Joining the Black Panther Party (or the New Black Panther Party) requires a special sort of person.


  1. Twitter is going nuts about this issue. Since J. Christian Adams is testifying against the DOJ and witnesses are corroborating his testimony, things may get mighty interesting for Holder and the Obama Administration. Karl Rove even commented this morning. This is the topic of the day.

  2. The racism in the barack hussein obama regime is obscene.

    If he was a fully white (not 1/2 white-1/2 black) president and did it for white people who intimidated voters, he would be impeached and run from office. It seems now that it's OK with the mainstream media that the regime do this.

  3. As far as our current government is concerned, anything that disrupts, divides, distracts, and defers attention from the man behind the curtain moving the levers; well, that is fine.

    When will America remove this anti-american from office? Not soon enough for me.

    As far as the new black panthers, they only matter in their own minds. Such vile people are rejected by all but those very few who would join them.

  4. This is pure racism. This administration must be held accountable for aiding in this blatant racism, and helping others to violate the 1965 Voting Rights Act. The New Black Panthers sure are a "special" type of people. I hope the backlash against the Obama administration continues to mount. I hope this case opens peoples' eyes up to just how Pro-black and anti-white this admin is.

  5. From the NBPP site.

    Minister Louis Farrakhan and Dr. Khallid Muhammad had a heavy influence on the young Shabazz while an undergraduate and law student. As an activist, Malik Zulu Shabazz organized students and stirred up the campus of Howard University as never before- making the campus a beacon light of Black Consciousness and student revolution. He was called “one of the greatest student leaders of all time,” by Dr. Khallid Abdul Muhammad.
    This an attack of Muslim dhimmitude, to make the infidels feel like second class, supported by the Justice Dept. and the WH.

  6. Ken- The House of Representatives can vote to impeach. I suspect that there will be a majority of Republicans seated with the upcoming election cycle. There are clearly high crimes and misdemeanors with this president. The hearings would be worth watching.

    Teresa- For those of us who thought that the racism of the Jim Crow laws were gone forever — we'll they're back with barack hussein obama in a different form.

    They Say/We Say- Muslim agitation seems to please barack hussein obama. Hey, whatever happened to Major Nidal Hasan? I don't recall hearing about his mass murder trial.

  7. I think the best way to deal with them, is to expose their views on other minorities. Start making public their statements on Asian and Hispanic people.

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