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Reincarnation? Your supplemental sermonette

I don’t believe in the classic theory of reincarnation,  but when people point to Hitler’s SD, I find a startling resemblance to today’s FBI.

The systematic murder of millions of Jews required tens of thousands of individuals to look away, to shed their humanity, or, for some, to actively participate in the killing.

There were true believers in Nazi ideology who embraced the violence. Others were lured in by a culture that offered camaraderie, dulled inhibitions with alcohol, and created a celebratory atmosphere through music. Wine, women, and song by night, murdering innocent civilians by day for fun and profit. I think that the FBI is down for that.

Some think of THIS as a Church

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  1. My wife has published through Amazon Kindle. We have found out that to leave a review on Amazon a person must spend at least $50 a year at Amazon.

      • I’m not sure that’s correct.
        Yes, provided the buyer has made at least one purchase using their Amazon account. They can review any product on Amazon, regardless of where they purchased that product. Even if the product has not been bought at Amazon you can still leave a review – it just won’t say verified purchase.

  2. FBI. I’ve said before, a high school classmate made a career with the FBI. If he represents, even at the bottom of the curve, what the FBI considers agent material, their organization is a farce. Unfortunately for the country, their headquarter building epitomizes the organization.
    and their effectiveness. Dated, to be sure, but should never have happened.

  3. Ha Long Bay is very scenic but the 400 plus tourist boats nearly all dump their rubbish and sewage overboard. Don’t go swimming.

    The Chinese were building hotels along almost every inch of the shore when I was last there in 2018. Amazing how much you can get away by paying a few government officials.

  4. Maybe it’s just my speculation, but it seems like those who set up and run their HD/FBI only use their imagination in creating the boogymen they use to justify setting up the same type of process and organization that has failed in the past.
    I wonder if this is a symptom of that “banality of evil”?

    • We need somebody to handle counterintelligence in America, but the FBI has abused their remit to the point that they can’t be trusted. When you agree to be weaponized against every day Americans, you need to go.

  5. the word “church” comes from the German “kirk” a place of worship.
    And one can certainly worship in that locale. And should, if there,
    But the word it is translated from in the Greek is Ecclesia.
    This word means “assembly” or “called out ones”.
    That kind of church can not be had in solitude.
    “Forsake not the assembly of yourselves together.” Heb 10:25.

  6. I think in God’s creation, you are never really alone.
    Take your point, though, as we are supposed to belong to a church; but I think God understands.

    You all be safe and God bless.

  7. I didn’t realize the FBI were the reincarnation of the SD, but it’s obvious when you think about it. Is there a STASI crossover? I know this confuses the reincarnation thing, but still.

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