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It’s technically not racism, because the only people who are discriminated against are white.

Last week, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan Act into law. The bill, comprised of $1.9 trillion in the name of “COVID relief.”

What most don’t know about this bill, however, is the small provision known as “Section 1005” that authorizes the secretary of agriculture to make payments of 100 to 120 percent of the “outstanding indebtedness of socially disadvantaged farmers.” Under this provision, those included in the socially disadvantaged category are American Indians, Alaskan Natives, Asians, Blacks, Native Hawaiians, Pacific Islanders, and Hispanics.

Putting aside all of the Washington jargon that makes little sense outside of a committee hearing room, this provision—specifically written into the American Rescue Plan by Democrats—pushes a blurred vision of so-called “social equity” by providing relief for farmers based on the color of their skin. Rather than offering much needed relief to all farmers, Sec. 1005 prioritizes race, just as it would ethnicity, sex, or any other factor.




How Toxic can it Get?


A Discussion of your Betters

(The Bell)  It’s in interesting article, worth a read. The Republic was replaced by an oligarchy and I find it odd that Americans still discuss, “our democracy”. That ship sailed.

You have no meaningful choice. As George Carlin, patron saint of calling out neoliberal bullshit, RIP, put it:

“Americans are led to feel free through the exercise of meaningless choices. There are only two political parties. There is a reduction of the number of media companies. Banking has been reduced to only a handful of banks. Oil companies. These are important, and you’re given very little choice…. You know what your freedom of choice in America is? Paper or plastic.”

High society is “a big club – and you ain’t in it.”


Final Thought:  Intelligence guided by experience tells us the establishment and deep state will never change on its own. If the first nine eggs have proved to be rotten, don’t be thinking you’re going to be making an omelet out of the tenth.

The brazen, thumb in your eye posture of the deep state is at hand. They brag of the cabal of powerful elites guiding the election, they propose appallingly self-serving legislation without a hint of shame.

They are emboldened because they have the guaranteed support of media and social media to applaud and apply the spin, such that even if 8o% of the nation is appalled the amplified support of the busy and well placed 20% will drape it all with approval giving the impression of being in majority.

We have a marionette president and they don’t care if we notice. Next election they will push an actual dead guy to victory and the media will convince the herd it is just fine.


  1. How can Section 1005 pass constitutional muster?
    Oh, look at me, how silly of me. Constitution haha They use that treasured document as a snot rag.

    • The SCOTUS surrendered. I can’t imagine them showing any backbone now. Not with this. We’re on our own, in a nation without valid laws – unless you view edicts from Oligarchs as valid.

  2. Maybe we can eek out a little bit of freedom around the edges of central control but it won’t be much and it will grow less each year.

    Maybe take a page out of the leftists playbook and some white farmer will sue in regard to section 1005, under the Civil Rights Act since it is clearly discriminatory; always seems to work for the Dems.

    • Ed, you’re clearly not woke. There is a racial litmus test for law, and at times an LGBTQ+ litmus test. That’s far more progressive than we’ve been doing it.

        • Not worth it. One of the few pieces of advice my Dad offered me was to be true to yourself. If I sold out how could I ever face myself in the mirror or look the two sons my wife and I raised to be men in the eye.

          Nope I will play the cards I am dealt.

  3. History shows a large percentage of well-meaning persons, self-identifying as both conservative and liberal, serve the state as snitches and enforcers, and only realize too late they were playing for the wrong team. When I followed this trail of error back to find the root cause bad decision, I realized that submitting to other humans was the mistake. While great ape troops work acceptably at a total population size of 150, they break down at larger sizes because the ruler monkeys control too much military power.

    The difference between a Protection Racket (“mafia”) and a Government is that a Government has a State Religion pushed by an Established Church to hide the fact it’s a protection racket. In the US, the Public School System (government school system) is the Established Church.

  4. I did the classic car thing for 19 years. Toxic masculinity at a car show? You better believe it! Most of those car owners are males and veterans of Korea and Viet Nam and my kind of people. They are at those events with their wives or sweethearts, and sometimes the entire family. A totally “not woke” environment.

    When I was into it a lot of them were also WWII vets.

  5. All about buying votes. “Aren’t we merciful.” (Yeah, I keep saying that, but it’s clear this is the intent, and history repeats.)

    Winter farmers vs. tanned summer farmers…might have a lawsuit. I’d force the Dem scum to say it out loud, “Yes, we are discriminating against farmers of white European decent.” Then again, a lunatic Somali is now considered white by the rabid bunch.

  6. No minority farmers in my area. The actual producers are 16 hour a day for 9 months of the year. Several 16,000 acre farms. My guess is they want to turn us into South Africa.

    • I think that they’d be happy to destroy farming in America and generating a famine. I doubt that they’ll be successful, but they will try.

  7. The only kind of farming the shot callers are interested in is tax farming. It’s a sort of charming traditional folkway, doncha know.

  8. They’re just following the USSR: President Andropov was still their figurehead some weeks after he died and was propped up. We called him ‘and drop off’ – how we laughed!
    But ‘President’ Xiden is no joke.

  9. I wonder where this will end. Where I live we had a generation that worked hard, had no spare time for pleasure and holidays. Sunday was for rest. The 30′ the 40′ and 50′ and the 60′ was hard times and building the society, and prepare for tomorrow was today’s work. The 70′ something changed and migration from Pakistan and other third world countries started as the economy went better. That had been 50 years of tough years. Here the oil started to fill the government wallet. The 80′ was the era of the yuppies then came the 90′ and the cold war ended. Internet arrived. The last 30 years and those growing up becoming Woke and spoiled seem to take everything for granted. China is stronger, Russia wants more, Asia says no to Islam the do not. 750 million want to migrate to the west from Africa and the Middle East. The Woke generation wants open borders to live in cities and seem to be funded by the Government all of them.

    When times get tougher what will happen?

  10. So if I’m a “disadvantaged” farmer-of-color, I can get all my debts paid off, and maybe get another 20% on top of that….Boy, they sure are doing their damnedest to dismantle the country, aren’t they?

    “Toxic Maaculinity” at a car show? Gee, who’d ever thunk it!

    Final thought? Yes, they’re brazenly and openly starting to crow about it. This will not end well…..

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