Celebrate Sunday (Life’s a Beach)

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COVID-19 is said to be destroyed by warm weather. 
That’s why I’m not at the White Wolf Mine.
Meanwhile, back home on the Mogollon Rim, where it snowed last week and is supposed to snow next week, the troops are restless.
Some of you ask how I could afford to languish on a beach. Well, I bought stock and index futures and other index-related stocks on the way up and sold when I told you to on this blog, on February 23, before the market crashed. I may not be back at the mine before spring (which shouldn’t be long in coming)

But you never know. I’ve been told that I’m needed on the US border for a project we have going there. I may need to cut things short and fly to the cold forbidding weather of San Diego, California – and maybe Puerto Vallarta for a week or so. Life is a beach, just maybe a different latitude. 
Bloomberg let me down. I offered my vote in exchange for a new Rolls Royce. His campaign never got back to me and: No car, no envelope of cash to buy a fancy car, nothing. Yes, it’s a disappointment. Bloomie, you let me down.

19 thoughts on “Celebrate Sunday (Life’s a Beach)

  1. Bloomberg really screwed the pooch. If he had, as someone suggested, instead of blowing half a billion on ads, he'd simply gifted every American citizen a million bucks, he'd likely be a shoo in in November.

  2. If you look at those maps of where the virus centers are, it's clear centered in the northern hemisphere. Places like Johns Hopkins site. The southern hemisphere, though, does have some virus clusters and they're in some bigger cities including south Australia.

    Does that mean there are fewer cases in the Summer hemisphere because it's summer, or is it that most of the population is in the northern hemisphere and most of the southern is second or third world places with no testing abilities and little or no ability to gather statistics?

    I guess we'll find out in about six months.

  3. I would have taken goods in kind.

    (1) Let me use Bloomberg Bucks to go to a military arsenal and buy what I want with a million dollar chit.

    (2) Buy me the airplane that I want.

    (3) Buy more land around the White Wolf Mine – Lebensraum (Bloomberg is German, he should appreciate the need).

  4. You're in Florida. Endless summer. You shouldn't worry.

    With a contagion rate 1000 times greater than H1N1, which is very contagious, and a =/- one month incubation period, and a persistence rate of up to 10 days on a dry surface it's likely to get us all eventually. Warmer climates may be spared until last but it's going to be on everything and in everyone unless you're a hermit living completely off the grid. And even then, hermits usually have to go into town for some supplies.

  5. Jim – that 500 million would work out to $1.53 per person, NOT the million per person that a lame main stream media article claimed. A million per at 327 million population would be a 'bit' more – you do the math ;-)

  6. Greetings from Rome. Yeah, Italy. I got into St Peter’s Basilica in about two minutes this morning. Maybe 80 people inside. Sure is easy to get a table at a restaurant.

  7. "…just maybe a different latitude." Cue Jimmy Buffett.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  8. I've heard that people are off the street and hoarding toilet paper in Milan, but didn't know that it was that bad in Rome. It's a great time to travel. I like Rome because it's Rome. Great food, but I'm more at home in Milano. I worked out of Milano for almost a year and yeah, it's more industrial than Rome, but it's the gateway to the North.

  9. Darn the bad luck of one beach or another. ;-)
    Hope you can stay away from California.
    Not only did Bloomie not come through; but he quit. Guess he figured your vote wasn't enough to pull it off.

  10. It’s definitely slow here. Off to London tomorrow for an overnight and then sweet home Preskitt.

  11. It will take more than a buck fifty to buy my vote and support. I'd take a million from Bloomie – but I'd still vote for Trump. Call me Quisling if you must.

  12. It will be raining when you get home. Buy a raincoat in London. They specialize in them.

  13. Little Mike might have won if he'd have bought my vote. It was definitely for sale in the Democrat Primary. Who knows how karma would have swung for him?

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