“If you don’t want a man unhappy politically, don’t give him two sides to a question to worry him; give him one.”  – Fahrenheit 451 (h/t Adrienne)

It would be a great motto for Facebook, wouldn’t it?

The plague, face diapers, political correctness, government control, gun control (over the middle class), a packed and progressive supreme court, the end or the Republic.

If it does not work for smoke it surely won’t work for the virus.


Fun with Maps

Percentage of Indigenous peoples in Canada by province and the USA by state


Languages Spoken in China


The Bulgarian Migration – 650 AD




      • They are enemies, intent on executing a collectivist agenda. The only way they can be stopped – if they can be stopped – is by doing what we do, sharing information and resisting as we can, where we can.

        • If the Democrats get in power, conservative and non-leftist websites will be labeled “hate speech” and banned. Their Domain Name Service will be blocked and if they try to go “dark web” (IP address only) they will be tracked down and convicted.

          The back channels will then be printed material passed around covertly. The problem there is that most computer printers have been given a finger print, a few random appearing dots that are not at all random; this was openly discussed some years ago. The Romanians used to have typewriters registered similarly; there were just a lot of un-registered typewriters.

          • They will be blocked in a heartbeat and likely zampolits will try to come at me. They would be advised to come heavy.

            While WSF and I would squabble over the bunk near the stove at the FEMA re-education camp were I taken alive, I doubt that will happen.

  1. my pc mask wearing social distancing doctor lord govna got the covid, lol. yeah, still waiting to hear how he’s going to blame trump for it. prayers going out for the trumps recovery. my conspiracy antennae are buzzing. took a whole year to get to the most well traveled man in america?

    • If it wasn’t for Trump rallies, he would have been fine.

      The plague is contagious and it would have only taken one person in the White House circle to have contracted it.

      It’s not the contagious nature of the plague, so much as the therapeutics and various treatment options widely available and the cure rate. Masks are stupid, distancing to the extent possible makes more sense to me, but it’s like trying to stop the flu…nothing worked so far.

      • studies in europe and penn state, or it might have been u.penn, showed touch to be the method of dispersion for cold/flu. put sick folks in a room with well. had them talk but not touch anything. nobody got sick. had them pass common items around the room while masked up, everybody got sick. and yes there were control, groups, pre-experiment testing, randomized selection, etc, etc. they were scientifically “good” studies. seems people get germs on hands, fiddle with the mask, transfer germs. who knew? well, mom and every other mother throughout modern history.

    • It’s getting old, accelerating to really old. Went into a place off the beaten path after some aspen viewing (where there wasn’t smoke from someone’s illicit campfire sparking a massive forest fire), wanted to look around, were immediately asked if we had masks, said “No”, was told she would sell us each one for a dollar. We said “Have a nice day.” Might have bought something but people are idiots…her loss.

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