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(Associated Press) I encourage you to read the entire article, because it is a sign of the times.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Ten years after they found and killed Osama bin Laden, U.S. Navy SEALs are undergoing a major transition to improve leadership and expand their commando capabilities to better battle threats from global powers like China and Russia.

The new plan cuts the number of SEAL platoons by as much as 30% and increases their size to make the teams more lethal and able to counter sophisticated maritime and undersea adversaries. And there will be a new, intensive screening process for the Navy’s elite warriors, to get higher-quality leaders after scandals that rocked the force and involved charges of murder, sexual assault and drug use.

“Political reliability” including an adherence to principles of social justice are not the prime measure of whether officers will be given assignments within the teams or booted out.  Screening for political reliability was a key component for selection and promotion within the old Soviet Navy, modern Strategic Rocket Forces and today within the Chinese People’s Liberation Army’s Navy (PLAN).  Adding zampolits/political officers to SEAL platoons who will continually assess that political reliability is part of the navy’s new plan for its special operations component. The political officers are to be fully qualified, but they will go through a “parallel training program” – possibly at NSA Panama City, FL**. It means that they won’t be fully trained…but will occupy ‘untouchable’ positions within the Navy’s Special Warfare architecture.

In recent years you may have read accounts of “political SEALs”, men who do a tour or two, are about to be bounced for being unqualified and end up on a Congressional staff or in some other job where their SEAL credentials enhance the reputation of the people they serve. That’s not what I’m referring to when I write of commissars/zampolits/embedded political officers. in a military context, a political commissar or political officer, is a supervisory officer responsible for the political education and organization of the unit they are assigned to, this being intended to ensure civilian control of the military. They report through a separate chain of command on the political reliability of officers. You can call them “embedded spies” if you like.

**In years past, Naval Support Activity, Panama City, was said to be the site for training non-line SEAL cadre from intelligence agencies, etc. Public Info: The United States Naval Support Activity Panama City, is located just outside Panama City, Florida. Among other commands, it houses Naval Surface Warfare Center Panama City Division and the Navy Experimental Diving Unit.

The psychological tests are only half of the testing that is going on. Rumors have emerged – and who knows whether or not they’re true – that the Navy is testing SEAL’s testosterone levels. Too much toxic masculinity leads to behavior once prized, now rejected. They’re on the naughty list too and will be looking for other work.

There has been a trend for years to encourage more non-white males to make it through the Special Warfare training program (BUDS and beyond), and allowances were made for less than qualified people to “hone their sills in the Teams” rather than complete training at the top of the class. This will be accelerated in the effort to rid “white culture” from the SEAL’s.

Back to the AP article:

In recent years, SEALs have been involved in a number of high-profile scandals. One of the most well-known was the arrest of Navy Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher on war crimes charges that included murder of an Islamic State militant captive and attempted murder in the shootings of civilians during a 2017 deployment to Iraq.

Thus, the Navy is dumping somewhere over a third of the Special Warfare Officers (Designator 1130) and the CIA isn’t taking them into the Special Operations Division, because they were Trump supporters, and failed the psychological litmus test. Dealing with senior enlisted is being handled by dropping them into dead-end jobs where they can’t “infect” the political purity of the Naval Special Warfare program.

A lot of these people will find work in outfits such as Black Water, KBR, Executive Outcomes, CACI, Vinnell Arabia, ISOA, Titan, Northbridge Services, Frontier Services, Sandline, Olive Group Capital, MVM, Cubic Corp., etc. (Private Military Organizations) and they’ll make more money doing it. Essentially, all of the officers you might prefer remaining at NAVSPECWAR will be moving on.

It’s very woke.


You’ll see trends in Hollywood and the print media about rogue SEAL officers in the near future. Imagine that. “The Terminal List,” based on a thriller novel of the same name by author and former SEAL Jack Carr, pits Lt. Cmdr. James Reece (Chris Pratt) in the precarious situation of surviving an ambush in which all of his team members were killed. Coming to television next season.

How exciting.


  1. So what’s your take on “SEAL Team” starring David Boreanaz?

    As to political officers, one of the reasons Special Forces works so well is they tend not to be ‘politically correct’ in their use of force. Or, at least, that’s my opinion.

    • I know that there is a TV show out there by that name. I think that I saw ten or fifteen minutes of an episode before I turned it off. So I don’t have a fair review of it. Sometimes a movie or a tv show moves me to enjoyment in topics that I’m comfortable with. But it’s rare.

      I didn’t add that the social justice/critical race indoctrination that the Teams are now receiving tends to focus on white supremacy and on white insurrectionists as the root of all evil. I’m guessing that those shots are being called from the three-star at JSOC. I’ll leave it to your imagination where they would like it to go. But I’m adding it now.

      I can’t imagine what the Teams will look like once the current administration is finished with them.

  2. Your news sickens me. The elite unit members pay a heavy price to be there. I’m thinking of their lives outside the unit; marriages, families, social lives, etc.

    In my youth I had an interest but couldn’t meet the standards. The demo school the Army sent me to was next to the 10th Special Forces at Bad Tolz and we interacted with them occasionally. Cynical asshole I was (We’re Airborne! So is birdshit, f**k you), I was in awe of them.

    Perhaps our chances of beating the New World Order lie with private military contractors and courageous clergy.

      • I like WSF’s “courageous clergy” point. But, per LL, there’s very few willing to stick their heads above the parapet. I won’t say “gang of apostate Marxist shills.”

  3. It was my understanding that after the immensely difficult training that the SEALS go through, the then are sent to the Teams, where they were still able to be rejected by the members of the Teams, if they didn’t feel that the member would fit in.
    I could be mistaken, but if it is the case, that would mean that the SEALS would be not only the best of the best, but they also had to be able to function as a team.
    Putting these political operatives into the mix, you can imagine just what will happen to the money spent on training a SEAL, probably somewhere close to a million dollars. After one tour of putting up with the BS of the new SEALS, and seeing the money to be made as a private contractor, they will leave the military, costing the military another million to train their replacement.
    Democrat leadership at it’s finest.

    • You’re right. BUDS only got you through the door so that people could have a look at you. It was a year to earning the Budweiser. Now there will be core competencies, and a political suitability assessment that will count for 99%.

  4. Flipping around the dial while driving, heard a retired 20+ year SEAL on Wilcow, the man was both angry and sad, especially for his brethren. To paraphrase:

    “Said there’s a lot of talk but little to no movement in opposition, and what he expects to hear tonight from the cloaked Marxist has made him wonder why he did his tour. Says a lot of his military “friends” are disgusted and ready to leave their service as they see it as fruitless compared to the sacrifice.”

    Not good. Now I read your post. Really not good. Demoralize the elite military groups, disenfranchise support personnel..a perfect recipe to intentionally weaken America so our enemies can invade. Royally ticks me off. But like this SEAL said, what can be done when the treasonous few are running open loop, trampling The Constitution?

    • National command authority was stacked during the years of Obamanation. And it remains stacked. Those in other echelons merely follow orders or are sacked. Kipling’s City of Brass.

  5. When I read that the SEAL organization was going to be revamped I wondered what your take on that would be…when I got home from work I found out educational and realistic as always. Thank you.

  6. LL, I’m aghast. And per conversation, the world’s gone utterly insane.

    Good thing I’m invested in dog coin. Makes about as much sense as anything.

    Good luck, SEALS, with your new Commissars.

  7. I guess a picture of a future SEAL team will be like a picture of Village People but with women and other genders blended in. The idea of having political officers as an integrated part of a team must be great and there is experience from the past to draw upon. Both Soviet Union and Nazi Germany had their version of it. The communist knew what they did so they were good at it.

    Knowing that there are politicians and generals spending time on the change must be evidence that the future is bright.

    PS. One solution on the problem with testosterone can simply be solved by injecting estrogen to a proper level.

    • I’m sure that the estrogen injections were discussed at some level.

      If we could rid ourselves of the present government lawfully, would the next be any better? Of course you don’t know. Life is like a box of chocolates, you don’t know what’s inside until you bite, and then it’s too late.

  8. Sound like what happening in Australia more or less. Did you hear one of the SAS squadrons has been disbanded, ostensibly at part of the effort to crack down on alleged war crimes? Haven’t heard anything about the commandos though.

    • I hadn’t heard that Australia stood down an SAS Squadron. I’m sure that toxic masculinity was somehow involved. Funny, but you never hear of the Communist Chinese or Russians doing that, do you?

  9. For the hate they had taught through the State brought the State no defender,
    And it passed from the roll of the Nations in headlong surrender!

  10. well, if we don’t get attacked from outside, that gives us thousands more angry operators to counter the soon to be neutered military. big if. but of course that leaves no one in said military to say “no! we don’t kill americans.” i don’t see how this ends well, for anybody.

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