German Election Results

Final German election results, SPD won for the first time since 2002.

Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands, the SPD was established in 1863 and is the oldest political party represented in the Bundestag. It was one of the earliest Marxist-influenced parties in the world. From the 1890s through the early 20th century, the SPD was Europe’s largest Marxist party and the most popular political party in Germany.

The Christian Democratic Union of Germany is a Christian-democratic and conservative political party in Germany. It is the major catch-all party of the center-right in German politics.


Most Common Names


Rettungsboje / Udet-Boje / Rescue Buoy

A solution but possibly an imperfect one.

It has an uncanny resemblance to a U-Boat conning tower and a wishful hope that the red crosses would attract the attention of attacking aircraft and ships.


Can you Identify this Ship?


Sailors and their Birds

However, many people associate sailors, especially when it comes to pirates, with a very special companion. The Bird, mostly a parrot.

Already Columbus brought back five long-tailed macaws from his voyage in 1492 and sixty parrots from his next voyage. They were not only fabulous gifts for his patrons but also tangible proof of his discoveries.

Many ships that were on their way to foreign worlds during the Age of Discovery brought back home beautiful and rare birds. They were not only companions during the voyage but brought a profit. At home, a sailor could get up to 10£ for a bird and they were easy to handle during the crossing. They hardly took up any space and feeding was possible with leftover food. The value of a bird could be increased by teaching it to talk and some tricks. This kept the birds busy on board.


Pirate with a Parrot by Thomas Blackshear ; Long John Silver and his Parrot by N. C. Wyeth 1911

Others tried to sell these animals to faculties as research objects. This meant that researchers who could not travel themselves had a certain quota and, together with the travel reports, which the captains were also happy to sell, they had a basis for researching such exotics. But not only birds were brought home, but monkeys were also very popular. A small anecdote from a friend’s family, his great-great-grandfather, lieutenant of the German Imperial Navy, had taken a monkey home for his daughter when he was in Africa. The animal didn’t live long. The North German weather didn’t agree with it and it liked to climb onto a power line…that led to it crossing the rainbow bridge.

Signalman Tim Ryley with his beloved, but vexatious, parrot Mac, 1908; Woman at the Piano with Cockatoo by Gustave Léonard de Jonghe, 1870

Some of the birds were not sold but traveled with mariners as companions. Admiral Thomas Cochrane reports in his autobiography that when he sailed with his uncle Captain Alexander Cochrane on the HMS Thetis in 1794 (he served there as a midshipman) there was a parrot on board. This bird was even allowed to fly freely on deck. Much to everyone’s chagrin, however, this animal had learned to speak and liked to imitate orders, which caused great confusion. For example, the parrot made sure that a lady who was brought on board with a boatswain’s chair was pushed into the sea just because the bird shouted: “Let go”.

The Astrolabe, a French research vessel that sailed to Antarctica in 1837 under the command of Jules-Sébastien-César Dumont d’Urville, had a cockatoo on board. This bird was probably much appreciated even though it had destroyed the captain’s barometer.


Mexico in 1847

They almost annexed their way into Canada.


Signs of the Times


Arizona – The Wave



I feel the love.


Never get between a Wolf and his salmon…



  1. Some good friends have an African Grey parrot that has quite a vocabulary and seems to delight in imitating one voice or another. Definitely confuses things during a conversation when you are out of sight of the other person.

    I wonder what the percentage of medical professionals that are willing to lose their jobs over the vaccine are. Admittedly most of the websites I frequent are a bit of an echo chamber but the number appears pretty sizeable maybe 10%.

    • The more pressure that Jo/Ho and their friends put on EVERYONE, the fishier it looks. Dishonorable discharges for SEALs, sending the National Guard into hospitals because medical professionals are fearful. So what if they don’t have the vax? People with the vax still seem to contract the plague.

  2. I wonder if the dim-bulb NY governor even realizes that any National Guard personnel capable of working as doctors, nurses, EMTs, etc. work as doctors, nurses, EMTs, etc. in their civilian job. The net gain of calling up those people is zero. For others, they’re generally qualified as candy-stripers.

    The mystery ship is MPK-102, a Poti-class ASW corvette constructed in 1969, though it didn’t have hull number 171 until 1977. I’m not sure, but it appears that when Soviet ships went into the yard for upgrades, they’d come out with a new hull number? It served with the Baltic Fleet. The pair of RBU-6000 ASW mortars forward of the bridge is kind of a giveaway.

      • Like the LCS, they had the engine setup from hell.

        From “Technically they were very interesting for its original power plant, although it was accepted at the time of its creation and exploitation, the “motors” of this ship were 2 diesel and 2 gas turbines.

        The combined propulsion proved overly complex and unreliable in operation. Over time, the operation on the ships was banned. Pipes that went through all the engine room, had been destroyed by corrosion. Replacing them has been associated with a large volume of related work, so they were simply abandoned, and as a result of speed in the diesel variant has dropped to 10 – 12 knots.”

        From Wikipedia: “The ships were powered by a two shaft combined diesel and gas propulsion system consisting of two M-2 gas turbines creating 22,000 kilowatts (30,000 shp) and two M503A diesel engines creating 6,000 kW (8,000 bhp). The two propellers were mounted in thrust tubes which extended the length of the prop. The gas turbines exhausted through ports in the transom and were also used to power air compressors which exhausted into the thrust tubes to create extra thrust. The power plant was similar to those found in the Mirka class. This gave the ships a maximum speed of 38 knots (70 km/h; 44 mph) and a range of 4,500 nautical miles (8,300 km; 5,200 mi) at 10 knots (19 km/h; 12 mph) or 520 nmi (960 km; 600 mi) at 37 knots (69 km/h; 43 mph).[2] […]”

        This was more like what the LCS should’ve been, at least for ASW. 508 ton displacement and 38 knot speed, capable of carrying decent weapons, and with 90 crewmen, capable of manning them and maintaining the ship.

  3. I recall from the dim past some “tonight show” type show with the actor Doug McClure as a guest. He told a story of a buddy who had a Myna bird. The guy lived in an upstairs corner apartment. Weather allowing during he work week, he would leave the bird in it’s cage next to a partly opened window that overlooked the street intersection below. On day the bird began to mimic a strange sound. The guy couldn’t figure it out until he didn’t feel well and stayed home from work one day. Mid morning, a guy came barreling down the street in his MG, down shifted into a left turn, the accelerated through the gears going away. The bird nailed it.

  4. Mexico 1847
    Somehow between all the various claims, a sliver of NW Colorado wasn’t claimed and became a no mans land. Of course, the Utes may have had a different view. 1880’s-1920’s many lawyers were employed as disputes (that hadn’t been settled by homicide) were sorted out. Ancestors on my father’s side were involved

  5. I really like the header picture on this post. I’ve done that. Was pretty darned good with a ‘spear’ (9′ overall length fiberglass pole with a padded tip, of which you are only allowed to poke people with, only lightly on the front of the helmet, but pretty darned hard elsewhere.

    Man, I miss doing that. Getting in armor, fighting all day long, dragging ass back to camp, doing it all over again.

    As to Germany? They went even more left than Merkel’s party? Oy vey.

    As to Mexico, if they hadn’t attacked the US, they’d be a lot bigger. We could have kept all that we conquered, but even we didn’t want anything south of the Rio Grande. And we paid the then current government for it. Can’t help it if their then current government was a kleptocracy. How things haven’t changed. F$%# Mexico.

    • What I want to know Beans, is what kind of idiot marshal passed that guy left front’s helmet/gorget combo, with half his throat unprotected. Idiots.


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