist of science fiction. The world is shut down by a plague that kills .2% of the people who get it.  Today, it’s not sensational. People say, “so what”? That’s both funny and not.


Photo Commentary-of-the-Day

Captioned photo – I-40. I live about 65 miles from the I-40 but it’s the closest Interstate Highway. It’s a snowy day today.


Identify the Helicopter

The answer is at the bottom of this blog.


Are the End Times Near?

From the American Thinker

“What we are really doing, whether we know it or not, is buying time. Western civilization and its constituent nations are too far gone to be retrofitted; our internal enemies have seen to that. As Bork writes, a “soft and hedonistic culture…faces a continuing assault from within.” The prospect is grim. Apathy, indifference, psychological devastation, envy and self-hatred are the norms of our present moment. America, the guarantor and bellwether of the West’s survival, has been hollowed out by its Olympian classes, the political, juridical, informational and fiscal elites — this was Founding Father and second president John Adams’ deepest fear.”


Choke Hold Guide

It’s important to know these things.


“The simple truth is, not all of us become the men we once hoped we might be. But we are all God’s creatures.” – Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World


Failure to Spike

Men of D Company, 2/17th Infantry Battalion using a captured Italian field gun. They were known as the “Bush Artillery” because they were converted infantrymen using captured guns. El-Adem Sector, Tobruk, Lybia. 27 Aug 1941.

If you don’t take the breechblock or spike the cannon, somebody will take the shells you left behind and use the gun against you.


Keystone Pipeline

The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad (BNSF) owns all of the rail lines in the US that connect to Western Canada. They haul 80% of the crude oil from Canada to the Midwest and Texas or charge other short line railroads a fee to use their tracks.

BNSF charges to haul the oil whereas the Keystone Pipeline would cut the railroads out of the deal. The pipeline is less expensive, safer, and faster, cutting out railroad rolling stock.

BNSF is owned by Berkshire Hathaway, whose chairman is Warren Buffet. During the last two election cycles, Buffet gave extensively to democrat causes and candidates. He also bundled and hosted numerous fundraisers for Obama and Biden. Buffet would stand to lose $2 billion per year if the pipeline is completed. He makes that much every year that the pipeline is delayed.

And there is all of that rolling stock that wouldn’t be rolling and would have to be stored on railway sidings – at expense. The value of the stock would crash.

It puts the Biden move to shut down the pipeline on his first day in office into perspective.


Answer to Identify the Helicopter: French NH90


  1. RE: Dystopian Future. The ’80s movies and tv shows that show Corporate America and Asian control of our government don’t seem so dystopian.

    Add to that the idiot scientists who are actually trying to resurrect extinct species (as in “Jurassic Park” except more with wooly mammoths and saber-tooth tigers) and overfishing the seas (as in “Soylent Green.”)

    We also have corporate big-wigs privatizing space (well, Musk is, no idea what Bezos is doing with all his money, sure isn’t actually creating useful product…)

    And whole villages overseas founded on living in garbage dumps and rooting out usable things (like in Kurt Russell’s “Soldier.”)

    Don’t envy your task at all. Wouldn’t surprise me if “Men in Black” was true. Would explain New York City…

    As to failure to spike, it helps to blow up your supplies, too. Don’t leave all that pesky ammo and food and water for the enemy (several times the English army was saved from lack of supplies including water and food by overrunning both Italian and German positions.)

    The Keystone pipeline and all the other EOs in the last few days are really hurting Slo Jo and the Ho. He’s even managed to peeve off the black mother vote with his attack on Women’s Rights.

    Heh. Trannies in the Military. That’s going to be interesting. Not. Wonder how much Xi is paying Hunter to get Jo to do all this?

    • I liked the movie “Soldier”. Well done film. Written by David Peoples who also wrote Unforgiven.

      How long before we’re all drinking Soylent Green? Maybe they’ll start it in China?

      Xi would be willing to pay more than all the whiskey in Texas is worth to Biden. Their futures are assured.

      • In reply to Beans. The soldiers depicted, with the captured field gun, are NOT English. They are proudly AUSTRALIAN, The 2/17 Infantry Battalion was part of the 9th Division, 2nd AIF. As soon as I saw the picture, even before reading the caption, I knew they were Australians. There is just something about the look of the Australian Digger that jumps out at you. From memory the Germans referred to General Moreshead, commander of he 9th Division, as Ali Baba, and the men of the 9th Division as the twenty thousand thieves.

  2. I have quite an affinity for “Soldier”, too.

    Be real interesting to see how fast this shitstorm the lefties turns very ugly.

    Just hope my kid gets out of Lost Angeleez best it really hits the fan.

  3. Peoples said that Soldier and Blade Runner occur in the same universe (he did the script for both). Part of the story came from an unfilmed opening scene from BR.

    Excellent news that Red Mist lives!

  4. I have decided there are vastly larger number of morons in our society that previously thought.

    Due to the Lockdown (not the Covid Crap) imposed by those who do not have the authority to do so, child and young adult suicides and depressions are skyrocketing because their asinine moron coward parents did zero to pushback against the school board and teacher unions…kids have been sequestered from life for nearly a year and parents wonder “Why”? Idiots. These types would burn perfectly good tires thinking it will signal a rescue tram because they got up a snowy road and stayed there instead of turning around and going back down. Morons.

    A woman who voted for Biden complains her husband has now lost his good paying pipefitter union job because the Mask-Wearer-in-Chief shut down the Keystone Pipeline a minute after sitting down behind the Resolute Desk…and she wonders what they will do and wants other people to come to her rescue? Moron.

    Then there are the cowards wandering the streets, making sure to keep their heads down and avoid all human contact “To stay safe” from a cold virus that had been fiddled with then released on the world even though the real target was America to take down a President…and these cowards all went along with it. Now they live like this is normal. If the Governor said “Covid is over” tomorrow, they’d continue with their neurotic behavior…because they won’t believe it. Morons.

    And there are the Politician reprobates who continually expose their true immoral mental depravities in quest for power, shamelessly trampling The Constitution as if their actions were morally superior, Bible be damned. Being dictators is their religion. And far to many go along so the scumbags run open-loop without any pushback.

    The Dems have over-wound their toys, their latest being un-Constitutionally impeaching a former President who has left the office and is now a private citizen, is opening a dangerous precedent wormhole that could sink all of those deceitful players. I’m suspecting it will collapse on them, maybe sooner than we think.

    • “Master and Commander”, really well done movie. (Gotta be careful typing a semi-rant on an iPad, too many missed typos.)

      • A woman who voted for Biden complains her husband has now lost his good paying pipefitter union job because the Mask-Wearer-in-Chief shut down the Keystone Pipeline a minute after sitting down behind the Resolute Desk…and she wonders what they will do and wants other people to come to her rescue?

        Let them eat cake!

  5. A fair number of years ago as we were leaving work I used the Pre-Covid Choke on a young co-worker from a subcontractor while explaining the error of his ways.
    I called my supervisor when I got home and told him what I had done and that I understood he would have to fire me.
    He told me he would look into the matter.
    The next morning when I logged in I discovered that not only was I golden but the young co-worker and his buddy both had been fired.
    The Pre-Covid Choke is most effective on instilling focus on the recipient if their toes just barely touch the ground while you are explaining things to them.
    It used to be that men were men and words meant something.
    And I’d had a bad day.

    • There was a time when I was paid to choke people for a living. I became adept at it. The C-Clamp forward choke works as does a carotid hold (rear choke). Explaining only lasts until they wink out.

      • “There was an ImpSec trick, which involved grabbing a man by the collar and giving it a little half-twist, and doing a thing with the knuckles; applied correctly, it cut off both blood circulation and breath. Miles was absently pleased to see that he hadn’t lost his touch, despite his new civilian vocation.”

        “A Civil Campaign”
        – Lois McMaster Bujold

        • There is a touch that is acquired with choking somebody, but I don’t know if the collar, 1/2 twist and knuckles against the artery would do the trick if the person is actively resisting. The safer, quicker, and time proven way to deal with somebody you’re facing is a shoulder slap and come up from behind. The key here is to put them out quickly – and actually safely. If you want to kill them, choking is not the best way, or the fastest.

          Coming up from behind, they can drop their chin. You have a free hand. Hook a finger in their eye socket and the head will come up quickly. Or to do less damage, the tap under the nose. But frankly, that sort of thing is very rarely necessary if you have good technique, and you learn that through regular use in the field. Training doesn’t offer proper simulation unless you’re Russian and can use condemned prisoners to practice on.

    • 78-84 running a seasonal crew at Prudhoe Bay, part of the job was making the bums and drunks see the error of their ways. If I didn’t, someone on the crew would. We could double our season’s earnings with bonuses. Got a problem? Go visit the HR office in Seattle. Miss those days.

  6. Whatever happened to your story about Hadrian’s nephew (I think)? Something “Colony” IIRC.

    Any advantage to BNSF is just a coincidence, I’m sure.

    Regarding the American Thinker excerpt: Our “Elites” (especially those not visible to the public eye) tend to come from backgrounds of intense internecine competition, and internalized tales of perpetual victimhood. These produce tremendous arrogance combined with bone-deep insecurity, and poorly concealed self loathing. They succeed wildly, then overplay their hand, then face the backlash. Which only adds to the store of victimhood. Nothing is learned. All that happens is that preconceptions are reinforced.

    • The Thirteenth Colony was part of a series on the fabled Roman 13th Colony, written on the blog. It concluded. It was never intended to be a full blown book.

      As to elites, yes, you nailed it.

      I could rant about them and their offspring, but the character issues, the lack of any shred of morality or moral center, etc. is entirely lacking. They are used to drinking their own Kool Aid. You characterized it properly.

      The problem with writing books is that there is no money in it. When I say “none” there is some. Maybe enough every two months to buy lunch. A lot of it has to do with my lack of self-promotion (though that does happen on this blog) and my lack of friends in the publishing business in NYC. The big thing is racial and gender topics, and I don’t read that drivel nor do I write it.

      I started Red Mist and will co-author it with Juliette Smith. It is going to be a little different than I thought it would be, but in a good way.

      I’m waiting for a surgery date and so I’m confined to the house. And with the plague being the killer that it is, that date is months off. Therefore I have time to write.

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