The Old Gray Mare

The U.S. Air Force has asked industry to pitch a new engines for the service’s 76 B-52 bombers. With new motors, the B-52s could keep flying into the 2050s.

Or longer.

The youngest B-52 rolled off Boeing’s Wichita production line in 1962. But it’s not fair to call the B-52 a 59-year-old airplane. Very little of any B-52 actually dates to the 1960s. In many ways, a B-52 is “younger” than airplanes from the 1980s and ’90s.

It’s not for no reason that, in 2018, the Air Force announced it would retire its 62 ’80s-vintage B-1Bs bombers and 20 newer B-2 stealth bombers by the 2030s, while retaining the the updated B-52s alongside a fleet of at least 100 new B-21 stealth bombers.

There is still a question of the Navy buying the old B-1B Lancers to give it a better aircraft delivered nuclear strike capability. The USAF bristles at the thought — but if they don’t want them and the Navy does?


The Italian Police…

Driving a Lamborghini Huracan. I have to admit that if you’re going to do police work in Italy, you should be driving that street monster.


The Trump Doctrine – In the Middle East

It’s been a resounding success, with the most diplomatic gains that I’ve seen in my life. And The Deep State couldn’t disagree more. There has been heavy pressure from the military industrial complex to engage in an ongoing war in Syria (another endless war). But that’s not the vision that Donald Trump brought to the White House.

James Jeffrey, treacherous diplomat

James Jeffrey,  the treacherous State Department special representative for Syria engagement and special envoy to the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS, admitted to misleading the White House about troop withdrawals in Syria in an interview with Defense One. Considering his own moral superiority and erudite wisdom to exceed that of the Commander-in-Chief, Jeffrey in collusion with the US Defense Department, engaged in a pattern of deception that was, in my opinion, treasonous.

Republican Rep. Jim Banks of Indiana was livid at Jeffrey’s revelation, according to Yahoo News.

“Intentionally misrepresenting a matter of national security to the commander-in-chief is a dereliction of duty and should be punished,” said Banks, a member of the House Armed Services Committee. “I can’t think of anything more dishonorable.”

America’s independence in the energy sector has had to change how we view our role in the Middle East. During the eight miserable years of ObamaNation, interventionist policies and heavy handed bullying were the rule. President Trump’s approach was 180 degrees off and his modest approach produced more stability than the grander visions of past presidents.

The return of the globalists, the attack on US domestic oil production and the return to an American dependence on foreign oil will reinvent a lot of the problems that President Trump has worked to solve.

Harris/Biden have been beating the drum about a US invasion of Syria in 2021. I expect that it will happen unless President Trump can overcome the massive voting fraud that the US experienced in the recent election.

As a former officer in the US Military, I never considered that I’d become an anti-war activist, but politics and reality in the present will likely make that happen. I’m really not anti-war, but I’m opposed to war to enrich a segment of US society and that has happened in the past and we’re poised to do it again. “War is a racket. – General S. D. Butler, USMC”


Stop the Wheels 2020

Facebook has suspended some who are involved in organizing the nationwide trucking strike, scheduled for Nov. 26-29 (Thanksgiving Weekend in the US). The globalist media has said that they won’t cover it. But the striking truckers, who will simply spend more time home with their families over the holiday, feel that the pinch will still be felt – even if it doesn’t make the news.

The civil disobedience of BLM and Antifa were one thing. The civil disobedience that the nation will feel if the Harris-Biden (Ho and Joe) come to power will be different.


Will there be Republican Enclaves?

This from the Federalist …more here

I think that it would be a good idea for Republican states to declare themselves “Sanctuary States” and free from obligations under federal law. Exempt from the Green New Deal or any of the bullshit that the donkeys want to mandate.

And Arizona is going to have to make a decision.


Now, a few Memes


This one is for all you folks who live in Colorado


  1. One of my volunteer firefighters is an electrical engineer working on the B-52 platform. They are sent to the plane to initiate any repairs. His least favorite destination was Minot North Dakota in the dead of winter. If you have a 60 year old airplane which can fly a mission in the middle of winter by taking off from Minot, you really have something in my estimation. God bless those pencil and paper designers!

    • I guess Minot is a good enough place for the Air Force (B-52’s and missiles), but it’s a miserable place I have friends who were stationed there and they have stories. Better them than me, Fred.

    • Friend of mine grew up in Minot. She says the town slogan is:

      “Why not Minot?”

      “The freezin’s the reason!”

  2. Seen the other day – ‘Acting defense secretary orders top special ops civilian to report directly to him’.
    May you live in interesting times?

    • The US Special Operations Command (SOC) is almost a separate branch of the US Military Service, drawing on assets from all branches, but with its own separate budget. Then there is also the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) under them, at McDill AFB in Florida. SOC is the spear and JSOC is the tip of that spear. Just SOC is larger than many national militaries on the planet. Given that, they should have direct access to SECDEF, and should not have to be routed through the bureaucracy. So I like that move.

    • Yes it is. And that the USAF considers it to be survivable in a peer or near peer environment speaks volumes. Swapping B-2’s for the B-52? Sounds crazy, but crazy like a fox.

    • The Swamp can best be defined by conspiracy and treason. The Legislature is up their arm pits in it – and maybe the incoming executive as well.

    • It certainly is not “dereliction of duty.”

      “Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it Treason.” – John Harington

      Is what Hilary was counting on with her own private server, smashed phones, etc., etc., etc.

      • There is an obvious two-track system of justice in the United States. If you’re a political sacred cow, you get a hard pass. If you’re not protected by the elites, you’re chewed up by the meat grinder.

        Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) was driven around by a Chinese Spy for twenty years. When that came out, she should have been removed from office. Sorry Dianne, off the gravy train for you. But no. That’s not how it works in the Swamp.

  3. Long Live the BUFF!

    My kids visited that Lamborghini, but were not allowed inside, thank Heavens. It’s a plum assignment for Officers sserving in the Polizia Stradale, ie the Highway Patrol Division of the National Police. The Carabinieri are rumoured to have wanted to induct a Ferrari 488 taken from a mafia boss, but this did not happen. No idea about where the Finance Police (Guardia di Finanza) stands on the issue.

    • They only have one Lamborghini? I would have hoped that they’d have a fleet. What a great recruiting and enforcement tool. Of course, if you put a 22 year old Polizia Stradale office behind the wheel, how long before he goes in pursuit of somebody and wraps it around a light pole?

      • I can guarantee that the Polizia Stradale Lamborghini drivers are quite senior, jealous of their charge, and very capable. No lightpoles anywhere within reach. And I wouldn’t dare touch that car without their explicit permission. Italians can get very personal with this sort of ride.

        An acquaintance of mine runs a tire shop just off a major North/ South highway. One day, a high end rental Ferrari comes in, and the less than capable driver just abandons it right there and then when informed of the near astronomical cost of replacing the tires he’s just wrecked. My acquaintance phones the rental company, and strikes a bargain: he’d replace the tires free of charge, in exchange of a few hours of burning them in on aforementioned highway. Needless to say he’s an accomplished driver, and got his money’s worth. What would’ve transpired had the Police Lamborghini showed up is open for discussion, but I’m sure much fun would’ve been had by all.

  4. In Vail they use Beemers, still can’t outrun Motorola. To which I ask, considering it’s this year, yeah, nice ride, but can the Lambo outrun Corona viruses?

    • Faster than a speeding bullet. More powerful than a locomotive. Able to leap ‘small’ buildings at a single bound…

  5. Any thought at USAF about pulling some of the older B52 air-frames out of the bone yard to refurbish and put back into service, since they are so reliable, sturdy planes?

    • The question is do we need more B-52’s? The USAF seems to be happy with what they have. We’ll see whether or not they’re happy with the B-21 Raider.

  6. They’ve been contemplating re-engineing the BUFF for years, with nothing happening. I fear that if Trump doesn’t win, the BUFF will go away.

    And traitors? Hanging. Firing squads. Slow hang and a firing squad? Over pits of sharks or gators or piranhas. Yeah, that will work.

    • I think that the donkeys will work toward drawing down the military to a ‘ceremonial guard’, with some sort of expensive land army that we can send to fight ineffectively so that the military industrial complex can be satiated with the billing.

  7. Ahhhh….the Mighty BUFF! The first time I was able to get up close and personal with one was the summer of 1973 at Rantoul AFB where my friends and I went to race in an autocross. The base was kind enough to allow the local club the use of the apron and taxiways on Sundays (AFTER 1000 per the Base Chaplain!), and they were aircraft parked there that we had full access to.

    I was stupefied at the size of the bomb bay in it. It looked like you could stick an entire semi in there with room to spare, AND they had had wing racks to carry even more bombs. When I first moved to California in 1982 my co-driver and I had the pleasure of seeing several of them doing a low-level flight through Nebraska. Quite an amazing sight, and the sound was unforgettable.

    The Lambo reminds me of the special “Police Pursuit” versions of the Trans Am, AMX, and Mustang. The officers that drove them had plum assignments, and were equally as protective of them as their Italian counterparts. Back when I had to worry about that stuff, all the agencies in my part of Illinois drove the big Chryslers like the Blues Brothers had. Most of them were run-of-the-mill 318 or 383 engines, but the State Police had the big 440 versions out on the highways.

    And they always had their “4-Speed Motorolas” to help them, too.

  8. As an adolescent E-5, I and some other miscreants used to watch the contrails of the Arc Lights flying toward An Loc in groups of threes to unload en masse and though we were many miles away, the impacts could be heard, rather loudly at times. I thought that was impressive enough, but wait, there’s more.

    Nowadays, with JDAM’s, they’re sent aloft to loiter and provide precision close air support. Bejabbers. Makes me feel old. Which I am, of course.

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