California Voters Speak out for Michelle Obama

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Progressives/liberals in California are expected to overwhelmingly support the re-election bid of President Obama. Sometimes I wonder why. But then I take a step back, and I understand. 
It seems that California voters in Hollywood (cultural center of the progressive movement) connect with his wife, Michelle, the First Lady. Take note of the YouTube video that Jimmy Kimmel did on the ‘First Ladies Debate’.
I’d love to see a debate between Michelle Obama (pictured right) and Ann Romney, but I don’t think that it will happen.

10 thoughts on “California Voters Speak out for Michelle Obama

  1. Good God! Well, at least those dolts serve some purpose: It's important for me to see videos like this, especially when my resolve to never move to the L.A. area wavers at the prospect of warmer winter weather than I get here in S.W. Connecticut. That video served as a good booster shot.

  2. I endure them grudgingly. If I didn't more or less have to live here because my grandchildren are here, I'd leave.

  3. Yes, it's telling. And as Odie said above, they're liberals. You don't really need to add anything beyond that.

  4. Children are often inconvenient for liberals, who take advantage of planned parenthood. BUT beware of the progressive boy who may wish to inject genetic material into your conservative daughter…

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