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The British lost their American colonies because of excesses that were levied upon British Citizens living a long way from the King’s Castle. King George sent troops. Unlike Englishmen at home, the colonists were armed to the teeth to defend what they’d taken from the various Indian tribes. Shooting in defense and shooting for food were important and the necessity of taking up arms to defend their rights against a despot was added to the list.

Once the King’s Army and Navy began to take the lives of citizens in British North America, the place changed and it changed forever. The colonies developed flags to represent them on the battlefield, and national colors emerged that still fly. You would never see them at a progressive, woke gathering but Americans still fly them with pride.

The first Navy Jack returned in 2002 but it was retired during the Obama regime.

The Navy Jack is still flown under national colors at the White Wolf Mine. It sends a message.



Under the Brandon Regime…

Crack pipes are handed out free of charge to addicts. Given that particular policy, President Alejandro Giammattei of Guatemala has come up with a plan for Brandon (Breitbart)!

Giammattei insisted that the blame for America’s drug problem lay with America.

“The fault is here and I will explain why: 50 percent of the drugs consumed in the world are consumed here. The pushers in the streets selling drugs, where does that money end up? In the banks here.”

“When we see every day the planes [with drug shipments] come down in Venezuela – which, it is known that in Venezuela is where the planes come down; which, there are negotiations with Maduro now,” he continued, “I hope they negotiate so that planes don’t leave with drugs from there – but 95 percent of the planes land in Venezuela and they come empty.”

The planes from Venezuela, Giammattei insisted, “don’t bring money, they come empty and they fly with drugs. Where is the money? Here. Here we have to control consumption and money laundering. Where? in the United States.”

“The effort of the United States to combat drugs has to begin with campaigns here and with partners there, us, working so that it doesn’t happen,” he concluded, asking, “why, if we know where the planes leave from, why has the United States done nothing to stop planes from leaving from Venezuela?”

“Ah! They are negotiating oil,” Giammattei observed.

Personal note: it’s a good article. Of course, the US wouldn’t need oil from despots if we just used oil produced in North America.

Part of the problem we have is 10% for the Big Guy.

15 thoughts on “Beware the Snake

  1. “The potential purchase of Venezuelan oil outraged Hispanic Americans across the political spectrum given Maduro’s years of human rights abuses against his own people, including killing child protesters, torturing political prisoners, and starving much of the population into one of the largest migrations in human history.”
    It outrages me!
    Steal the election and then deal with enemies of the United States on their terms.
    Somebody needs to face a trial and a rope.

      1. I’ll provide the rope. I’ll empty out my bank account just to buy rope if it’s used properly.

        1. I’m in for 10%, L-L. Pony up, the rest of you!

          I don’t believe THE BIG GUY gets a measly 10%. Those are rookie numbers, and he’s been doing this a long time now. Not sure how much but it’s gotta be a lot more than 10%.

  2. joe gets his 10% direct from the deal source, then he gets upwards of half from each of the kids share. they complain to each other on hunter’s laptop about him taking “half their money”.

  3. LL
    Rope will last longer if there’s no drop,😈
    Just say’n
    Som ol leo

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