I don’t know how creepy, senile, corrupt old Slow Joe Biden will do on the debate stage. You know that they will pump him full of drugs to keep him alert for 90 minutes. If he just makes it to the end, the donkeys will declare a victory. If the drugs cause him to stroke out, will that make Kamala the donkey anointed?



Climatologists hard at work perfecting pseudoscience…

No matter what, Biden will push the plague and global warming/cooling, etc. He doesn’t have much else to say since much of his campaign platform was plagiarized from the Trump Campaign (nothing new there).

It might help if they had a couple young children up there on stage with Uncle Joe, feeling the hair on his legs. It would make him feel a lot more at home.




  1. Liking the Biden Bingo. Trump should let him talk as long he wants, sooner or later the wires will get crossed and short out, the ear piece battery will die and he’ll melt down right there….assuming the debate happens, not holding my breath. Wings, beer, and a few Whirley-Pop movie theater butter packets at the ready, with extra butter.

    As my dad would say, that Tammy Bruce is one tough broad. Verbal filleting done well.

  2. Not sure if I’ll watch it. Sweet Little Wife has a dear friend from Kommiefornia visiting a few more days, and they’ve been Netflix binging on favorite TV shows.

    Agree 100% with Camperfixer’s Dad. My Dad would have said exactly the same thing. The Left keeps threatening more violence, and now I’m really starting to see people say “Bring It On!”. Seeing that just makes me go out in the garage and do certain “maintenance, adjustment, and inventory” chores.

    The next 35 days should be interesting…..after that, who knows?

  3. There is not one shred of doubt in my mind that they’re going juice up ol’ Joe. Thing is – he’s in early stage dementia, already has an anger problem, and the uppers will backfire. He’s going to have a very hard time controlling his anger unless they have a soothing voice in his ear to calm him down. Trust me, the Trump campaign will have a serious number of eyeballs on Biden and his ears.

    On the other hand, he might do just fine.

    Popcorn at the ready (actually we’re having a very early dinner of bacon wrapped filets, baked potatoes, and broccoli. We’re having brownies with the debate.)

  4. Joe’s complexion and eyes spoke of amphetamine.
    Trump should have kept quiet a little more, but what do I know?
    He’s the guy that won over so many folks in 2016 being Trump.
    Wallace is a news guy. He knew Joe was lying, but did not call him on it.
    I can’t blame Trump.

  5. Well that was a brawl, and asinine. All the liberal/media topics on display; climate change, covid crap, wind and solar, election fraud/acceptance, fast SCOTUS appointments, and every stupid subject unbecoming a presidential debate format. Biden looked amped up, full dilated pupils, and lied straight thru his caps. Og, and i guess we are all supposed to be fawning over the fact he could stand for 90 minutes. Talk about the lowest common denominator like this is anywhere near acceptable FOR A PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE. That’s a far fall from what the office deserves.

    Wallace is a putz, debating a sitting president no less, setting him up with non-serious questions, and had the unmitigated gall to posit the extended election crap like it’s SOP. Hey Chris!, you imbecile, the Dems have been doing election fraud for decades, and a fair election means we go vote, not 42 different ways that can’t be vetted, and the results are in THAT NIGHT, not ten days later.” Moron.

    This president is serious and will not be played a fool. He is about getting things done and loves this country. I believe he knew this debate would be a charade and was ticked he had to do it when real adult work needed to be done. There won’t be another. This was their plan to avoid more.

    If election fraud manages to put Biden in the win column I will go full John Galt…because that means Pelosi will be president and the America I love will be gone forever. The Dems will burn it down and further trash the Constitution. Prefer God re-starts the smiting, some of these people simply need to go away…tomorrow.

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