Those Emotional Norks

The North Koreans haven’t stopped their long march just because there is rioting in the streets and looting of businesses in the distant USA.

There are two inter-Korean business zones near the border between the Koreas. The manufacturing was owned by South Koreans and Communist North Korea provided (slave) labor. That’s all shut down now. Border guard posts that had been removed under a tension reduction deal are going back up.

The North Korean decision to move troops to the now-shuttered industrial complexes at Kaesong and the Mount Kumgang tourist zone on the east coast were punctuated by the North Koreans demolishing the “cooperation center building”.

There was an underlying hope that South Korea would simply capitulate to the North and then they could move down and take charge and enjoy acquiring a wealthy, well-fed environment rather than the Hermit Kingdom where they live, and the population is continually on the brink of starvation.


The De-Fund the Police Movement

All this means is that if you call, screaming for help, the police will take their sweet time getting there and on arrival, after the suspect is long gone, they’ll take a report. Because there will be many fewer officers, they’ll be spread thin. Maybe they can get to you in a couple of days.

If the suspect is a member of a protected class, the DA will never file the case.

They are also saying that if you need protection, you need to look to yourself and yourself alone. I’m personally cool with that because it’s how I have always lived my life. I don’t know about the sheep, though.

I saw a piece on Fox News wherein Albuquerque City will be sending unarmed and unarmored social workers to 911 domestic disturbance calls instead of the police. When you consider that those events and traffic stops are where most police officers are killed, it will be interesting to see how it ends up over time. In the same piece, Albuquerque City officials are most concerned about non-inner city people reacting violently (inappropriate) toward violent inner city looters and criminals.

Identify the Movies and the Characters





A Fashion Idea

If you are going toward the pirate look a crow won’t work and it will have to be a parrot.  I’m not making the rules here, just interpreting them. And if you end up with bird crap on your shoulder, don’t blame me personally.


  1. Well, Larry, identify as a man with two ravens on my shoulder, without bird crap on my shoulder. I have one eye, which I sacrificed to become the wisest being ever to exist. In my wisdom, I’ve decided bully everyone into participating in my delusions. This way, I can get my way without any effort. It’s much easier than working for my goals. Say, I really am getting the hang of this!

  2. So have we finally figured out who is actually running North Korea? Kim himself? Kim herself? A junta of generals? An undead previous Kim?

  3. Isn’t North Korea a Chinese vassal state? Suddenly the NORKS are raising a ruckus while their Chinese overlords are stirring shit on the Indian border.

    Something to distract the world, or at least the world media, from other Chinese problems?

    • North Korea is a genuine rogue state. I think that it’s more about North Korean frustration at not meeting their goals of occupying the ROK. Maybe the Chinese have a hand, but I don’t know.

      • It’s tough for intelligence agencies to get inside the Hermit Kingdom but USGOV has a good handle on the place. They don’t necessarily know what the Kims (and close cadre) are thinking on a daily basis but they have a handle on the place.

        But that wasn’t your question, was it? The American media are a propaganda outlet for the power elite in the Democrat Party and their mission is to sway public opinion in such a way as to keep pawns elected in a democratic process that has become dangerously corrupted. Stories aren’t always false, they’re not always true, but when they make print they’re in print for a reason.

        I don’t think that the conspiracy is air tight nor that everyone is in on it, but the major outlets in print and television have their talking points handed to them. They’re allowed some leeway so that it doesn’t all sound completely scripted.

        It wasn’t always so blatant, but if you want power, and money and the things that both can give you, you play the game.

        The Media has access to generally accurate information about North Korea. They grit their teeth when Trump meets with Kim, though, because it damages their narrative.

        I personally feel that USGOV and the intelligence agencies have been ham handed when dealing with the Norks, who are not always a cat’s paw of Big China. But that’s just me.

  4. The first photo is, of course, of Bear Claw Chris Lapp and Jeremiah Johnson. Th film is based on the life of mountain man John “Liver Eating” Johnston who according to legend fought a one man war with the Crow nation and won. The script was written by John Milius and I hear was one of Redford’s favorite roles. Johnston died around 1900 in the Los Angeles area. His body was later moved to Cody Wyoming.

  5. I have especially enjoyed the Norks blowing up their liason office like a teenaged girl screaming “I never want to talk to you again, and I’m throwing away my phone”.

    You can’t make this stuff up.

    • The Communist Chinese act in the VERY same way. Hysterical shouting and whining. It is entertaining, and it’s highly predictable. It’s really the only way to know when you’ve struck a nerve

  6. TParscale couldn’t have paid a PR firm for the whole defund the police thing.

    Are they insane? Well yes, they are.

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