21 thoughts on “Castor’s Garden

  1. I enjoyed that. Let's hope, for his sake, that the former soldier didn't find himself in the White House.

    No, wait, maybe that'd be good. He has a sword.

  2. That photo is of the Roman Baths in Bath, I’m sure.

    Good story, nice detail. I have a penchant for Roman stories. It was probably the Doctor Who Tardis that he went into.

    A very nice twist.

  3. But do they come back? Damn! There ya go making me use my imagination again. What if they came back with an M1 Grand or an M16 or a M249 SAW? Or a cigarette lighter? Or not at all… Dammit!

  4. They'll be back with more belching tourists who want to murder somebody or want to have congress with slave girls.

    Can Lucinnius come back? The question begs the postulate that if he (and the other four) don't come back that people won't be born, etc. and it changes the future. The slave scheduled for execution that is killed is another thing. Or maybe the prostitute slave girls become pregnant and the guy is his own great, great, great, great grandfather?

  5. I second Jenny, but not too long. Our friend simply arrives in the Oval Office — note story arc thematic tie/in with gubernatorial Roman baths — with his gladius and works his way through.

    How he ends up in Austin with the time travelers is another episode.

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