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Leaving Syria?

When Barack and friends decided not to renew the status of forces agreement with the Iraqi government, I thought it to be a horrible decision. US forces could have been garrisoned well apart from the indigenous people as a stabilizing influence. There wouldn’t have been an ISIS. Now that President Trump’s Administration defeated ISIS, there is a renewed call for the US to leave Syria. The president himself has mentioned it.  
We don’t have a lot of soldiers in Syria, but they are capable of defending themselves in place and they are training the Kurds to act in our place as a hedge against Iran (and possibly Turkey). Things have changed in Iraq and the US is actively working to restore credibility to its currency through the International Monetary Fund, etc. I anticipate that the US will leave Syria but will maintain infrastructure and troops in Iraq such that they are able to respond to Iranian mischief making. President Trump called for the US to leave Syria, not Iraq.
Racist Immigration Policies?
Mexico has very strict immigration policies and most people would call them prudent. To keep elections fair, every citizen has a voting card and they are REQUIRED to vote or lose their national ID card. The card is punched when the holder votes. When the card punches are ‘full’, a new card is issued. It’s not a license to operate a motor vehicle, but you need your voting card to do just about anything in Mexico. Only citizens have those cards and only citizens can vote.
How novel.
Howard University

Yes, it’s administration is every bit as corrupt as the civic administrations of New Orleans, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Detroit or Chicago. Would one expect that it not be given the similarities to those blighted city administrations?

The students have occupied the administration building for a week now (more here). It’s an all black school which is racist on its face. My sense is that the school should just shutter the doors because of its racist admission policies and send the occupying students home.

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  1. After reading the list of demands, I agree. Close it. Especially if they want campus security disarmed.

  2. The demands are absurd. The students can apply at a state school or bag higher education all together.

  3. The city population increases and currently closer to 60% of the world population lives in cities and mega cities. Liberals and socialists tend to cluster in cities. I guess the cities offer salaries and funding financed by tax payers that liberals and socialists find attractive and cities represents their best chance to make an income. I guess the claims just illustrates a trend where responsibility, innovation and entrepreneurship will be substituted with a culture of regulations and bureaucracy. You are heading towards socialism but do not recognize it. The grim future scenario will be revealed when they also manage to control the votes by their numbers. Then the city society becomes like a parasite that will live on taxes as long as the international market have some faith in the currency. Then communities in cities will be destabilized with the potential of a civil war. Maybe I am a little too realistic but I do not see a prosperous future in the attitude.

  4. Oh, I'd forgotten. That's right. It's not politically correct to speak of black privilege.

  5. The liberals congregate in cities and those are the places that will be wiped out with plague (unspecified at this point)… see, there is a flip side to it all.

  6. President Trump on leaving Syria? Notice to our "allies" in the area Uncle Sugar's pockets of treasure and blood isn't infinite. They need to bear the burden.

  7. TAKE up the White Man’s burden—
    Send forth the best ye breed—
    Go bind your sons to exile
    To serve your captives’ need, etc.
    — Kipling

    You're on point.

  8. That privilege is based on reliably Democrat voting blocks. The Chinese and Viets usually vote Republican, so there's no protection for them. Hispanics tend to vote Republican after a generation so they can be 'race traitors to the Democrat cause'. Only the black voting block reliably vote for the party that consistently screws them over.

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