Grin and Bear it!

The bear self-identifies as a Tank…what’s not to love?



No, not the US-Mexico border, the walls at the US Capitol are going up in preparation for  Pres. Brandon’s State of the Union message. It has every possibility of being entertaining – while you know that it will be a load of bullshit.

In preparation for the epic event, the White House is asking Americans to rat each other out. Nothing new there,  the Obama White House did much the same thing and I called in all those years ago to denounce popular democrats. Nothing happened. They weren’t purged.


Flaming Hot Cheetos Sushi Roll


Map Section


Pumping Gasoline in Oregon

It’s confusing if you decide to travel through Oregon…


Imprisonment Map



The Donbas region in eastern Ukraine has been a flashpoint in the escalating crisis between Russia and Ukraine, which hinges on land borders and strategic influence.

The region became even more critical Monday as Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized the independence of two Moscow-backed breakaway enclaves there that call themselves the Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic. The Russian leader also signed decrees ordering military forces into the region for “peacekeeping” purposes. The formal recognition marks a considerable escalation that signals an end to the seven-year peace deal known as the Minsk agreement.

The Donetsk and Luhansk enclaves have been largely cut off from Ukraine following the outbreak of fighting in 2014 and on Monday were recognized by Putin as independent republics. Their precise population is hard to determine, but some estimate they are home to around 2.3 million and 1.5 million people, respectively — many of whom are among the region’s large Russian and Russian-speaking populations.


  1. Back in 88, myself and another Kansas farm boy drove to Bend Oregon to do a Pizza Hut remodel. We pulled into town and stopped to fill up our truck. The teenage attendant playing grab ass with a couple of girls about stroked out. The concept that it would be against the law for us to fuel our own vehicle was pretty repugnant to us. We instructed him that if he didn’t want to get a $1,000 fine in the future, then he had better hop to the next time he saw us coming!

    • Actually the law states that if the attendant is close by and supervises the self fill it is allowed, that is the rub. For some reason that is not disseminated. Majority of people are ignorant of the law they are purported to follow or just plain ignorant… I always insisted to fill my own vehicle as I am from Oregon. I didn’t want some pimple faced kid spilling gas or dinging my paint with the nozzle as his attention was on those ass grabbing girls.

  2. Today, this morning local time Putin and Russia started the war. Let’s hope the weapons provided the Ukraine army works well when used by the soldiers being trained by NATO allied.

    I guess Russia will throw in the best they have.

    Hopefully it will not expand into a WW3.

    • Much depends on Russian objectives. Do they take the disputed territories and hold them there while de-fanging the Ukrainian military, or do they swallow Ukraine whole?

    • the “people’s convoy” is another fed op. the real freedom convoy isn’t supposed to start until march. the feds/left pulled a preemptive strike. it will not end well. i don’t know if the real convoy will even kick off now……vlad is on the move. so far all the damage i’ve seen had a radar antennae in the picture somewhere. idiots in dc talking about a no fly zone. we know how that will end…..that is one big bear. some well meaning but ignorant person is feeding him donuts. looks like ukraine has never known lasting peace. sad.

  3. Are you allowed to pump your own gas in Mother Russia? The Ukraine?

    New Joisy has the don’t pump your own thing too. I did not know this. Pulled into a stop-n-rob store and whupped out my credit card at the pump when some chubby little gal comes running up yelling NO-NO-NO, you can’t pump your own gas out here. Evidently, she’d seen the Kansas plates. I gave her my usual dumb look and she asked, you wanna know why? So I said, sure why not and she said, dead serious, because people in New Joisy are too flipping stupid to pump their own gas. This is a fambly blog, so you can translate “flipping” into the word she actually used all on your very own.

    I told her I was in no position to challenge her expertise, but from what I’d seen of Joisy drivers, had to agree with her and she laughed. Yeah, we suck, she said, and seemed quite proud of it, too. True story.

    • I’d agree…Jersey drivers are the worst, generally clueless. Old Pennsylvania-Jersey joke, except that it’s true.

      • Being from Oregon I can attest to the fact that yes there are quite a few people in the state that are to dumb to pump they’re own gas. Look to Lane, Marion, and Multnomah counties for these people. I drive a diesel and for whatever reason they let you pump that yourself. I am proud to say I figure it out every time.

  4. Fertility Map: I’d bet quite a lot that the higher fertility in Paris and Marseille are due to their diversity and not “heritage French”. Same goes for Sweden being darker (in both map shading and demographically) than the rest of the Nordics.

    Also, the granularity is interesting; inconsistent over the map I’d bet. Also also, how the most populated parts of Finland (Helsinki) are lower fertility than the rest of the country?

  5. Hank needs a stint on Biggest Loser…that’s a big boy. Maybe send him over to Ukraine to help out.

    Pumping gas-Oregon – Hated it the one time I was in state, really stupid. Quickly realized it’s a jobs program. What happens when some rancher pulls up and needs 6 5-gal gas cans filled, half with regular, half with diesel…plus the pick up? Would take an hour.

    The Freedom Convoy isn’t going to the Capitol, they are encircling DC on the Beltway. Wonder if Mush For Brains will send the F14’s?

    Ukraine- Is this designed to allow Not-A-President to declare “no midterm” elections? Who would stop him?

    When a few weeks back he said for American’s to get out of Ukraine…he was signaling. These cretins knew a war was going to happen because these maniacs WANT it, said as much. And the MSM Tune-Changling’s are pushing the narrative in full support. Means to an end. Yesterday looked like amateur hour as the Weasels made their feckless hollow speeches…maybe they’ll “sanction” Putin to death.

    -2 here…have bigger fish to fry today than watching this idiocy unfold as the MSM remora’s breathlessly narrate every second like they’re Pro Sports color commentators. Never would have happened under Trump.

  6. I have only seen the headlines about the Hank the Tank but it sounds like his days are numbered. Hard pass on the flaming Cheetos sushi. I can’t do spicy these days. And that is an interesting Oregon map. We occasionally have to go through Eastern Oregon so we get the pump jockeys to take care of us.

    • Hank the Tank but it sounds like his days are numbered

      Yep. Probably has hypertension, dyslipidemia and impaired glucose metabolism (if not frank diabetes). Hank likely has diffuse atherosclerosis and is at increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and if he lives long enough, peripheral arterial disease and claudication.

      Or did you mean something else?

        • Mike-C, the diagnosis, while helpful, may not be meaningful for The Tanks long term plans…sort of like the MY 1000 POUND GIRLFRIEND shows on cable.

  7. That’s quite a bear!

    Did you know that Klaus Schwab has a bust of Lenin in his office? Perhaps Putin’s gone off the rez. In the meanwhile, looks like Ukraine’s about to be cut in half North/South, with the bulk of their army encircled in the East. Dear Lord, wouldn’t want to be part of that cauldron.

    Armchair generalship aside, check out Rod Dreher’s last 2 posts in American Conservative. Value, imo:

  8. They should just relocate the bear somewhere legitimately remote.

    He’s not really doing anything wrong, just bear stuff. It’s not like he busted into a hospital and ate all the babies, or something.


    • Picture this:
      I am near-comatose.
      On intubation, hooked to a dozen beeping machines.
      Starved into weakened malnutrition from hospital ‘food’.
      As my eye-lids flutter and a golden light beckons, a quarter-ton of bear crashes the nurse-station, tons of pills scattering.
      Suddenly recovered with a youthful vigor, I sit up in bed for the first time in weeks.
      I grab a rolling IV-stand, quickly dismantle it with a flick of my wrist, simultaneously exiting my two-fer room.
      Scanning for all available targets, I stride with the fury of a heretic toward the helpless cries of lesser beings.
      Shoving a corral of wheelchairs aside, I come “…toe to toe…” with the rude interruptor of my sweet passing into the afterlife.
      Sensing my disappointment, The Tank tucks its tail in remorse and slinks off [‘slinks’ because this is a family blog].
      With only a few breaths remaining in this mortal coil, I sweep the floor clean of the pill trip-hazard, re-align the collection of wheelchairs, and offer a stout shoulder for the nursing staff to weep upon.
      Last seen, The Tank was performing voluntary community-service, painting over vandalism and dragging a bright orange trash-bag along Tahoe’s scenic by-ways, gleaning rubbish and waving to school-busses.
      I, based on my “…toe to toe…” reputation, run for public office, easily winning hands-down against the current resident… known around these parts as Doctor Jill’s pet ‘Whose turn is it to walk Poopy-Pants?’.

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