Home, home again,

I like to be here when I can,

And when I come home cold and tired,

It’s good to warm my titanium poly-alloy chassis beside the fire.

– Pink Floyd (Time)


California Conservation


One for the Ages


Nork Defection Routes

The easiest way to escape from North Korea is to be sold into Chinese slave labor. The Worker’s Paradise. The promise of World Communism. I just can’t understand why they’d want to leave such a delightful life.


2021 – a good year for Assad…


100 Smallest


Partner with Beihang Univ.

Beihang University is one of China’s leading universities for defense research and analysis. It recently scrubbed public mentions of its international educational partnerships from its website. An Internet Archive record of the list shows the Chinese school has teamed with more than 50 schools worldwide, including 5 American colleges and universities.

Beihang, which is also known as the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, is one of the seven foremost schools for defense research. Beihang has nine labs specifically devoted to incubating Chinese military experiments and spends 60 percent of its research budget on defense activities. Beihang’s most alarming projects include fighter jets, satellites, and ballistic missiles, all platforms that Pentagon simulations identify as cornerstone elements in China’s strategy to attack American allies in the Indo-Pacific. In 2001, a Department of Commerce export control order placed Beihang University on a blacklist for its involvement in Chinese rocket systems and drones.

Beihang’s opaque relationship with American research universities fits a larger pattern of Chinese military-industrial cooperation with U.S. schools. In January, a compilation of data revealed that institutions affiliated with the Chinese military funneled $88 million to American schools over the course of six years. What did they get for that investment?

The Trump administration cracked down on such relationships, strengthening accountability and transparency measures that forced colleges to divulge their ties with the communist regime. Chinese educational projects, however, have since begun targeting K-12 programming and university-level exchanges to fly under the radar of government watchdogs.

Beihang has partnered with the University of Michigan, Columbia University, Carnegie Mellon University, Saint Mary’s School of Law, and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, according to the list. Course catalogs, social media, and other platforms from all five schools show varying levels of involvement between the American universities and the Chinese military university.

Beihang’s American partners have also scrubbed past mentions of the Chinese school from their websites. St. Mary’s Law School deleted multiple pages regarding its overseas relationship; one site remains in place detailing a summer exchange program with Beihang set to restart in 2022. The University of Michigan offers course credit exchanges primarily in math and engineering classes with Beihang, according to the school’s web page. Two pages on Carnegie Mellon’s website show cooperation between the two schools. The only evidence that remains of possible ties Columbia and Rose-Hulman have with the Chinese school are an export compliance sheet and a social media post, respectively.

With a media bought and paid for (for the most part) by Beijing, don’t expect any investigative reporting in-depth. When you consider that Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), who is personally affiliated with Chinese Intelligence retains his clearance and seat on the House Intelligence Committee – no surprise.

Let us focus on wearing masks that don’t work!




Bulk Purchases of Red Mist

Here is a delivery that a friend received. I don’t expect you to personally buy hundreds of copies to distribute to friends and family.

There are just over 130 shopping days left until Christmas. The supply is limited. Act now to avoid disappointment. If you buy 100 copies, I’ll name a star after you… 1,000 copies and I’ll arrange to get your DNA sent to the Moon… 10,000 copies and you can have dinner with at least one of the authors (something better than McDonalds or Taco Bell). That’s what I call incentivizing.


  1. The Cuomo meme had me spitting coffee. Thanks for the early morning chuckle. I get damned few of them these days.

  2. i am the moth…..even colleges that don’t get huge sums from china are involved. they come as students and work their way into sensitive research projects. as long as they are willing to pay the international tuition rate, they’re golden.

    • I feel you. I’m past mid-life, I’m afraid. I sold the sports car, ditched the straight job, and now I’m an illegally parked car in the cul-de-sac of life, writing sci-fi for tips and doing the odd work for old clients who still need somebody wicked and discrete.

      • Some would say that the Raptor is evidence you are in a second mid-life crisis, as you chose that over some “sensible” luxury ecobox sedan with soft suspension and velour upholstery, opting instead for an overpowered low-efficiency mudbogger.
        That, or the stereotypical middle aged dude has his priorities mixed up.
        Are you truly more practically-minded that the average youngish retiree, or is now actually the middle of your life race and not when you had the sports car? Are you sensible given your chosen life situation, or do you have as many years aheaf as behind? – either way, it can be massaged into a positive.

        • I don’t have one foot in the grave, Kermit, Elvis has not yet left the building.

          The Raptor was a sensible choice. It had the engine (6.2L) that I wanted and if I’d purchased an F-150 4×4, to bring up to spec would have meant King coil-overs, custom skids, a new engine, new rear end, etc. It would have cost more than the Raptor, without a warranty. The Raptor does drive like a sports car. I didn’t mean to suggest that I didn’t want to drive something with power and comfort.

          These days it also serves as a ranch truck, but it’s not beat up. I’m more fastidious than that.

          My Toyota FJC (which has a few OEM parts left after the mods) is my rough country rig.

  3. There used to be a ‘country’ that was half an Italian City-block, basically the commanderie of one of the Militant Orders. Just basically a building with a square in it, not even the outside stables. Totally independent country until after WWII. That was the smallest country in modern times.

    As to the Marshalls and Micronesia, if you include the water surface, those nations are huge. But land-wise? Small, so very small.

    The ChiComs are just following the lead of their ex-masters, the Russian Soviets, who also established during the 20’s and 30’s small ‘institutes’ on or around college campuses, while also taking over whole departments (education and journalism, specifically.) In a Just world, following the money and arresting everyone involved would be the only way to handle it. Everyone being those that allowed the formation, helped build it and run it, anyone who got money from it, anyone who has a name attached to it. Cut it out like a cancerous tumor, before it spreads.

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