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The Canadians are offering Hollywood crazies with an alternative that won’t make them uproot and leave their comfortable oceanside mansions and Malibu town homes. 

Canada represents the world’s 8th largest economy. California alone would represent the world’s 6th largest. The population of California is roughly the same as the population of Canada. 

Some see the move as the British trying to take back what they lost in 1776-1781 since many Americans would force them to take New York, the City of Chicago, the City of Detroit and Massachusetts if they are going to take California. The Canadians would dominate the world of ice hockey if that happened. 
Hopeful Mexicans would see this as the perfect route to move narcotics north (since there would be no border wall) without restrictions. 
Others fear that Canada would be californicated in much the same way as the Western US State of Colorado has been. Since there is no electoral college in Canada, it would mean that California (the Province) would end up running Canada…

Better re-think that one Canucks. Better to visit California than to be owned by it.

15 thoughts on “Canadafornia?

  1. Here's an interesting fact. Calgary, yes CALGARY, has a homosexual Muslim Mayor. A harbinger of things to come in the new Canadafornia superstate?

  2. Should be popular with the Vancouver drunks. Not have to worry about the Washington State Patrol, eh.

  3. I like it. That solves the problem of California's increasingly bizarre laws. They make perfect sense if they're Canadian laws. Is there any way we could just build a wall around the state to keep the liberals in their own safe zone?

  4. I have a birth certificate issued by the State of Oregon. If this happened, would that make me a Canadafornian citizen? Which I would renounce immediately? Or, if I didn't renounce it, and subsequently built my new compound in Kerrville, TX, could I face deportation?

  5. You could be deported back to the People's Republic of Portlandia. The up-side to your arrival in Portland is that you could stand up for men

  6. It has it's own twisted logic – particularly since France owned Mexico at one point in its history.

    Every sign everywhere would have to be written in French, English and Spanish (and Chinese to accommodate the vast numbers of China-born currently living in Canada). That would be very progressive.

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