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I am not a re-enactor. Who would be comfortable handing me a machine gun to replay times when I used live ammunition…exactly. That doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate people who do it. I think that it’s a fun and harmless way to entertain yourself. There are also historical angles that I find interesting. 
Here are some photographs of the 21st Legion
First Cohort marches into camp.
Roman legions units incorporated torture teams. This is a photo of
crucifixion unit on the way to a village to deal with some people who
have been uncooperative. Modern man reared his ugly head by leaving
tire track on the ‘Roman road’. And if they keep doing that, they may end
up crucified.
Waiting for the barbarians. Not some wear segmentata armor and others wear
chainmail. Still others in some of the photos wear scale armor over their chainmail.
The Roman military system was a combined arms force that included articulated heavy infantry, light artillery (archers), heavy artillery (siege machines), light and heavy cavalry. They lost a few battles, but not many. Prior to the age of the Caesars, much of the military was voluntary. Marian reforms brought some innovations that carried them forward through the ages and the management of vast territories. 
The First Cohort on parade.
There is a lot of attention to detail with arms and armor. Roman soldiers
practiced with wooden swords for obvious reasons. 

7 thoughts on “Are you not Entertained?

  1. I know I guy who reenacts the military of several periods. Civil War, WWI, WWII. If he sees these pictures he'll likely want to do that one as well. He once drafted me into the confederate army at an event and I got to crew a muzzle loading cannon. That was rather fun.

  2. Until the US Army became enthralled with Kevlar, the load out for an 11B was almost the same as a Roman soldier – something on the order of 54 lbs. 12Bs playing grunt were about the same except for those of us who pissed off an NCO and got to hump MaDuce and attachments.

  3. If I were to re-enact what I did, I'd be driving a truck and sleeping in the a/c comms van, or driving from mountain site to mountain site in civvies and staying in hotels.
    Somebody had to do it.

  4. And how many re-enactors perform accurately by lying in tents having limbs amputated before they die?

  5. I'm not against you, LL, when it comes to re-enactors — hey, if they want to have fun that way go right ahead. Saying hat, let me leave you with Ma LSP on some bad actors in Annapolis.

    "Look, children. Crazy people!"

  6. Middle son does something similar, though the people who go out are strictly amateurs who can't afford regalia like that (it does look really good!).

    It's called Amtguard, if I remember right. He goes once a week and they all have fun. Most of their weapons are foam wrapped pvc.
    He enjoys watching re-enactments as well as doing them.

    Thanks for the post. I think I'd enjoy watching. I always like looking at the pictures.

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