Oh, whatever does it mean?

Usually these protocols take place prior to situations where the United States would enter the foreign consulate (sovereign Chinese soil) following a declaration of war.

I’m not saying that’s what is happening here, but there aren’t many situations where these protocols are ordered. (youtube)

I’m sure that you saw this on the major network news, right?

It may have been that there was a fire in the consulate and the staff was ordered to burn classified documents because Houston Fire would be entering the facility, but we don’t know for sure.


  1. Nothing suspicious, I’m sure. Things catch fire for no apparent reason all the time. Just like the three fires (yes, three) in Nantes Cathedral.

    Like, stuff just happens, yuh know?

    • Normal document disposal is by crosscut shredder, which turns documents into confetti. (all the king’s horses and all the king’s men, can’t patch them together again) Fire is used as an emergency measure when the shredders are all busy. Thermite grenades can also be used to destroy crypto keying material and other sensitive devices. As of now, I don’t know if things went that far. But burning documents in the open, given the current situation, is potentially disturbing.

      My guess is that the ChiComs are planning to abandon many of the consulates in the US, and they’ll call diplomats home. Houston decided to do an emergency burn.

      • When I worked for Hughes we had a”Secure Document Destruction” truck show up once a month.

        With 5 Marines dressed in full battle-rattle and armed to the teeth.

        Large containers of already shredded documents were brought over, unlocked, and then the contents were fed into a machine on the truck that further “dismantled” them.

        The resulting product looked like lint.

  2. Houston.
    George Floyd was from Houston, and many of the BLM, Antifa and Democrat activists were in Houston for funeral.
    Maybe they are getting rid of certain financial assistance records?
    Maybe it involves a factional fight back home?
    Maybe the Consul General’s wife got fed up with all paper cluttering their quarters?
    Who knows?

    • I don’t know, RD, but you were a Naval officer, when do you think that a consulate or diplomatic mission would openly burn documents?

  3. The question is, is this a normal thing, like quarterly, once a year or so? If so, no worries, mate.

    If this has never occurred before, then it does make you wonder.

    • I think that this is a new thing, Beans. The last time I heard of this happening in the US was in December 1941, and the Japanese consulates and embassy.

  4. Shredding is the norm, burning is a tell…although not too worried about paper, always electronic copies available. Then again maybe check if they sent for Hillary to assist with bleach-bitting the hard drives?

  5. Mass document burn typically happens when a new crypto system is put in place. Comm center waste will pile up for any number of reasons non of which is valid when the guys from higher walk in with the latest unbreakable system. Panic ensues and midnight burn parties take place. Been there, done that, Berlin 1961.

  6. We must have a ton of consulate staff red-handed, to make it easier to force closure of the consulate instead of trying to get the perps declared persona non grata.

    Truly a great day.

    I look forward to retaliatory closings of US facilities in the PRC; fewer hostages that way.

  7. Lots of weird stuff happening. The fire on the Bonhomme Richard wasn’t the only fire. Both the Kearsage an the JF Kennedy suffered fire in the days since the BHR was destroyed. Fortunately both of these were caught and extinguished quickly. But you know he saying….once is accidental, twice coincidence but three times is enemy action. The unspoken war between the US and the CCP is escalating.

    • Yes — and I’m guessing that you no longer feel that the fire on the BHR is an accident. Truth is that none of us know for certain, but I think that sabotage has to be guarded against.

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