The DC Swamp Beckons

In “The Battle of the Century,” Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy’s 1927 comedy classic, the boys inadvertently start a massive pie fight that soon engulfs the entire city of Los Angeles.

With chaos in the streets, Stan and Ollie quietly tip-toe out of town as if they had nothing to do with the mess they’ve left behind.

Today, there’s talk of a remake starring Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

The “back to basics” mayor is basically begging president-elect Biden for a one-way ticket to Washington, hoping to put as many miles as possible between himself and the mess he helped create. With crime soaring, trash spilling into the streets, city councilors frog-marched to jail, infrastructure collapsing, budget deficits mushrooming and unfunded pension obligations skyrocketing along with a homeless population he had promised to reduce — Eric Garcetti has run out of alleys to kick the cans down. …more here

The article speculates that Garcetti could possibly punch out of the Los Angeles quagmire and land as secretary of transportation or housing and urban development in the Biden administration. He’s a man of very little talent or vision so being buried in a senior management role in the Federal Government may be just the ticket, and who knows? Maybe vice president to Kamala Harris when Old Joe just kicks off?

Then there’s Governor Newsom. Would he appoint himself to serve the remainder of the term of Senator Kamala (Ho) Harris?

Only Kentucky’s Albert Chandler ever appointed himself to the Senate and then won re-election. Voters tend to frown upon such blatant power grabs. But consider what Newsom faces in 2021, and Aunt Nancy Pelosi, his patron can only last so long before she hit’s the big adios down to hell, where she likely has a lot of advice for Satan.

Garcetti feels that once he got into the DC Swamp system that he might have a shot at the presidency in 2024. Backstabbing Ho Harris wouldn’t be something that he’d feel uncomfortable doing and you know that Big Tech would love him.


Elected Officials

Historically, elected officials are a mixed bag. The trend is that the longer they hold office, the more corrupt that they become. The Biden Crime Family is emblematic as are the Pelosis, the Feinsteins and the Chicago Mob (pretty much everyone in Chicago politics).

Of course, they’re put into power by voters. It takes a special sort of stupid to vote in people like Maxine Waters again and again but people do.

And we end up with a mess, like the one that we’re in.


  1. At this point, is LA even recoverable? Or will balkanizing it be the only way to save the individual areas?

    Of course, the question really is, does anybody care at this point?

    Too bad we weren’t able to just wall the place off and keep the big-city-political-infection contained within.

    As to the Bidens and Pelosis and Kennedys and Bushes and the Chicago Mob and other political dynasties, well… Rope, tree, repeat.

    I like Trump. I like that he fights and puts the USA first. Does that mean I want his daughter or sons to follow him? Er… most likely not. Unless the children show the same fire and devotion to the Constitution that their father shows. And even then I’m leery of any dynasty (whether actual blood-lined dynasties or ideological dynasties.)

      • Trump’s kids don’t have the life experience that Trump has.
        Hearing about it is not quite the same as experiencing it.
        Any dynasty will probably end in clueless idiots after three or four generations.

        • Usually the best that a dynasty can barf out is three generations of genius – and that’s pushing it. Entitled elites tend to become soft, greedy, pajama boys. They lack the compassion of the great man or woman that spawned them. I don’t think that there’s a rule, but thinking back, that seems to be the case.

    • We can hope for that long awaited earth quake to hit and dump LA into the Pacific. But that is a terrible thing to wish upon all that I innocent sea life.

  2. By voters and their algo allies…

    Btw, I like the photos of Newsom living it up with Med Assoc lobbyists. Almost as though the deadly pandemic was some kind of hoax.

    • You dare call the plague a hoax?

      The next think that you’ll be saying is that we shouldn’t wear masks when we’re home alone.

      • I think Biden has promised that we will wear mask EVERYWHERE — in our cars (alone), in our yards, in our homes, probably to bed, etc. etc.. As my grandson said if pants can’t filter out farts what good are masks.

      • You mean I’m allowed to take my face diaper off in the car and at home? All this time I thought the black helicopters would show up if I went au naturale…because…it’s not just for me, its also for your protection…you know…love thy neighbor as yourself.

        Okay, here goes…wait…what’s that (thwap, thwap, thwap…dishes in the cabinet rattling). And here I didn’t think they were monitoring my iPad. I thought I was safe. I’m so afraid.

          • Disgusting (that’s me being polite). Whitmer et al are evil, drunk on their own power and self-importance. That group of idiots at the Covid presser this afternoon; “masks work, everybody needs to wear masks to stay safe, don’t have Thanksgiving….on and on with the stupidity that every rational person knows is a total lie. Worse was that creepy pop-psyche woman with the weird 80’s therapist voice telling us to get in touch with our pain from Covid and express our frustrations. Almost fell off the ladder gagging.

          • Guess they know I was watching the 20 best male rock singers of all time who could also play a mean axe, or why Triumph was underrated and Rik Emmett was a phenomenal lead singer/guitar player. (Those 80’s boys could hit the high notes sumpthin fierce). Apple should get a life.

  3. You can almost smell the fear of the criminal political caste of President Trump having four years to prosecute their thieving asses. That is why they are all in on stealing the election, IMO.

    • Oh, and you know that is PRECISELY what will happen if the elites don’t sweep President Trump from office.

  4. everybody is looking at the short game with the masks. the real motive is to make life such a pain that we will gladly get the poison vaccine to get relief from it. i’ve seen this movie before. no thanks.

    • I find it amazing that there is a flu vaccine that Big Pharma is peddling. When is the last time you heard of anyone getting the flu? It’s all plague. If you die in a motorcycle accident, it will be attributed to the plague. If you have a heart attack — plague.

      Riverrider, I’m afraid that your credit cards have been canceled until you get your plague vaccination…and you’ll need a booster every single year. Oh, yeah, you still need to wear your mask. And the only essential businesses are the big corporate machine stores.

      • Could happen, although despite these nuts, I’ve decided to morph my approach a little; leave the haters alone to their own devices, as in “I don’t care what these cretins do, won’t affect me.” If Biden manages to steal the election, if the fear-monger Covid pushers continue their rhetoric…who cares. They’re idiots and nudges, which means they should be ignored.

        Life is lived forward. The Bible tells us to think on the good things and that all this is temporal — hanging onto everything that happens politically isn’t good for one’s health, sort of a mini-Galt move. But with that doesn’t mean we stick our heads in the sand, staying alert while enjoying life…stuff it back in their seditious faces.

        Mini-Sermon over.

        PS. Yours is hands-down the best blog…measured, interesting, informative, and direct.

      • yep, they think they have us, but silver trumps credit. problem is, all my income comes from fedgov/state gov sources right now. but i have backup plans and years of supplies laid in.

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