With the inauguration of Joe Biden as nominal head of the Globalist American Regime,  the Military-Industrial Complex is now back calling the shots.- oligarchs. We have discussed this at length on this blog.

Lloyd J. Austin III

Their first order of business, first day in office was been a return to the “War on Terror” policies of the Bush-Obama years. But it has a twist now since woke ideology dictates that Muslims can be longer be a target. Instead, the Deep State regime will now turn its attention to normal, patriotic Americans. Obviously a military that was itself made up of normal, patriotic Americans would be hesitant to go along with such a directive. Therefore, the American security regime is initiating a purge. The statements by the incoming SECDEF, Lloyd J. Austin III, are not ambiguous on this matter.

In an earlier age, conservatives might have deluded themselves into thinking they weren’t the “racists and extremists”. Media reaction to the Capitol protests has made it unmistakably clear, however, that our ruling class views supporters of outgoing President Trump as suspicious at best and “enemies within our ranks” at worst. Other high ranking military officials have made similar comments, including for General Stanley McChrystal.

The military is no longer the patriotic, conservative institution it once was. There are still some rank and file members who supported President Trump, but the top brass is now looking to remove them and make the military’s ideological transformation complete.

The takeaway here is that the military can no longer be viewed as an ally to opponents of the Globalist American Regime. Wild conjecture, from both the liberal media about a pro-Trump “coup” was always ridiculous, not because the military is so non-ideological that they would never dare intervene in partisan politics, but because they are now hyper-partisan ideologues of the anti-Trump side – because there is more money in it.

The military is fed by the Military Industrial Complex, which works in concert with Big Tech and Big Business to create the oligarchy that presently holds sway in America. The generals intend to insure that the military does not bite the hand that feeds it — and it’s not ‘your hand’ that’s doing the feeding. Sure, middle class taxation is a cash cow that is grist for the nation’s economy, but they don’t feel that they need “you” – the individual you, irrespective of constitutional protection, which appears to be part of America’s past.


White Supremacy

I was recently asked my feelings about white supremacy. My immediate reaction was, “how do I feel about Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, all the mandarins on Wall Street and the weird facebook guy who looks like Data from Star Trek, who is apparently NOT an android but a human?”

The supremacists in America are mostly white and they hold power. They are politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Eric Swalwell, Adam (Shifty) Schiff, Jerry (Penguin) Nadler, Mitch (War Turtle) McConnell and (Crying) Chuck Schumer. And they are oligarchs like the people cited above who call the shots in America.

Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself? Do you know? I don’t. The “investigation” was infantile. What I do know is that Epstein had dirt on British Royals, Hollywood Moguls, Wall Street Tycoons, politicians and it was all on video tape. And there in his cell, before he uttered a word about those who could save him, the video was turned off, the guards departed, and he ended his tour here on the third rock. It would take some real supremacy to pull that off and Epstein’s buddies were all white. That list of people who visited fantasy island or the ranch in New Mexico might be a great place to look for supreme white people.

If President Trump had visited the island, “joined the club,” and had been willing to play ball, there is no doubt in my mind that he would not have been impeached, and the media would have asked him questions like “what’s your favorite color”, “who do you like for the Super Bowl” and “what’s your dog’s name?”


  1. I remember watching the clips from the Army Navy game. The Cadets and Midshipmen went Wild for President Trump. Lloyd has his work cut out for him.

  2. “The “investigation” was infantile.”

    A lot of that going around…so on purpose.

    Will the rotten onion ever get peeled back? Maybe. If so, there will certainly be thrashing, flailing, and gnashing of teeth by those who believe they are more special. Why, in a supposedly “free and fair election”, does it require the NG to protect the winners, with added threats by officials at all levels, and massive censoring to silence any opposition? Doesn’t look free to me. Tip of the iceberg.

    If this gets played out it will get ugly. But sometimes you have to go through a little hell to get to Heaven. And it’s worth it even if the view from this end doesn’t look promising.

    • They’re playing the 1984 playbook hard, Camperfixer. America has had contentious elections before. Why did we never fill the capitol with 25,000 armed troops and set up walls topped with razor wire to defend the newly elected from the adoring public?

      In this case it’s theater, designed to justify an attack on the people. It could have no other reason for being.

      Are they overplaying their hand? Does America want a senile old puppet of oligarchs and a ho in charge? Apparently we do if you listen to the media.

      • The old adage of “Believe nothing except what you see with your own eyes and/or trusted sources” is an imperative, everything else is theater and a lie.

  3. RE: McChrystal, Austin III, Xiden and all them sumbitches they call friends.

    I hear rumours that a bunch of pampered millionaires are scheduled to hold some kinda 100-yard freak-show contest, a.k.a. a football game, this weekend for the entertainment of the masses. Perhaps that will sooth my troubled brow and restoreth my soul. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I’m in a pi$$y mood this fine morning, so I’ll apologize in advance…but one of the great cornerstones of American cultural myth, one so basic that most people never even think of it, is that American troops will not fire upon the American people. Posse Comitatus, moral virtue, something-something. Oh really. The depredations upon the Shenandoah Valley, Georgia, South Carolina and the Burnt Areas of Missouri during CW-One say otherwise, not to mention the forced expulsion of the Cherokees to Oklahoma and Japanese to various internment camps, the Sand Creek Massacre, Kent State and the Ludlow Massacre, amongst others.

    But WWW, some of that was done by National Guard troops, not the Army! Well, yes, but if it wears a uniform like a duck, marches in formation like a duck, points automatic weapons at you like a duck, and shoves you into a boxcar at bayonet point at the bidding of its civilian lairds, that there, is a duck.

  4. It was reported that Mayor Jon Albert of Orlando proclamation praised Trump’s accomplishments over his four years in office, and pointed out that he received 76% of the vote in Florida to change February from Martin Luther King Jr. Day, to Donald Trump Day instead.
    The vote came two weeks after Sabatini, R-Howey-in-the-Hills, proposed renaming U.S. Highway 27 in Florida the President Donald J. Trump Highway

  5. If the memo that got passed to me was ‘accurate’, it’s going to be really bad… REALLY bad. There is a list of tats that are grounds for immediate dismissal from the service.

    • Any person with such a proscribed tattoo should immediately declare himself, er HERself, a Muslim transwoman. Then that person would immediately be of at least two protected classes and therefore not separable from the armed forces.

      I’m not kidding in the slightest. Taqiya goes both ways. Say it with me: “There is no God but God …” This is classic (I almost said “pure” but that would be inapplicable to such a foul creature) Alinsky tactics: Make the enemy live up to its own rules.

      • Yes, I expect that such a Muslim transwoman would be promoted and the sky is the limit for opportunity. Director of the CIA, Army Chief of Staff, Even Vice President (when the progs engineer a vacancy and they all move up).

        A uniform wouldn’t be required. Pin the stars to the outside of the burka.

  6. Anyone who ever believed that “our troops” would not become a tool of our oppressors has never read a history book.

  7. The PFC’s not happy. I told him, “salute the flag, not the…” But whatev. There’s an easy answer.

    Fire all the soldiers and replace them with a Somali militia.

    Problem? Solution.

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