Aim HIGH, barack hussein obama!

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barack, stop trying to hide who you are and how you feel.

H/T to several other bloggers who’ve been talking about this. 

I can’t believe that barack hussein obama is this incredibly dense…yes, after every outrage, after every other puerile thing he’s done, after all the stupid statements, the Marxist appointees, etc. Under his regime the most important role for NASA is to make Muslims feel good about themselves. 
For the record, the American space program was non-denominational. America, for the greater part, is non-denominational. ALL Americans took pride in their nation’s achievements in outer space. Nobody excluded the Muslims who participated and contributed.
Ok, it’s just another outrage, just another brick in the wall. But how frigging stupid is barack hussein obama?

11 thoughts on “Aim HIGH, barack hussein obama!

  1. Obama is a man-child that only cares about feelings instead of using his brain. He's oblivious to reality. Obama is a boneheaded buffoon.

  2. LL, he is VERY stupid and arrogant and many other things we all know but it's too hot out to think about how AWFUL he is.

    I think he is insane too, and I pray every day that he gets arrested for treason, and his whole fake presidency is annulled.

    Plus, he's so power mad and dictatorial that he doesn't CARE anymore what he says or does, he knows he'll get a pass. I shudder to think the new horrors that will greet us tomorrow in the news.

  3. Honestly, he lives in a theoretical world and he sticks to his template, his narrative even in the face of pragmatic judgement that it does not work. He's FDR without the balls. If he had them, we'd be in big trouble.

  4. Charles K. is a very smart man.

    Everyone knows that NASA should involve itself with NASCAR instead of the Muslims, or the Red Sox.

  5. This is so outrageous and insane that my daughter didn't believe me when I told her 2 nights ago. She said she would believe it if she reads it somewhere other than Fox News.

    I guess the tree never fell in the forest, in that case. 🙁

  6. Opus, it's not as though this is a secret.

    Charles Bolden, the NASA Administrator gave an interview to Al Jazeera. She can look it up on youtube under "Al Jazeera – Nasa – Muslim – Outreach". In that interview, he laid it out.

    The Atlantic Magazine's on-line division published it on the web:

    The Atlantic Monthly is hardly a bastion of conservatism.

  7. The Daily Telegraph (Great Britain)

    The Washington Examiner

    Your daughter may not believe it, but it's true, and the White House does not deny it in any sense. They said, "We are standing by this policy".

    However, I know how she feels. The daily outrage by the barack hussein obama regime is a little tough for all of us to take.

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