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The FBI traditionally had two primary missions: Criminal Investigation and Foreign Counter Intelligence. They weren’t exactly different career tracks – but they sort of were. I worked in conjunction with both sides of the house at different times but I never worked FOR the FBI. Things changed post-September 11, 2001 and the FBI became officially a domestic intelligence agency with criminal investigations taking a distant third – one of those things you did for busy work when there wasn’t anything else to do. It came with the arrival of the ‘Patriot Act’. The FCI people didn’t catch onto the people planning to fly commercial airliners into the World Trade Center – likely because those very FBI people spent their days seeking discounts and trying to decide where to go for lunch rather than working. But who am I to judge?

Context and Precedent

People pointed to the bombing at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States, on April 19, 1995, by a couple of white guys who mixed up ammonium nitrate and oil. Two years before that there was the Waco siege, also known as the Waco massacre. ATF botched an arrest that led to a law enforcement siege of the compound that belonged to the Branch Davidian faith (white people). It was carried out by the federal government, Texas state law enforcement, and the U.S. military, between February 28 and April 19, 1993. Clearly, a pattern developed where there were white people up to no good.  Sure, ‎David Koresh would drive into Waco by himself in his pickup once or twice a week and ATF could have arrested him then, but they wanted to get into the house/compound, and “search incident to arrest” was the scenario they went for.

The FBI became the solution to these dastardly situations. The problem came in far too many FBI agents chasing far too few conspirators. To justify their existence, conspiracies had to be uncovered. Not just small conspiracies – because the FBI doesn’t do “small”. They had to be BIG conspiracies. A lot of ‘militia groups’ were nothing more than beered-up buddies who went out on the weekend to shoot targets and blow up tannerite. They couldn’t organize a proper orgy. Through creative writing and ‘infiltration’ of said groups, the organization improved as FBI agents made suggestions that amounted to entrapment that they’d deny. Who are you going to believe, Bubba and Cooter or these fine federal agents, both schooled as attorneys?

The Boogaloo Boys

The attack on 9/11 was the catalyst for the expansion of the already over-staffed effort. Big money was thrown at the FBI. All training scenarios involved a group of white people planning to do something evil. Never drug cartels, inner-city drug gangs, or threats of that nature. I spoke to people that I know in the Bureau a few months ago and asked them what they were looking at. The big threat to America they decided to target was the Boogaloo Boys, who I had never heard of. I guess that I don’t get out much. There is a big article on Wikipedia. You can read it for yourselves. If you wear a Hawaiian shirt, the FBI intelligence network will spring into action and brand you as a Boogaloo Boy or a sympathizer even if you just like Hawaiian shirts. I haven’t worn any of my expensive silk Tommy Bahama shirts since that conversation (FYI). How many FBI agents are undercover as Boogaloo Boys? I wouldn’t give out a number if I had it, but A LOT of them are.  Are there more FBI agents undercover as Boogaloo Boys than genuine Boogaloo Boys? Maybe.  Consider this: From Wag the Dog

If there is no enemy, what good are you?

Undercover Federal Agents at the January 6 protest:

They’d have been mistaken for Boogaloo Boys if only they had worn Hawaiian shirts…


Bullet Points:

* The funniest thing about the NFL’s “End Racism” end zone logos (which they put in post-2020 BLM protests instead of actually doing anything) is that every now and then you have a shot that just says “RACISM” in big, bold letters across the screen.

* In traveling here and there, particularly in the more woke areas of the country, the myth of a plague still exists even though the Hollow Man told us all that the plague is over.

There is also disquiet when people learn that I’m from Arizona. “Wow, gas is $2 a gallon cheaper there.” I nod reluctantly with the silent hope that they stay in the mess that they’ve made for themselves and don’t decide to make the move. I tell them, “I think that U-Haul has a one-year wait if you decide to immigrate.” How hot is it? “Hot enough to melt a brass door knocker rather than just making it mushy.” What about the plague? “What plague would that be?” Yeah, I get tripped up sometimes. I never talk about Constitutional carry. That would put a lot of them over the edge and they’d paint Arizona or Bust on their pick-ups and flee their woke enclave.

* The United States Embassy in Moscow has told all Americans left to leave immediately to avoid being conscripted into Vladimir Putin’s mobilized army.

* Giorgia Meloni, the next Italian Prime Minister has led Brothers of Italy since 2014 and grew up in Garbatella, a working-class neighborhood of Rome. Today, she regularly inveighs against immigrants and the gay-rights movement and has made common cause internationally with conservative parties and illiberal leaders such as Hungary’s Viktor Orbán. In June, she spoke at a campaign event for Vox, a rightist party in Spain. “Five hundred thirty years ago, the capitulation of Granada put an end to the Reconquista, Andalucia turned Spanish, and Europe became Christian,” she said. “Today, the secularism of the left and radical Islam threatens our roots.” Compromise with such opponents is unthinkable: Parties of the right such as Vox and Brothers of Italy, she said, needed to say a clear no to the “LGBT lobby,” to “gender ideology,” and to “mass immigration.”

Would Italy consider cloning her and sending the clones to the USA?

* Muslim Pipe Dream



38 thoughts on “Boogaloo!

  1. Read somewhere that Koresh went jogging on local county roads on a regular basis, so could easily have been picked up then as well.

    There’s a meme out there that says:
    Diversity Means Chasing Down The Last White Person

    On an interesting note, someone has created a laser attached to a computer that can ID and zap cockroaches. Every kitchen should have one.

  2. Oh my! I’ve only this summer taken to wearing “Hawaiian shirts” and now it’s a political statement?
    I really do expect them at my door any time.
    I trust they expect me.

    1. If you wear a Hawaiian shirt at home and don’t go outside, it may be ok. I don’t know how closely you’re watched…

      1. Half the population of men older than 60 in Preskitt could be arrested for this. White/gray pony tail and some form of facial hair are NOT optional.

  3. Does the FBI Boys Club have a merch store? Need to get me some [apparently] cool sunglasses and shorts. Not sure MrsPaulM would cut my hair like that tho…too Suburban Operative that doesn’t ‘blend’.

    Italy is prepped for an awakening. We have a few woman leaders here who are similar in mindset.

    Bought my best Florida shirt in Key West a few moons ago, white silk with palms…wouldn’t that be a TRIPLE WHAMMY shirt: pricey, white, and tropical styling?

    1. I’ve had that haircut almost all of my life. I’m too old to change. I’d have to shoot myself if I wore a man bun.

      1. Me too…until I was 15, every Summer got to sit in the barber chair while the crew cut emerged…was traumatized.

  4. While visiting the local white liberal grocery yesterday, I noticed what seems to be an uptick in facial diapers. I guess sniffle, snuffle, plague season approaches.

    1. I’m outside AZ, working. Not that many masks in liberal zones. Of course when I’m around the masked I’ll make a comment like:
      I’m still running a high fever
      COUGH-COUGH, I can’t believe that I tested positive again.

      They are easily pranked

  5. What’s the “Cordyceps Infection” sign from? Zombie apocalypse movie or game?
    Puts me in mind of Ophiocordyceps unilateralis (sorry to give The Atlantic clicks, but it’s a decent article and not paywalled)

    Let’s play an SAT-prep game.
    Ophiocordyceps unilateralis is to ants as:
    a) The Illuminati
    b) Rastafarians
    c) Neocons
    d) The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
    are to:
    1) The Most Serene Republic of Venice
    2) The American body politic
    3) The reunited Kingdom of Arnor and Gondor
    4) Turkmenistan

    Based on Mohsin Hamid’s physiognomy, “Pakistani” would not have been my first guess. Not my second either.

  6. Sigh, I guess I’m on ANOTHER damned list… And if I ever saw you with a manbun, I’d be looking for friends to help get you committed, since you’d obviously be off your rocker! 🙂

    1. Amazon carries clip-on’s, LL could sport one in the house with his White Privilege Raciss Hawaiian shirt.

  7. Don’t think they would be mistaken for the real deal. They are fit and lack facial hair of any sort. Scraped up from the Academy on short notice.
    Met a few of the authentic RW loons doing AT stuff back in the eighties. They were completely penetrated by the FBI who advised us and the state and local police of local terrorism threats -and told us not to worry about those clowns.
    Times have changed W/R to the FBI.
    There were things to be concerned about -but not them.

  8. Hawaiian shirts. Who knew I was fomenting rebellion when I got permission for the civilians in our organization where I worked before I retired to wear Hawaiian shirts as a summer season morale builder. Learn something every day. I still do wear them on occasion. Guess I will join OldNFO on a list.

    Was anything that actually prevented terrorism or punished terrorism actually accomplished by the Patriot Act?

    1. PATRIOT Act.

      “The words of this [politician] stand on their heads. In the language of [Washington] help means ruin, and saving means slaying, that is plain.”

      And further,

      “We will have peace, when you and all your works have perished – and the works of your dark master to whom you would deliver us. You are [liars and corruptors] of men’s hearts. […] Even if your war upon [us] was just – as it was not, for were you ten times as wise you would have no right to rule me and mine for your own profit as you desired.”

      1. Unfortunately, any fibber with only 5 or 6 years left before the pension kicks in will just keep their heads down and go along to get along. Can’t really fault them. The 7th floor of the Hoover building is full of politically bent opportunists doing the bidding of the DNC and deep state.

    1. Not being a man of experience, I can’t say for sure. However I doubt that the Boogaloo Boys could organize one without FBI pimps assisting them.

  9. I am of mostly Angelo-Saxon heritage but I do have 1/16th Ute heritage. If I go to the grocery store here in NE Atlanta very few people of color will look me in the eye at the grocery store. I am retired USAF and I stopped by Robbins AFB yesterday to load up groceries. While in the Base grocery store a little girl who happened to be black had a box of Luck Charms where she presented to her dad and said, “Mommy would let me have them.” He allowed her to put them in the buggy where he looked at me as I held up my little finger and we both laughed as he replied “you got that right”. We spoke a few more times as we would run into them while shopping. He had a beautiful little girl that my retired teacher wife had to ooh and goo over every time we saw them.

    I still have hope in the Enlisted ranks of the military. I have no faith in the officer ranks. BTW: I was not “regular Air Force” most of my career as I was Joint Services from 83 to 96. Just Call Somebody Else.

  10. The FBI traditionally had two primary missions: Criminal Investigation and Foreign Counter Intelligence.

    Director Hoover collected blackmail material for 50 years, right? But he didn’t retire a multimillionaire, so he wasn’t using that blackmail material himself. Who was using the blackmail material, and for what ends? What evidence should cause me to believe that blackmail collection has stopped, that blackmail collection wasn’t half their actual primary mission, the other half being a placeholder to displace and prevent the rise of competitors who actual would do Criminal Investigation? The FBI is the national secret police, nothing more.

    The FBI people didn’t catch onto the people planning to fly commercial airliners into the World Trade Center

    See Classified Woman-The Sibel Edmonds Story: A Memoir about how the FBI knew perfectly well something was in the works, and spent a lot of time and trouble trying to shut her up.

  11. What I really want to know is: are the Electric Boogaloo Boys, or not?

    AFAICT, the Feebs made up that particular “organization” out of whole cloth, just like the Whitmer Assassins.

    So, every Boogaloo Boy is either a Feeb, a Stoolie, someone from another agency spying on the Feebs because they bought the ridiculous story, or maybe an Investigative Reporter.

    Our Tax Dollar at Work.


    1. I can’t answer that. But I can share an account of the Cá độc ác gang in Little Saigon. That translates to “Cruel Fish”. A friend of MikeW and mine knew that the FBI Foreign Counterintelligence Squad in Orange County California was looking for North Vietnamese infiltrators in the Little Saigon community. They had a Title 3 wiretap up on his phone. He’d talk for hours to overseas locations at night and never paid his phone bill. He showed me the bill. It was $180,000. He’d been doing this for years and they dutifully listened in. He owned business interests in the Soviet Republic of Vietnam (years post-war) and in the Philippines and had friends including MikeW in Australia that he liked to talk to. MikeW worked for the Australian Government in an intelligence role so the FBI was very interested in what they talked about. It was just gossip, often about the FBI…

      Often he’d be SWATTED and law enforcement would set up on his house. He’d call me at 0-Dark Hundred and ask me to come down to his home and he’d surrender to me, not them. I did this. Everyone knew me and I knew them. They’d trash his house, take him somewhere, interrogate him and eventually, release him.

      In an act of retribution, he created a fake criminal organization up out of whole cloth. It was Cá độc ác, the Cruel Fish. The FBI didn’t know that he knew they had a wiretap up so now and again somebody would call him and ask him about the Cruel Fish. Not long afterward, I attended an intelligence meeting where the FBI brought up the Cruel Fish. Had anyone heard anything about them? BobG, a corrupt police officer in attendance had heard the rumor. The FBI scribbled notes. They chased the Cruel Fish for years.

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