We need to stop driving – even if it means that we shut down the economy – until bugs go dormant in the winter.


Fly fishermen are the true heroes of our day, using artificial bugs to catch bass and trout. I don’t know what you call it, but I call it – respect.


Think about that bug when it splats on your windshield and ask yourself, “Should I really be driving?”


I know that some of you are asking what sort of tribute I’ve personally given to bugs lately. What iconic move have I made to show that bugs need to be respected.

This is transfer case shifter knob from my old and dirty Toyota FJC, well used on the back trails of this great nation. And on it sits a BUG (a scorpion, because scorpion lives matter) perched atop it, encased in lucite, as a lasting tribute.


  1. You just gave me a new angle to thwart wind turbine installations foisted on rural areas…the rotating blades kill MILLIONS of native bugs a year! This must stop!

    • It’s a sin to kill a bug…so tragic that those filthy windmills slaughter all of those innocent lives, not counting the eagles (the birds, not the band).

    • I read the article that you cited, but it’s the first I’ve heard. I know that the Indian reservations are having a rough go of it, but I don’t think that it extends much beyond that. The state is opened up.

  2. Today it is a healthy sign if you have bugs of all kinds on your vehicle. If you drive through an area with no bugs it tell you something about the food chain in that area and birds and other animals have less to eat.

  3. What’s the last thing to go through a fly’s mind as it hits your windscreen?

    It’s arse.


    I believe all bugs should be set in resin where we can enjoy them without issue.

    • I don’t think that bugs are feeling a lot of love coming from you right now. We need to have a dialog about everything that bugs SHOULD mean to you.

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