Bullet Points:

* After eight long, miserable years, the “Don Lemon Tonight” show hosted by Don Lemon on CNN is being canceled because nobody watched it. Lemon was moved to a morning spot where he will co-anchor with two others, including Poppy Harlow and White House correspondent Kaitlan Collins. The next bounce will be out the door and he’ll be doing the weekend weather in Poughkeepsie.

* If Biden was winning, the FBI wouldn’t be raiding pillow salesmen.

* After 50 aliens (illegal not space) were dropped at Martha’s Vineyard, the city declared a humanitarian crisis. They need to truck in another. 50,000 illegal aliens so that they know how border cities feel.

* Old NFO has magnificent books for sale. JL Curtis has novels out in three different series, The Grey Man (urban fiction), Rimworld (military science fiction), and a new series, Showdown on the River (western). He has written a number of novellas and short stories for a number of anthologies. A retired Naval Flight officer, he spent 20+ years in the Navy, then worked as an engineer with a defense contractor for another 20+ years. A long-time shooter and NRA instructor, he now lives in North Texas and writes full-time.

* Sci-Fi readers will understand that who controls the spice, controls the universe. It’s not my rule – it just is.

* I had never heard of cultural identity abuse before. What should I self-identify as so I can milk the system for money because I’m aggrieved? A lot of the genders and race quotas are already. saturated. It’s simply not fair. There must be something. Harvard (below) may be handing out cash, I just need to know where to apply. My keto diet is working so I’ll soon be able to point to those more ample than me with scorn. It’s about time.

(I recently bought a new Stihl chainsaw, would Harvard be willing to reimburse me? I have a receipt. I realize this comment is somewhat out of left field but the price of chainsaws is as absurd as Satan’s Vatican.)

“Fatphobia” and “cisheterosexism” perpetuate “violence.” “Using the wrong pronouns” constitutes “abuse.” And “any words used to lower a person’s self-worth” are “Verbal Abuse.” Those are just a handful of the things the school told all undergraduate students in a mandatory Title IX training session, according to materials reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon.

The online training, which all undergraduates were required to complete in order to enroll in courses, includes a “Power and Control Wheel” to help students identify “harmful” conduct. Outside the wheel are attitudes that “contribute to an environment that perpetuates violence,” a voiceover from the training states, including “sizeism and fatphobia,” “cisheterosexism,” “racism,” “transphobia,” “ageism,” and “ableism.”

Inside the wheel are behaviors that the school says constitute “abuse” and could violate its Title IX policies. “We all have an essential role to play in creating a community that cultivates gender equity and inclusion,” Harvard College dean Rakesh Khurana told students in a video introducing the training. “Completing this course is a critical step in establishing a shared understanding of the values here at Harvard College.”

* VDH asks (h/t Claudio) So how will Putin survive the self-created disaster that may have cost him nearly 100,000 casualties, and now risks losing him all the territorial advances from 2014? Can he just admit defeat, slink back home, and stop the massive Russian hemorrhaging?

LL comments: If so, what is Russia’s future? Do they pretend that it didn’t happen? (Ukrainians can’t take a joke…) Do they flood Europe with cheap energy to show that their heart is in the right place? And what of China which invested political capital with Russia?

* Sept. 6 (UPI) — Haarlem, a Dutch city, has become the first in the world to ban advertisements for meat as part of a plan to reduce greenhouse gases and fight climate change.




The fossil is not the animal.

The fossil is not the bones of the animal.

The fossil is the stone’s memory of the bones of the animal.

That’s poetry older than words.


    • Never heard of the guy. I wrote some unkind (but true) things about what that implies just now, but on re-reading, better redacted.

      I dunno what the coof response/hysteria was like in New Brunswick, but I can tell you that it was a shitshow of panicked idiocy (at the Ministerial level) in Quebec.

  1. I like your blog title. I like learning about Old NFO; it’s good to know a little about your readers.
    Is that a fossil Haiku?

    Talking of sci- fi, England has a queue that has taken on a life of its own, snaking through London and moving at 0.1 miles per hour. The queue has its own YouTube channel, interactive red button, Instagram page and so on. The British have taken the queue to the next level.
    Anyway, God Bless the Queen. God save the King. And all the people in the queue.

      • I wouldn’t stand in a cue to see anyone in a coffin unless it was Dracula and he’d turn into a bat or something entertaining like that. I’m not trying to be a jerk.

        Ok, I’m lying. I’d stand in a cue if it meant that a lot of DC politicians would move on to the next life. Most of them would turn into bats, though, so it’s sort of the same thing.


        Will that many people show up when C3 moves on?

        • Thinking you didn’t go to Burning Man.

          No cue’s for us either, saves on fuel and avoids being out “there among the English” where the FBI may accost you out of the blue. Did enough funerals and memorials as part of the job description.

          I do understand the reverence in honoring a long life of “service”. But – and no offense – this is beyond too much. And she’s…as the Danes would say…død. Move on. (I had to with Earl, and he was more important to me than any Monarch or Figurehead).

          • I have never been to Burning Man. The idea of doing an orgy thing with a bunch of hippies with social diseases in the dirt for a week holds very little appeal to me. It shows you that I’m not a candidate for Harvard because I’m guilty of “sizeism and fatphobia,” “cisheterosexism,” “racism,” “transphobia,” “ageism,” “ableism,” “mysophobia”, “germophobia”, “bacillophobia”, “verminphobia”, “homophobia”, “ephebiphobia” which is the “loathing of sexually diseased teenagers,” social anxiety disorder – an intense, persistent fear of being watched and judged by others. I’m also ammosexual, which means that I get off by shooting machineguns at people I judge to be woke, which would be bad at Burning Man.

          • All that is enough to keep anyone with 2 working brain cells away…and the massive environmentally acceptable” hours-long traffic jamb at the end where you get to leave all your trash for someone else to clean up.

            No thanks.

          • It’s a real condition. Some of us struggle with that all our lives. Don’t mock, don’t be a hater or an ammo-shamer. There are parts of America (not in Arizona or Alaska – but even in parts of Colorado) where people are scorned and mocked for having three or four dozen firearms and 2 million rounds of ammunition. Don’t get me started on knives and archery.

            In many places, such as England, we even denied our support groups (gun shows) and it’s cruelty, honed to its sharpest point, like the blade on my kukri.

          • PS – leaving trash behind is a right of the woke. Compare a Trump rally where everyone is nice to each other and they pick up trash and a democrat event where the place looks like a garbage dump when they leave.

          • There was one Burning Man that had a nice windy dust storm blow through, caused attendees to seek shelter. One comment on it: for the first time, hippies have fled from dirt.

  2. On the Illegal Alien Invaders…
    If we really wanted to let the Big Blue Sanctuary Cities that are so smug and loves to Virtue Signal with their “No one is Illegal” pronouncements,
    We need to send them 10 Thousand a day for ten days, or a Thousand a day for one hundred days so they can experience what our border communities are drowning in for the last year and a half.
    Then just for fun we need to do that with every single “Sanctuary City” that was so proud of that designation on 01JAN22 until the border is closed and the WALL is built.

    MSG Grumpy

      • The Obama mansion would be a great spot for a tent city. He has lots of land that he isn’t using. The Mooch could go out and walk among her people like a queen.

        • Just wait until one of these new – fully funded by your tax dollars – MV residents opens a Tamale stand out in front of Black Dog, that’ll get ’em going into hysterics.

          BTW, do they allow tents on the nude beach? Asking for a friend. Seems California is sending care packages that include those [must be super special] $67K tents you can get at Walmart for 40 bucks.

          • Nobody should object if they’re really good tamales. The Health Dept. can’t test them or shut them down for to do so would be racist.

            $67K tents are paid for with YOUR tax dollars. You shouldn’t question things like that. It’s like questioning the US sending $10 million to Pakistan to help homosexuals. DO NOT QUESTION IT.

          • I guess we’re off base now…

            The Good “enviro-sensitive – wind power but not here – illegal alien sanctuary lip service” Vineyard folks (89% white) shipped all 50 Venezuelan’s back to the mainland, right after saying “we’re here for them”, then covering their obvious bias by whining, “How were they supposed to get to their court dates?”

            Lasted all of 24 hours.

            Can you say “Hypocrisy on Parade”? (Which could be the all new ABC MV Reality show, comes on right after just hatched Vineyard Tamales, which unfortunately got canceled before the TikTok trailer was released; we can’t have tamales competing with chowder or lobster rolls, upsetting the delicate balance Island cuisine in Edgartown.)

  3. More Not-A-Vax shots to “flatten the populace”. Gov’t “jab your children” PSA’s are ramping up. Despite knowing this concoction is not a vax, with VAERS into the millions, people are lining up in droves for more, including so-called intelligent doctors. “THANK YOU SIRE (not ‘sir’), MAY I HAVE ANOTHER!” Thinking there’s a “stupid” component in this deal…like Prego, only not good for you.

    Pro Tip: If the Friggin Biden Insurrectionists hem you in at the Drive-Thru demand to see their Jab/Booster(s) status. No JAB(s), NO CHAT. Tell ’em to come back when they can show proof as you don’t want to get Covid19/20/21/22/or 23 (coming to a Walmart near you). Request they wear a full – properly fitted – respirator as N95’s are useless against a virus.

    Fossil Poem- Could be America, soon to be fossilized at the hands of the Morons In Charge who believe they are AWESOME. Stopping their downward evolution of our Republic may take more than halting their subversive actions, it may take a strategic meteor strike.

    Accidentally watched a clip of Don Lemon getting his Periwinkle Slip for his move to CNN’s AM Basement Show….

    …I’m now sipping a Pumpkin Spice Latte with a pumpkin spice muffin smeared with pumpkin spice cream cheese frosting and thinking about Fall decorations while wearing skinny jeans. And it’s still Summer. Weird.

    • You should consider an ethically sourced spiced soy Chantico. Starbucks marketed Chantico as a ‘drinking chocolate.’ It was basically a cup of melted chocolate, the consistency of thinned brownie batter, with soy and ethically sourced pumpkin spice. Some people add butter instead of cream for a richer experience. I’ve heard that people also add a few tablespoons of mayonnaise.

      As a non-Chantico drinker, I’ll have to leave it to others to experience.

    • They’re politically incorrect. You should confine your pumpkin eating to the brown and black pumpkins. Better if they’re withered or you could be accused of ageism.

  4. I don’t understand how people can look at the data on the efficacy of the jab, look at the potential side effects, and then still think it is a good idea to still get it. Natural selection in action I guess.

    Good to hear the keto thing is working out for you LL.

    Chain saws are a racket but at least when you buy a “premium brand” you are not frustrated because the thing won’t start when you need it to.

    Pumpkins are safe from me, never been a fan of pumpkin spice. Me not drinking spice should counterbalance PaulM’s consumption and help ensure safe space travel in the universe.

    Old NFO. All books highly recommended if you are a fan of entertaining fiction regardless of the genre. Do like the scifi the best but they are all good.

    • Stihl is very proud of their chainsaws. They anticipated a price increase and so I took the plunge. I already have the chainsaw accessories (it’s like going to Bloomingdales because you must accessorize) so I didn’t have to invest further. Ace Hardware has two brands of chainsaw (pre-mix) high-octane fuel. One goes for $40/gallon and the other for $29/gallon. At that price, it’s like buying the damned thing bottles of premium 40-year-old single malt scotch to keep it happy. There is no functional difference between the brands of fuel except for the price. (I guess it’s like flan – there’s no difference between good flan and bad flan)

      • We too have Stihl chainsaws. Been using the Premix fuellately, the $29 per gallon one. Run cleaner (less exhaust screen clogging). MrsPaulM thought I needed a new saw since my Famrboss is 20 years old…the Laramie Murdoch’s had a 20% off deal before the “new models with higher prices” came out. But mine works great so I passed. Stupid, coulda kept it new then sold it online to a Californian for 5x the price since EV Chainsaws will be the norm pretty soon.

        • Other than being “newer” what is the advantage of the chainsaws that cost half again as much? Are they immune from engine flooding? You know that chainsaws, much like lawnmowers and backyard BBQs and plastic drinking straws are killing the planet, right? We’ll all be dead in four years. All that will be left are cockroaches and nobody’s going to train them to sharpen a chainsaw blade.

      • If you have a Tractor Supply or the like within driving range the pre-mix is about 10 bucks a gallon cheaper than it is at Ace or similar. Or at least it is in my area. Brings it down to 12 year old single malt. And yes, definitely just like flan.

        • I heard that the pre-mix was less costly at Harbor Freight. There is a Harbor Freight (newly opened) in Payson, AZ. The problem with me going there to buy chainsaw fuel is that I’d inevitably find at least $150 in things that I thought that I also needed. So it would be $150/ga for chainsaw pre-mix – and a bag of junk.

        • Reading from the $40 can that was on sale, same as the saw – I had to go and fetch it – this 50:1 mixture is a combination of premium non-ethanol, high-octane motor fuel, and our highest-quality STIHL HP Ultra Oil. Clean and convenient, MotoMix®. You’re supposed to be able to leave it in the saw for 2 years without it gumming up. You pay extra for that, of course.

  5. At the risk of being the guy who dropped the txxd in the punch bowl, it’s “queue” in proper English.
    Have to admit I’m just the messenger as I’ve had my English corrected time and again by my Engllish friends, UK friends and German spouse who taught English as a 2nd language.
    Being Native Texan I suffer from not being able to speak the King’s language properly.

    • You can type out “turd” here on this blog even though it’s a family blog, Cletus. It should be applied properly though as you did above. Example: “Democrat policies are like trying to pick up a turd from the clean end.” Or, “Joe Brandon is an example of a walking and talking turd.”

      However, thank you for the correction on the word queue.

  6. At the risk of being the guy who dropped the txxd in the punch bowl, it’s “queue” in proper English.
    Have to admit I’m just the messenger as I’ve had my English corrected time and again by my Engllish friends, UK friends and German spouse who taught English as a 2nd language.
    Being Native Texan I suffer from not being able to speak the King’s language properly.

    Larry, appreciate it as it makes me feel at home. Try to avoid those words and am moderately successful except in situations where hammers and other tools that cause extreme pain are involved.

  7. Why are all y’all spending 30-40 bucks for a gallon of fuel for the saws?

    I use clear gas(92 octane) and mix the Stihl 2-cycle oil(silver bottle).

    Stihl says they give you extended warranty on their products if you use that mix.

    Cost is maybe 8 bucks a gallon.

  8. LL, would like to get your take regarding the recent rolling back of Trident Order #12. In addition what would guess will happen to non-deployment order?

    • The flood of people telling the navy to go and f^%k themselves is concerning to the Navy brass. The recent reunion (where you get a free t-shirt if you attend) underscored that veterans used words like “turd” to describe officials of the Brandon Regime in the presence of serving O-5 through O-8 officers. The proffered defense of the vax, given that it made a significant number of serving personnel sick, was met with a “stick it where the turd emerges” response and a retreat to the bar, hosted by Academi (was Blackwater).

      It will all have to quietly go away or there will be no more Naval Special Warfare. I expect that the Army is experiencing the same thing. There has been a widely and somewhat openly stated concern that the white, heterosexual, male population of highly trained and experienced operators are viewed with some concern by the FBI.

      In times past, I was accosted by members of the FBI as were others I know – long before the emergence of the Brandon regime just to check on us. “How are you feeling, are you conflicted?” On one occasion (true story) at a CIA presentation at the Nixon Presidential Library at Yorba Linda, CA where I had been invited, I sat in the audience – two chairs empty on each side, front and back then FBI Special Agents – Not CIA Office of Security. Opus #6, who some will recall used to blog here, was my invited guest at the event. She was weirded out by the velvet glove treatment. It was even more evident because I sat in the middle of the blue reserved seating. Director Brennan (CIA) and General Clapper (DNI) spoke. If she still blogged, she could attest.

      So back to your point. They don’t know what to do.

      Some of their diversity hires – and I’m going back a few years – like LCDR Amir P. – and others didn’t work out well. I don’t hate Amir but he got caught making $ on the side doing things he should not have done. I hear that he has his own YouTube channel now. They blamed it on the culture of being Persian. I knew Amir back in the epoch when he was on active duty. There was another Iraqi SEAL who had his own issues, and I’m not talking about Medal-of-Honor recipient Michael A. Monsoor (ethnic Chaldean Iraqi), who was a totally stand-up guy and now has the dysfunctional DDG 1001 named after him.

  9. While we’re on the subject of ammosexuality, how many sets of bulletproof vests and trauma plates outside of the door of the White Wolf Mine will an armor-piercing .50 BMG (M-2 – black tip) go through before it stops? Compare and contrast with the M-8 API silver tip and the green/gray tip Raufoss Mk 211 HEIAP (high-explosive incendiary armor-piercing).

    And while we’re on the subject of penetration through the stated barriers, what would the difference be between the silver tip/red sabot (M962 SLAP-T) and the silver tip/amber sabot (M903 SLAP)? It would take a lot of testing out on the Rez (where no questions are ever asked), vests, trauma plates, and ballistic jell to come up with a real answer.

    These are the sorts of things that go through the mind of a person who has been stricken by this condition.

      • I know that a .50 BMG (M-2) will punch through 6″ of hardened steel at point-blank range. God only knows how many kevlar panels and trauma plates (who cares about the jell?) that works out to. 50?

        • LL, I can afford the ammo, in fact already have it, can’t afford all the plates though. That would be about a ten thousand dollar test as far as I can figure. I have shot through what I was told was 1/2″ AR500 at 600 yds with .50 BMG military ball though. No AP needed. Also broke the chains holding the plate to the stand (not on the same shot).

          • That’s a lot of kevlar and trauma plate to test. Suffice to say, ten human manakins standing chest to back with full tactical gear would barely slow an AP round.

          • The Mk 211 HEIAP penetrates armor (as in an armored car or light-skinned* armor up to an old APC and then detonates radially. Wicked stuff.

            *The term light-skin in this context doesn’t refer to any race of human being.

          • Kids today have much nicer toys than when I was a puppy E-5, back when we used to walk five miles to morning formation, thru the snow, uphill both ways, in the hottest part of July.

  10. Good gravy….sixty replies already?

    No idea who Don Lemon is, other than a name I see in the cable program guide.

    Only 50k more? If they want that real border experience give ’em about a million.

    Spice is, it just is. But not pumpkin spice….

    Good to hear you bought a Stihl. They’re “The Professional’s Choice” out here. My little Makita has been humming away happily since I put the new chain on it it and cleaned it. I’ll finally get the ash and applewood cut down to size and stacked!

    Lots of good fossil hunting here in Colorado. I should see where the local spots are, if we have any.

    • I used to take my youngest daughter, Emilie, to the Latham Shale, north of Kelso, CA. (Mojave Desert) and we’d hunt for trilobites. It takes some prospecting but you can find some nice specimens. I used fossils that I found as coping (border) of my swimming pool back in California. I sealed them and then I embedded them. They’re now the property of the new home owners. I’ve always liked fossils. And now, I’m as old as one…

      • “And now, I’m as old as one…”

        Yeah, but that slightly crusty patina, gained thru trials over a long time, makes us [now] older guys more valuable…sorta like an old roll of Duct Tape, still works in an emergency even if it doesn’t peel off as easy.

          • Own them with pride, as you should.

            Moons ago – besides the fact that bets were being taken I wouldn’t make it to 21, not from being reckless mind you, it’s just that stuff happened during activities that would leave a scar – Dad said to me, “You might be able to bounce pretty good now, but by the time you’re sixty you’ll be walking around like an old football player.”

            The knee was bugging me today after a nice hike…a lot. Never had that. Dad was right, and getting wiser by the day.


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