Democrat Talking Points for Thanksgiving Dinner

Apparently they’re serious.  I thought it was a joke.


Tomorrow is Tanksgiving. Can you ID this tank today?

What about this one?

and this one


Not me. Not at all, but…



The 152mm XM578E1 APFSDS dart in its sabot, is meant for the MBT-70′s 152mm gun/launcher.


  1. Thanks to the Democrats…-Turkey is up 21%-Cubed stuffing mix is up 69%-Frozen pie crusts are up 26%-Whipping cream is up 26%-Frozen peas are up 23%-Dinner rolls are up 22%-Pumpkin pie mix is up 18%-Whole milk is up 16%-Sweet potatoes are up 11%

    • Down here in the Southeast, Publix has turkeys and sweet potatoes at last year’s prices.

      Whole turkey – $.49/lb.
      Turkey Breast – $1.49/lb
      Sweet potatoes – $.49/lb.

      Now, jumbo eggs are now $6.52/dozen when last year they were $1.89. Milk is $4.59 a gallon when in 2019 it was $3.59. And other prices are way up.

      Thank God Publix is decent. So are Walmart and Sams.

      • Here at the LL SoCal Compound, where 20 will gather (daughters, husbands and grandkids) the main dishes and sides will amount to maybe $300-$400. Really, the sides are the best part of Thanksgiving. Desert, home made, is epic.

  2. The tank would be the French AMX-50 heavy tank. The second looks like a Chinesium-type camo, but no clue as to the make. And the 3rd would be the Spähpanzer Ru-251 light tank, of which only 2 were made. With only 20mm armor, that’s too light, though I sure it was fun as hell to tool around in.

  3. Texas gas. Was just out picking up a few last minute groceries. Lowest gas price was Costco–$2.64. Seems to be a repeat of July 4th. Heading into (at least what used to be) a heavy travel holiday and the price for gas continues to drop.

    • Here on the Western edge of Ky I filled up yesterday for $2.97, gallon of milk was $3.27 but store brand turkey was little over $1 per pound and large eggs (24) were $4.79.

  4. Why on Earth would I care what the pResident has to say on this quintessential AMERICAN holiday? pffft…..

    I’ll guess American, Chinese, and Russian for the tanks.

    My son has a sabot from an Abrams. The one shown has me wondering what the very tip is made from. Pure Vibranium, perhaps?

    • X2…we don’t listen nor suffer fools, especially the illegitimie. Laughing stock doesn’t begin to describe that clown. He makes a mockery of the office, our traditions, our country.

      Then there’s Lincoln, in speaking to a seriously wounded country in his Thanksgiving Proclamation:

      “…fervently implore the interposition of the Almighty hand to heal the wounds of the nation, and to restore it, as soon as may be consistent with Divine purposes, to the full enjoyment of peace, harmony, tranquility, and union.”

      The remainder never ceases to be striking, filled with gratitude to God.

      The Fool in Residence, along with his moronic compatriots, couldn’t even conceptually fathom coming up with that profound thought to heal a nation, nor would they look to or invoke God’s providence. We need another Lincoln to ferry us past this Democrat debacle. MAGA.

      That tip…was thinking “Unobtanium”, it’s a special alloy only the military can procure.

  5. Dear Lord, you should have issued a “Biden/Turkey Graphic” warning. Just sayn. And yes, the Sabot. How many tanks do the EU armies have, much less ammo?
    Mind you, how much moar money can we give UKR? Stupid! Just digitize billions more and send it on. No one will ever, ever have to pay.

  6. The “Democrat talking points” is nothing new. They had a similar set in, I think, 2016 for how to talk to (i.e. harangue and attempt to shame) your “racist Trump-supporting uncle” at Thanksgiving Dinner.

    “Racist Trump-supporting uncle” hah. As the “Joker” meme goes, Wait till they get a load of me. And in that vein:

    “a money laundering scheme for democrats”
    Not sure “democrat” is the first category that comes to mind, but yeah, UKR sure is a center of grift, graft and money laundering for some people, yes.


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