12 thoughts on “An Antarctic Encounter

  1. Awesome! The leopard seal thought the photographer in his sleek black wetsuit was a deformed, retarded juvenile seal in need of mentorship. Hahaha!

    Amazing photos. I gotta say, when I first saw the top photo as a thumbnail on my phone I thought it was CGI from some science fiction movie or a “what if” pseudoscience “documentary”: What if mosasaurs were mammals? Or something like that.

    1. There is a lesson in this. Maybe a few dozen lessons. Even the fiercest apex predators don’t kill their young. You can’t say that for man, can you?

      1. Man seems to be the only animal that kills its young for pleasure. I know some animals, lions come to mind, where a new male taking over a pride will kill the previous alpha’s cubs so that the new guy’s DNA can take over, but that makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint. Humans killing their young for pleasure makes no sense whatsoever.

        You can call it convenience, but it’s the same thing. The convenience of not having to care for young gives time for more pleasure seeking.

    2. I work with a guy who’s female cat got cancer. She was an indoor/outdoor cat who’d always brought home birds and mice, but she’d started bring home live prey and waiting for him, setting them down, and waiting for him to catch them. When he didn’t, she’d try to retrieve them and repeat the process. That’d gone on for a few weeks when he realized she must be sick and in some pain as she lost slowly weight and got stiff. Took her to the vet, and after some tests and x-rays, it was cancer. He figures the cat somehow knew her time was limited, so she was trying to teach this strangely shaped being she’d always provided for how to hunt so he could take care of himself. It makes sense to me.

      1. I had a coyote named Dusty that my great uncle gave me. I got him as an abandoned pup. One day, maybe a year later, I found a dead chicken on the porch. Then it became a daily event. Then one day Dusty didn’t come hone.

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