Bikers for Trump

Trump-supporting Bikers have agreed to ride once more. This time in an effort to liberate the illegal ANTIFA occupation of Seattle’s Capital Hill neighborhood, now called CHAZ. If the police won’t do it, the bikers vow to set things right. On Independence Day. Let’s face it, it gives them something to do other than hang out at a BBQ.

The siege may be lifted first, but don’t count on it. Worst case, watch the events unfold on your flat screen while YOU are BBQing. Social distancing and the plague seem to be in the r/v mirror.


Begging for Soy in Antifastan (Spectator)

In Robert Heinlein’s I WILL FEAR NO EVIL, he predicted the absence of police in ‘Abandoned Areas’ where no police went, save in armored cars, and as creative as Heinlein was, he wasn’t prescient enough to call this dystopian urban wilderness, CHAZ.

I encourage you all to read the article from The Spectator, cited above, and take note of the historical reference.

From one of the denizens of the new jurisdiction, who goes by the brilliantly unattractive Twitter handle of @anarchomastia (who we are given to believe is a person of, shall we say, exotic tastes in sexual behavior and gender):

The homeles [sic] people we invited took away all the food at the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone.

We need more food to keep the area operation. please if possible bring vegan meat substitutes, fruits, oats, soy products, etc. – anything to help us eat

CHAZ, the race-free, police-free, genderless home of free-food and free college education utopia.

One delightful side benefit to the progressive anarchist “independent nation” is that they selected the most progressive, leftist neighborhood in Seattle to occupy. Now the gender ambiguous rich Democrats who live(d) in Capitol Hill will get a taste of what they’ve been begging for, for so long. Except that the vermin now want to eat THEIR food and live in THEIR homes. I wonder if that will change a few attitudes?  I wonder if they’re enjoying the summer of love as their property values plummet and their insurance costs soar?

Maybe the rich progressives who live(d) in the newly occupied zone will take up a collection to feed the mob in perpetuity? It would be the progressive thing to do.


  1. Heinlein referred to the clueless disaffected members of society as all the long haired men and short haired women. Funny how they keep showing up in real life 🙂

  2. Animal Farm, except the reprobates are worse than animals, having freely lost their minds.

    At least Woodstock was an actual farm.

  3. We’re close to peak theater of the absurd.

    I vote for the bikers, though I don’t think the hippies will last much beyond the next week — once they’ve run out of roots, bark and berries.

    • I think that the hippies will eventually move on and find something else to destroy if left to their own devices.

      Was it last year or the one before when the hippies went to Standing Rock to support the Indians in their opposition to an oil pipeline (near their land)? The Indians embraced them at first, then they asked them to go…because they’re hippies. In the end, the State hauled away truckloads of garbage that the hippies left and two or three corpses from the detritus.

      These people are human scum and it’s very difficult for me to equate them with cockroaches. Roaches have a place in nature.

  4. Any intervention in CHAZ by civil authority will be racist, fascist, Nazi police-statism. Nonintervention is failure to protect the heavily homosexual/lesbian population of Capitol Hill, and therefore virulent homophobia.

    There is a term for this which involves “sandwich” and it’s what you get when culture is run by subversives who pimp victimhood narratives.

    • I think the term is “shit sandwich”. And eventually somebody will need to take a bite. But for now, I think that the President should let them rot. It’s of Washington’s doing. Let the mandarins in Olympia (who act like they live on Olympus) solve their own problems.

  5. I think they’re all Antifastafarians in Antifastan, these days. At least as far as the heroic levels of weed use, anyways.


    • There are reports that “free weed” in Antifastan is becoming increasingly scarce. Everyone has their own stash and they are reluctant to give it away to a bunch of pseudo-hippies who arrived for free booze, dope and sex. (money for nothing and chicks for free)

  6. Like many cities, Seattle supports an “alternate newspaper”. Seattle’s is called ‘The Stranger’ and they have gushing stories about this wonderful happening.

    What is glossed over is an undercurrent of discontent with various protesters doing their thing, and deviating from the narrative. Already what passes for leadership is rapidly learning you can’t herd cats, or hippies, or dopers, or etc.

    How soon will they be at each other’s throats? (Not soon enough)

    • It’s inevitable that the current warlord is deposed and dispossessed of his militia, replaced by another despot. Look at any country in Africa where the pattern continues (as well).

      • Your last three posts had The Who’s “Won’t Get Fooled Again” stuck in my head…from 1970. Makes that era look like child’s play in comparison.

        “We’ll be fighting in the streets
        With our children at our feet
        And the morals that they worship will be gone
        And the men who spurred us on
        Sit in judgment of all wrong
        They decide and the shotgun sings the song

        I’ll tip my hat to the new constitution
        Take a bow for the new revolution
        Smile and grin at the change all around me
        Pick up my guitar and play
        Just like yesterday
        And I’ll get on my knees and pray
        We don’t get fooled again
        Don’t get fooled again

        Change it had to come
        We knew it all along
        We were liberated from the fall that’s all
        But the world looks just the same
        And history ain’t changed
        ‘Cause the banners, they all flown in the last war”…

        …”Meet the new boss
        Same as the old boss”

        • So long as it’s an endless high and they never need to sober up, they’ll be dancing jigs with their trousers filled with their own excrement, barking at the moon and extolling the revolution.

  7. Some CHAZ (aka Soymalia, aka Chazastan, aka Antifastan) memes:

    … and some copypasta rearranged in freeform verse:
    It only took a little while for the Occupy Wall Street villages
    for the raping to commence
    Chas is begging the mayor for food and toilets
    More evidence this is being encouraged/ supported
    by the establishment apparatchiks
    That’s right, Socialism works
    Until you run out of other peoples food
    Under communism, everyone is equally hungry
    all but for a lucky few at the top
    You try keeping a “diverse” commune of stupid assholes fed
    NEWSFLASH The nation state of Chaz eyes annexing a nearby Whole Foods (.5 miles away)!

    • As the lilies of the field (who toil not, neither do they spin) consume their way through existing resources, CHAZ will have to expand, and will have to continue consuming that which it did not pay for. Until Seattle has had enough.

    Rather than forcefully evicting the occupiers, it might be better simply to isolate them and let nature take its toll. This would deprive them of a possible Tiananmen Square-type martyrdom.
    I reckon the “utopia” cannot possibly sustain itself and will fail in a very short time.
    Meanwhile it can serve as a petri dish to be studied, and as an object lesson about socialism.

    • I’m with you, TW. We need to put a fence around the place to keep them in and contain the experiment.

    • Here is some food for thought: Why hasn’t the electricity, water and most importantly communication towers been shut off? The most straightforward reason is these AntiFa are unable to exist without their phones and electronic everything. I personally believe President Trump has been advised to not say anything more, as the rats are all gathered into one spot, and they are busy blabbing everything they do electronically – which is most certainly being gathered and recorded for future reference. Once the children have grown tired of having their collective tantrum (which has zero to do with Mr. Floyd or anything about racism), these kids will try to go back to their parents’ basement. Unfortunately for them, all the data needed to convict each and every one for their crimes will be available for the world and the Federal Prosecutors to see and use against them. I personally encourage the entire area be sealed off, and let them wallow in their own filth.

      • There is a blog post coming soon to Virtual Mirage on Father’s Day (around noon Pacific time) “Champagne Bolsheviks”. That more or less lays out what you’re discussing.

        More on point, when the Governor of Washington and the Mayor of Seattle are more or less sponsoring the Summer of Love in Chop or Chaz or whatever name the pigsty is called at the moment, I can’t see the federal government doing anything but allowing it to be a lode stone for every freak and misfit in the area. President Trump just needs to back off and let Seattle businesses leave and allow the city to die. Most of Washington is nice. I myself have vacationed there specifically because I like it too. Seattle used to be fun as well. I think that the tourism industry will perish along with Seattle merchants unless they vote for a different class of leadership that will make Seattle great again. Or they can watch what they’ve built be destroyed.

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