Laura Logan Bounced

I enjoyed Lara Logan’s reporting on Fox News, but criticizing Fauci ended her career there. Fox News has never been as conservative as they contend. They’re run by progressives who make a lot of money promoting a conservative story line. I rarely print an entire article. This time, I am.

(Epoch Times) an article by Jack Phillips

Former CBS journalist Lara Logan said that she was forced out of Fox Nation after she made public comments about White House COVID-19 advisor Anthony Fauci last year.

“I was definitely pushed out,” Logan said in a recent interview with radio host Eric Metaxas regarding what had happened at the network, without elaborating. “I mean, there is no doubt about that. They don’t want independent thinkers. They don’t want people who follow the facts regardless of the politics.”

Logan also said that hit pieces done by legacy news outlets have hurt her prospects, saying that “if they Google you, and they see a Washington Post or New York Times hit piece on you, well then they don’t want anything to do with you, right? Oh well, we can’t hire you for our event or we can’t employ you or whatever else.”

“I’ve always said I don’t belong to any party. I don’t belong to any one side,” she also said. “I really don’t care about media organizations who for years have reported false stories. Why should I care what they have to say?”

Logan also confirmed in late March that she “was dumped by Fox” during another interview. She had appeared as a guest on the network’s opinion programs and hosted a docuseries produced by Warm Springs Productions on Fox’s streaming service Fox Nation.

In a Fox News interview in November, Logan drew controversy after criticizing Fauci for his policy agenda during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“What you see on Dr. Fauci, this is what people say to me, that he doesn’t represent science to them. He represents Josef Mengele … the Nazi doctor who did experiments on Jews during the Second World War and in the concentration camps,” Logan said at the time. Some Jewish groups criticized her for the comments, and she was dropped by talent agency UTA, according to UTA’s chief communications officer in a statement to news outlets earlier this year.

After the Fauci remark, she has not appeared on Fox News since.

“I don’t really know,” she told the Daily Beast about her status at Fox. “I’m not on their payroll,” she added. “So I, you know, I’m not in communication with them.”

Before appearing on Fox, Logan, who is from South Africa, was a correspondent for CBS News for decades, appearing on the network’s flagship program, “60 Minutes.”


  1. It’s not the criticism of Fauci per se, it’s the comparison to Mengele which “trivializes the suffering of the Jews” that got her sacked and blacklisted.

  2. Can someone please explain to me how Fauci is not in prison yet? Or better yet dragged out behind the barn shot multiple times with every different Chironus variant that he wants us to believe is a massive threat only inducing more paranoia anxiety and crime before putting one between his eyes. As far as the Logans concerned she’s not hard to look at and Free Speech isn’t free anymore.

    • Fauci is a swamp creature with blood on his hands. They’ll protect him with the same vigor that they protect Hillary or The Half Blood Prince.

      • He’s protected by the Magic “D”.

        None of those guys go to jail, even the ones convicted of crimes.


  3. A brave woman who’s been there done that. It is why they had to silence her…or tried.

    The more I read on the so-called Covid, origins, spike proteins, “approved treatments that end up killing patients (Remdesivir, the Not-A-Vax), people dropping over dead with “something else” never before indicated, the denouncement of proven treatments and drugs and protocols, the silencing of doctors who wouldn’t tow the propaganda, and the continued “Never let it go” mentality that destroyed businesses and peoples livelihoods, let alone 100’s of thousands of lives…the more I realize everything surrounding this thing is looking more like population control to me.

    Fauci is clearly a modern day Mengele, as are Gates, Soros, and Schwab. This IS NOT simply a respiratory virus (assuming it’s even that, new information is starting to look like this was intentional and not necessarily, or only, airborne). It’s all a lie.

    Now we have 25 million in Shanghai on the verge of death because…Covid. Or today, the CDC – purveyors of evil – have extended the airline mask crap. And far too many accept it without thinking, like some of the Jews whilst on the trains…bought the lie without thinking, to their detriment.

    Prison would be too good for Fauci and just about everyone involved, including the _Resident and his administration leadership.

    • The people in Shanghai are being starved to death by their leaders to satisfy a greater good.

      • It is a lesson to the rest of Commie China, and to all of the vassal nations that owe debt to Commie China. “Cross us and you die a horrible death.”

        Nothing more, nothing less. Some powerful people and some not-powerful people spoke out against Great and Wonderful Xi, after looking behind the curtains, and Xi and his gang of syncophants are showing that they still have to be strong men.

        They did it to John Cena, they did it to the NBA, they are definitely doing it to Shanghai.

        Macau is next, along with any other of the southern “semi-free” cities. Speak out and step out of line, you’re dead.

        It has always been the Chinese warlord’s way, from before the first emperor to the latest ‘communist’ emperor-in-all-but-name-only. What’s next, a ruling group of deballed eunuchs?

        China, where nothing changes except the names. Prosperity breeds independence, so whomever is in charge must shut down prosperity to combat independence. China goes dark. Then China starts becoming light and prospering again, breeding independence, which then leads to authoritarianism and darkness and and and and and.

        Been doing this since before the first emperor, the glowing cockroaches will be doing it a thousand years from now…

  4. and this comes after they tried to cover up, then minimize, the sodomy/rape of her while reporting for them in the middle east. too bad she can’t find an elon musk to back an independent network. maybe when he gets finished with twitter.

    • Yes, maybe Musk will be able to come up with a genuinely true and independent news network. If so, maybe she will find a home.

  5. I remember watching her on CBS that night in Egypt during the Arab Spring uprising, surrounded on all sides by rampaging mobs of Egyptian guys and knowing the mindset of Arabs as I do, I wondered who in their right mind would put her in that situation. She was lucky to survive. She’s a fighter.

  6. And oh great LL?

    Not able to comment on the midweek commentary. Looks like a Douglas Dolphin to me. I prefer the Grummans though.

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