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Should I adopt a Burro for work at the White Wolf Mine? How can I be an old sourdough miner without a burro?

Yes, I’m up at the mine today, on walk-about, considering the options. Who’d have thought that I needed a kitchen design consultant for a hovel?

Is a little burro called a burrito? I have a photo guide for your use to help you discriminate between the two:

Two burros with a young burro – sometimes mistakenly called a burrito. You
should not eat this sort of burrito.
Conventional burrito, suitable for consumption.

The Sonora and Mojave Deserts are home to a legion of burros whose ancestors escaped the traditional burro life and are roaming wild. They are disarmingly friendly, and like to mooch snacks. I routinely have apples in my cooler in the truck and make fast friends, while depleting my lunch. On the heels of a very wet winter, babies are being born in large numbers.
In dry years when their watering holes dry up, they do die off due to thirst and it’s an unpleasant thing to see – but it’s part of nature’s balance.

The problem with adopting a burro is that it becomes a pet that I can’t ride. And they’re too big to toss in the back of the Raptor, the way that you would with a dog.
You see burros in odd places as you drive along the road less traveled that leads to the White Wolf Mine.

Burros in the Oatman, AZ ghost town

21 thoughts on “Burros

  1. These feral burros and burritos bear way too much resemblance to Democrats for my tastes. And they act like them, too: just hanging out, doing nothing but crapping all over the place and expecting free juicy apples from benevolent conservatives. Go ahead and ask THEM if they have an apple to spare, see what reaction you get.

  2. That's exceptionally insightful of you Fredd. The feral burros are like progressives and the lilies of the field in that they sew not, neither do they spin. They rely on the gullible to feed them.

    Scratch the burro idea.

  3. They're better than Democrats, but Fredd's comment that they are too progressive to hang with me is right on point.

  4. LOL,
    Only a Cali Yuppie sourdough would need a kitchen designer for a 7 figure "hovel"…

  5. Yes! Get two at least because they get very lonely. I know this because I considered getting one as I hate to mow the lawn. You can't have a WWM without a Burrito and his friend Tabasco.

  6. Coyotes only take the weak and sick (or dead) burros. They are capable of defending themselves.

  7. They're at the bottom end of the horse line (bottom feeders like Democrats) – but they make good beasts of burden and monks liked to ride them because they fancied themselves to be like Jesus. Since most Dems hate Jesus but would like to BE Jesus, I see synergy.

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