(above) The liberals who scream for an open border with Mexico don’t realize that the cartels will sell weapons to anyone who wants to buy them in the US – just like drugs.


Cartel Update

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Texas Air National Guard Colonel Daniel Steiner (USAF-TXANG Ret), responds to a Q and A and I will just offer an opinion rather than taking the Brietbart article bullet point by bullet point.

CJNG-Armored-Unit (Breitbart)

Eliminating Cártel de Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG) and the Cuinis, who handle the money laundering for the cartel are the first priority for US Government.

A better question to ask is “who runs Mexico”? The drug cartels have for at least the past twenty years. Today more than ever. I spent a lot of time in Mexico working for USGOV on these issues, and I’m sure that there are better and more informed experts than I am, but DEA still turns to me for answers, and I pitch in where and when I can.

CJNG has some issues with their current management structure that I will not go into, but it’s got nothing to do with US efforts or MEXGOV efforts.

Chapo was flown around by SEDENA (Mexican Army) in Blackhawk Helicopters provided to Mexico by the United States. It’s not a rumor, it’s a fact.

At one point, I was in Los Mochis, SIN, meeting with a drug kingpin with the knowledge of USGOV – back when I was working down there a lot more than I do now. We met at the Starbucks downtown. Then we drove to the Quatro Milpas airport, between Los Mochis and Batamote, and the kingpin got in his airplane and flew off. There was a debriefing that included DEA people.

DEA – “So you just met him in the Starbucks, in the open?”

LL – “Yes, it’s his Starbucks. He holds court there.”

DEA – “Where were the police?”

LL – “They formed a perimeter outside so that we could meet in peace.”

DEA – “And you just caravaned to Cuatro Milpas?”

LL – “Transido de Estado (Mexican Highway Patrol) handled traffic on the highway and provided an escort for SEDENA (Mexican Army) vehicles and the kingpin.

DEA – “What happened at Cuatro Milpas (airport)?”

LL – “The Army formed a perimeter, we finished our meeting and he got into his airplane (I provided tail numbers) and flew off.”

DEA was not allowed into Sinaloa and Los Mochis in particular. I had a different remit and was INVITED by the kingpin to meet. So I did. Knowing your enemy is important. The kingpin thought that too.

So, dear readers, how much control do you think that the cartels have over the police, the highway patrol and the Mexican Army?

This meeting happened during the Obama Administration and the details were shared among a very few high ranking officials in USGOV. The only one in the White House who showed an interest was VP Joe Biden. Our fellow blogger, Beans, and those who have worked this sort of thing understand how reporting and “grading of reports (IRRs)” works in USGOV.

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  1. The sad thing about Mexico is that the cartels generally seem to do a better job of running the place than the government ever did.

    Of course, that seems to be the case here in Rhode Island too (at least in more recent history), so I don’t suppose I can throw stones.


    • True. And they are more fair with the common people than the government ever was in MANY instances.

  2. Almost like the Left sticks their fingers in their ears and go “La,la,la,la.” Same with their support for the Middle East crazies (“Gays for ISIS!”)…can’t be ignorance, so it’s clearly stupidity, because…you know…flowers and rainbows fix everything.

    You have an interesting life. That interaction with a Cartel heavy. Maybe bring Pelosi along next time and leave her there.

    • I’ve did a lot of that stuff over about a three year period. I still have a reputation with some of the larger names, primarily of being honest in a world, where governments are not. Of course, I have taken a step back these days, but sometimes I still do sanctioned (By USGOV) work in that arena. Enough that I keep my hand in, often by sending proxies here and there.

      • More people need to get a clue and have a grateful appreciation of what goes on to keep things on an even keel, especially towards those doing the dangerous work…but that would require them to leave their safe-zone bubble and admit something.

        • There is a lot of realpolitik that goes on behind the scenes. The public couldn’t care less.

  3. Interesting article linked to above. Their capability is growing and may soon be too much to handle.

    • They are parasitic by nature, and they fully understand this. The US is their primary market and they don’t want to upset that apple cart.

      One leading Narco Kingpin once told me, “The US can make invisible airplanes, travel to the Moon and do more or less anything that it wants to. The only thing keeping it from crushing us is that it doesn’t want to.”

      • “The only thing keeping it from crushing us is that it doesn’t want to.” You said a mouthful! These trips to high level cartel members, were you in any danger?

        • I went by their invitation, so it wasn’t heavy handed. The predictions of my beheading by others didn’t pan out.

    • The news focuses on the value of negroes, the need to give them more welfare, and how much they hate President Trump.

  4. This is nothing new, though a little bit more to the extreme than in previous times.

    Cartelism has been a factor in Mexico since at least before the Mexican Revolution in 1910. Warlords and Bandit Leaders, controlling whole sections of the land, controlling politicians, controlling interests in the USA, controlling politicians and businesses here.

    What? You thought this was new? Hahahahahahaha. Can you say Pancho Villa?

    But anyone in the police business who dealt with the narcotics side saw this coming from a mile away in the 90’s and early 2000’s. We had a saying in the drug unit I was in, calling a large drug or cash seizure “a bunch of dead Mexicans” due to the Cartels involved in the loss taking their frustrations out on the people and their families involved.

    Military grade weapons have always been available to the Cartels. Just.. it’s got worse in the last decade or so. Really kicking up a notch around 2009, for some strange reason. And Cartel controlled army members and units and police members and units (controlled by fear, by money, by family connections) has been an issue for the same amount of time.

    I think, last time I had connections to people in the know, only the Mexican Marines are (mostly) uncorrupt. Possibly the last bastion of non-criminality in a narco-terrorist nation.

    And, well, for some reason nobody is talking about the ChiCom connection. Yes, that’s right, boys and girls. Where do you think the Cartels are getting most or all of their armor plating, bulletproof glass, chemical precursors for drug processing and finished narcotics, and quite a lot of military ordinance and financing. Proof of this is look who controls the major cargo ports. Who controls the mineral rights. Who controls the people who control the cartels. ChiCom has it’s nasty little fingers pulling the nasty little strings of way too many government and cartel leaders and powerbrokers.

    I always found it ‘interesting’ when low-level peon #54-84785 gets arrested and sumlawyer who’s hourly billable rate was somewhere around the GNP of a typical 3rd world nation suddenly ‘volunteers’ his/her services ‘for free.’ Uh-huh. Yeah. Not looking behind the curtain, nope.

    Too many people here in the USA are either in the pockets of the Cartels or are ‘fellow travellers’ who live off the side businesses associated with the Cartels.

    Declare them terrorist organizations. Treat any nation (cough***MEXICO***cough, cough) that supports or allows them to exist in their country without openly attacking them as state sponsors of terrorism and treat them the same way we treat other state sponsors of terrorism. Or how we should treat nations that are state sponsors.

    It is past time to treat the Cartels like we treat various islamic terrorist organizations. Attack them financially, attack them physically, attack them openly and in secret to the fullest extent possible. Make it much more dangerous to be a member, and the recruitment appeal will go away.

    • Damn Beans, makes me kinda want to dig a deep hole and pull the dirt back in… I didn’t realize it was that pervasive. So that is why the leadership of this country wasn’t going balls to the wall against Mexico and it cartels and of countries further south, it would not be a stretch to say the leaders of this country enjoy the fruits of their labors and commerce.

      • Trump is the only ‘politician’ who has called Mexico for what it is. A failed state and they only send their worst here, kind of like Castro and the Marielito Boatlift.

        Any other politician? Don’t trust them. Mexico (and ChiCom through their puppets in Mexico’s government) and the Cartels spread wealth and fortune around like birdseed, feeding too many corrupt bureaucrats, State Department officials and politicians local, state and national. The previous administration was in cahoots with them, too, deeply, and the rot extended to all the federal agencies, though Border Control and the DEA tried to keep clean (FBI, not so much.)

        Sad how much power a bunch of criminals have. But think how much power the Mobs had and have with Chicago and other hell-holes here.

        It is only hidden because those in power wish it to remain hidden. But, well, go to lower California and see how much power the Cartels have. Or New Mexico. Where the Cartels are open and visible everywhere you go. Completely open, and where are our politicians and media? In their pockets. And as we’ve seen in so many cities lately, those who control the cops control what the cops are and aren’t allowed to do, up to and including ignoring and breaking existing laws.

        Want to see real corruption out in the open where nobody reports on it? Check out the Reservations. Some Reservations make the Cartels look like amateurs. The ‘tribal councils’ can and do de-certify members as official tribal members, thus cutting off support and kicking them off land, up to and including seizing personal property and disappearing loudmouths. But where are the news media and star reporters? (insert sounds of crickets…) Not all reservations, not all tribes, but far too many make the Mob look like nuns.

        • “Trump is the only ‘politician’ who has called Mexico for what it is. A failed state and they only send their worst here…”

          WAIT! I thought those struggling across the Rio Grande and open desert were only asylum seekers and peasants looking for a better life to do work the rest of use “won’t”? [snark]

          Agree with your assessment…the best are not the majority coming here illegally, more like operatives…otherwise why dig miles-long tunnels or run semi’s with hidden compartments…or…or…all to smuggle their crap?

          Trump will not look the other way because he sees their failed state and the evil crap they dump here.

  5. Military grade weapons have always been available to the Cartels. Just.. it’s got worse in the last decade or so. Really kicking up a notch around 2009

    They began importing sea containers from NORINCO (China North Industries Group Corporation Limited) in that time frame. At the time I was working at the US Embassy, Mexico City. Commandante Marco, a former Federale, handled that end of the business from Guadalajara (CJNG). They landed in Manzanillo Port and were driven from there. When Marco was arrested by the Federales, a DEA special agent that I worked with said he was history. I bet him a steak dinner at Porta Madera (In the Palanco, Mexico DF) that Marco would be out in 24 hours. He had a house on the links and an early starting time. He was there t-ing off the next morning.

    In that timeframe the major cartels: Sinaloa Federation (Chapo and Mayo) made inroads into Central American arsenals. Guatemala, for example, would buy munitions from the USGOV, with the Guatemalan Army as the end user. When they arrived from US inventory, the Army would hand them over to the cartels, so they had what they wanted.

    Yes, Beans is right. All of the ephedra and other meth precursors come from China, a major producer of opiate products bound for the USA. The Opiate crisis, such as it is, is about 80% China.

    • It’s almost like, you know, the ChiComs are committing guerilla chemical warfare upon the USA using the Cartels and the Mexican government as proxies much as the Soviets used Cuba’s armed forces as proxies.

      I think the most succinct thing I’ve ever seen on the ChiComs is “China is asshole.” Well, add to that “Mexico is asshole” and “Cartels is asshole.”

      • The Chicoms have been engaging in war, by other means, at almost every level short of shooting, for decades. The cartels provided a symbiotic partner.

    • “Marco would be out in 24 hours. He had a house on the links and an early starting time. He was there t-ing off the next morning.”

      Hold up. Did I read that right? Comm. Marco lived in a golf course?

      If so, then wig status: flipped

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