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Blue Origin’s Blue Moon Lander concept

NASA’s Human Landing System (was ‘manned landing system’) Program recently checked off a key milestone in its progress toward landing the first woman and the next man on the Moon by 2024. Three U.S. companies are competing to provide landers that will deliver Artemis astronauts to the Moon.

Each of the three competing companies has a slightly different approach to landing on the Moon. Which ever company is selected, they’ll likely continue providing equipment on future Lunar missions.

“We wanted to be as open as possible in our procurement approach, to accelerate the process and to encourage innovation,” said Watson-Morgan. “It worked. Within one year, we were able to select three very different design solutions to accomplish the bold and challenging objective of sending astronauts to the lunar South Pole.”

The objective is to establish a sustainable lunar surface base with commercial partners by 2028. The base (concept below) will end up being partially buried under Lunar soil to shield the structure.

Lunar Base

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20 thoughts on “Back to the Moon

  1. About time we had a moonbase, dammit.

    “Golden Aphrodite Kypria stirs up sweet passion in the gods and subdues the tribes of mortal men… Yet there are three hearts that she cannot bend nor yet ensnare. First is the daughter of Zeus who holds the aegis, bright-eyed Athene; for she has no pleasure in the deeds of golden Aphrodite… Nor does laughter-loving Aphrodite ever tame in love Artemis the huntress with shafts of gold; for she loves archery and the slaying of wild beasts in the mountains, the lyre also and dancing and thrilling cries and shady woods and the cities of upright men.”

    Perhaps there, on the moon, will be a city of “upright men.” It may be too late for us here on earth, to say nothing of DC.

    1. Mark Kelly, scumbag donkey and former Astronaut is running for the US Senate in Arizona. So much for integrity from the Astronaut Corps.

  2. Dropping the term “manned” really annoys me. I never considered the term to mean male as opposed to female; but a person as opposed to computer/ robot controlled — which much of it will be anyway.
    Still annoys me. And as the Parson noted, way past time.

    Be safe and God bless.

    1. I don’t honestly know. Hillary is a liberal but she was a self-promoter more than a communist. I think that if she’d become president we’d be in a big war in Syria and there would be an incipid civil war here in the USA.

      Biden is weak and nobody every accused of her of being weak. They’re both evil.

  3. That liberal arts guy can at least put some food on the table with his gig with Antifa. He gives hope to all of the other liberal arts grads out there who have nothing much to look forward to except maybe spending the next 10 years in mom and dad’s basement playing X-box.

    So take hope, all you art history majors, you grievance studies grads and psychology Bachelor of Arts recipients: if you can adequately mix a Molotov cocktail at the Antifa or Black Lives Matter interview, you can kiss grandma’s attic goodbye and on to a lucrative career in chaos and death.

    Yes, your professors would be proud.

  4. It’s great we are thinking and planning to go back to the moon! It was thrilling back during the Apollo program. It would seem the a large undertaking to ferry construction equipment and supplies to the moon. Is the Artemis vehicle like an Apollo capsule or a shuttle type?

  5. I hope that we are back on the Moon by 2024. Who will get the contract for the lander? Maybe more than one company?

    The “But” to all of this is that if the Democrats take power next year this will probably not happen in 2024 or for decades or never. The 2024 will be canceled since it was decided upon under Trump. The decades or never will be because of the impending Dark Ages of graft and corruption.

  6. Meh. Bezos and Blue Origin. Been in the ‘rocket business’ for 20 years and still hasn’t put anything in orbit. Sure, their New Shepard rocket has done liftoffs and landings, but still no orbits.

    It’s so bad the AF cancelled contracts with Blue Origin as it’s all vaporware.

    Now, the other two landers? Dynetics and SpaceX? Dynetics seems to have their stuff together and SpaceX is just going gangbusters.

    Bezos? Bazos sucks space balls…

  7. Off topic , but Jerry Jeff Walker died of throat cancer. Look st utube for Desperadoes waiting for a Train

  8. They better get started on Lunar dozer’s, pans and excavators that will be need to create these sites. There will eventually be lunar villages but it is unlikely they will look anything like that depicted.

    1. It’s always interesting to see how things develop, often in unexpected ways. To be fair to China, I was amazed to see the place modernize over the past 20 years. Truly remarkable, and in ways, uncharacteristic. There must be a way to make some sort of concrete out of Lunar regolith. Water won’t work because it will boil off in the vacuum, but maybe something? Shielding is a function of density.

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