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My daughters Amanda and Heather both do photography as an avocation and as a business. There is something about being able to make a little money at art that appeals to me as an author who does the same thing. You may wish to check out the link and follow Amanda’s blog (Amanda Fein Photography).

She specializes in capturing an instant in time – putting it in a glass case – and preserving a memory. There’s no political agenda, no sinister government plots, no bleeding heart causes – just a little art that connects people to those memories that define our fleeting lives.

6 thoughts on “Capturing an Instant in Time

  1. When I lived in NY, I worked for photographers like Co Rentmeester and Pete Turner and others. THey had no other agenda than the art and craft. It's what the art directors and producers of wherever it gets published that put the spin for the most part. They are incredible people to work with and have strong personalities that made it interesting and a learning experience. I miss their company.

  2. We have entered an age where paper photographs are nearly gone. In a few years, when new photo programs come out, and old ones won't be able to work anymore, many digital photographs will be lost. "Look! Here's a picture of grandma," or "Here's your Daddy's baby pics,"" will be a thing of the past

  3. I don't know where my kids are going to take photography, but I'm glad to see them involved in art.

    Quality art transcends the ages – painting, architecture, literature, and "the arts" define culture in ways that politics never will. Quality art is enduring because it tends to be the very best part of who we are as human beings.

  4. Very beautiful photo's. Photography is such a great art, and a fun business. You work for yourself, and bring joy to people. You must be very proud of your daughters, LL. I'm going to check out Amanda's Blog.
    I wish her much success.

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