(Business Insider) Amazon’s Whole Foods chain is tracking its employees with a heat map tool to determine which stores are most likely to unionize. The store’s individual risk is calculated from about thirty different metrics that include racial diversity, gender diversity (all 36), loyalty and turnover. A phone number is available for employees to snitch off the disloyal in their number. If I worked there, I’d be real active on that number. Other metrics include the proximity of a ‘union office’, OSHA violations, local economic factors include such as regional unemployment, and the percentage of families living below the poverty line.

It’s all weighted and fed into a computer to generate the map. Whole Foods lives in fear of labor organizing. And because it’s coming from Amazon, you might expect that your employer may buy into the software.

Hint: Buy burner phones and use them to make anonymous tips with various friends reading from the script that you generate.


I Woke Up

And had been dreaming of the scene above. But it didn’t turn out to have any connection to reality. Woke people never have that sort epiphany.


The Pol Pot revolution in Cambodia is possibly the closest thing that the modern era has gotten to the utter maniacal tyranny of the French Revolution and a shining example of co-opting fervor in a country to further your own power.

Remember what happened within Cambodia before you let Jo/Ho take control of your Soviet style Work Council and start ordering everyone with eye glasses to go out and till the fields.

Once the Vietnam War started, Cambodia attempted to remain neutral in the conflict until the Prince was ousted in a coup, which was countered with sudden US support for the new regime and bombing campaigns against Vietcong and other communist partisan groups operating in the Cambodian interior.

The bombing campaigns fed into the Communist Party of Kampuchea’s hands, aiding their support tremendously especially against the more and more feeble Khmer National Armed Forces. As the Americans pulled out of Vietnam, so too did support fall in Cambodia and in 1975 the CPK entered Phnom Penh. And that’s where the regime change began.

Pol Pot and the CPK wanted to revitalize Cambodia along the same lines as the Great Leap Forward, and began a massive campaign evacuating those in the cities to work in the farms of the country. Not only that, the country would try to become ‘traditional’ in a very literal sense, burning anything associated with the West in an attempt to return to form. This also meant a purge of dissidents and ‘Western traitors’ that were as much cover for Pol Pot’s purge of political enemies as they were ideological. These purges culminated in the Cambodian Genocide, where upwards of 1-2 million Cambodians, Vietnamese and other minorities were killed by the CPK. The genocide ended when the Vietnamese got involved in 1979 following several Khmer Rouge border raids.

It doesn’t take much to get a Pol Pot. Stalin was just a General Secretary, Mao was just a librarian, Pol Pot was just another background member of the CPK. It takes just one change to everything to bring on the genocide and have your communist utopia made into another failed state that future socialists will protest as not true communism.


Punks c 1977

It was often said by those in the punk culture that the police didn’t like them. That wasn’t strictly true. There was usually a contest among police officers about who could make an arrest that resulted in the best booking photo. Without punks, that contest just wouldn’t work the same.


It’s time for Maps



Republic of Texas

The Republic of Texas, a real nation that lasted almost 10 years, 1836-1845. Some say that it’s coming back.






I know, Tolstoy wasn’t progressive.


  1. Walking thru old Texas cemeteries, you’ll occasionally find small round bronze markers implanted in front of the headstones, inscribed with the words “Citizen of the Republic.” It is, after all, a whole other country…..

    • A different nation that would have eventually been invaded by the US if they hadn’t joined. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em?

      • Wild west beat me to it. There are some ‘interesting’ headstones and markers down in south Texas. I’m thinking we could definitely peel off a few Colorado counties, and some from New Mexico too! And that strip of Oklahoma that nobody wants north of Amarillo.

  2. The cartoon at top hits home. If they forgive student debt, I want the thousands I spent on my on kids back.
    With the weather we’ve had lately, that beach looks awfully good. Unfortunately I woke up to more snow this morning.

    • You won’t see a nickel back but you’re part of an oppressor class. Since I am now identifying as a black female, I am hoping to see about a million dollars, looted from you and Fredd in the name of equity.

  3. Funny how those bastions of progressive business fall into the same human tendencies, including bosses spy on their employees.

    Never saw punk as practical, would take too long to get dressed in the morning with all the accessories, plus, I’d probably get hung up on whatever I was working on and be stuck hanging there until somebody noticed.

    Those maps…the actuarial statisticians are working overtime. A lot of data collection going on.

    Might have to watch Gladiator tonight, for the umpteenth time. Never gets old.

  4. That Ramirez cartoon does not reflect the current administration position on student loans. And neither does the current administrations’ position reflect the current administration’s position on student loans.

    Now Job Killer Joe only says that $10K will be forgiven, and not $50K like AOC and Bernie Sanders are howling for. No problem, no schism here between Job Killer Joe and the nutbag moonbat crazies like AOC and her ilk: just wait a week or two, and both of these positions will smoothly meld into whatever socialism calls for – and that would be no debt for anybody for any reason. It would only be fair, right? (well, not all that fair for the holders of those debts, but that is not a big deal, those guys are only fat cat rich guys who have bags of money lying around their mansions).

  5. It’s amazing how much money a company will spend to keep their employees from unionizing so the company won’t have to spend more money on the employees.

  6. I note with fascination that the gray of Africa (presumably meaning “no information” or “not applicable”) is a different gray than that of Kosovo, not to mention the tiny principalities and city states.

    What is the most popular meat in Kosovo then? One shudders contemplating the possibilities. As to the others, let’s play a game! Match the microstate with what is most popularly consumed within its borders.

    a. Andorra
    b. Liechtenstein
    c. Monaco
    d. San Marino
    e. Vatican City

    1. profits hidden from tax collectors
    2. the blood of innocents
    3. the blood of tourists
    4. cocaine
    5. is this even a real country?

    • In West Africa, and I’m thinking of Sierra Leone and Liberia in particular, all of the meat in the market has the skin of the animal it came from attached to it. Unless it’s human, referred to as “bush meat” in which case, they skin the hide off before putting it up for sale. The baby-back-ribs are.

      Africans are progressive. Ask Jo/Ho.

  7. Yes, it really is nice waking up on a tropical island, with the sound of the waves breaking on the barrier reef, tropical winds blowing, sunshine, the wonderful sounds of freedom (in the form of a C-141) every hour on the hour…

    Yeah… Oh, I so miss it. So much.

    As to the rest of the world? Eh, no care no more. Rest of world can go jump themselves.

    Regarding Amazon, why is Socialism A-Okay for us peons but not good for Bezo’s company? What a friggin bastid. Not that I support unions, no, not at all. Most unions serve just as a funding and attack arm of the Democrats.

    • I love the warm, humid, tropical air as it swirls in off the reef. Which is why it is odd that I live at altitude in a pine forest with very low humidity and snow in the winter.

        • Sneak it to Banner under the table. That way you can be progressive for ordering it and then concerned for your adoptee’s health

          • Liver and whey shake? What have you got against Banner, LL? I’ve met him, and he’s a very good dog.

            Had a punk rocker girlfriend decades ago. She wasn’t as “punk” as the young lady in the photo, which was fine with me. Good girl, and did well later in life.

  8. I’m with WWW and NFO. Let’s see a new Republic. Never got into the punk thing though, didn’t like the music. Mind you, Mr. Rotten went MAGA, so maybe all’s forgiven.

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