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Most Americans know what the stars and stripes of the American flag symbolize.  The stars in the blue union represent the 50 United States, and the 13 stripes represent the 13 American colonies. However, originally the US flag was to have a star and a stripe to represent each state.  In 1791 Vermont joined the US, and in 1792 Kentucky likewise became a state.  Thus with the Flag Act of 1794, the US flag was changed to accommodate Vermont and Kentucky.  Two new stars were added, as were two new stripes, making it the only 15 striped flag in US history.  The 15 stripe flag flew from 1795 until 1818. The most popular 15 stripe flag was the “Star Spangled Banner”, which inspired Francis Scott Key to write a poem of the same name, which later became the national anthem.

With the addition of Indiana, Louisiana, Ohio, Mississippi, and Tennessee to the United States, and the possible addition of many more states in the foreseeable future, it was quite clear that the current system of flag design was not sustainable.  Naval Capt. Robert Samuel C. Reid suggested that the number of stripes be limited to 13, in order to honor the 13 original colonies which was enacted with the flag act of 1818. If the old system were still used today, this is what the US flag would look like.



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I hope that you enjoyed Independence Day.  It’s important to make every day Independence Day.


  1. The Wife and I tried to do Independence Day things, but just couldn’t.

    Fly the Flag? In my neighborhood there are 4 BLM flags. I can’t make my wife a target.

    Watch ‘patriotic’ music and fireworks on tv? On the same channels that openly praise that POS Fumbles McPuddingbrains?

    Even watch “1776” the movie? Just not feeling it this year.

    I am a patriot. I am a believer. I love the Country that I was born in. This, what is around me? I don’t recognize it. Portions of it, yes, but..

    • If I fly a flag, there is nobody but me to see it. I don’t have black/BLM neighbors, so I can’t say how I’d react. Arizona is an open-carry state and many do. It tends to leaven things out where BLM types are involved. Bottom line, I don’t live in your environment. So it’s difficult for me to completely understand the situation.

      I don’t watch network TV much. Not Jo/Ho.

    • I rarely wear politically provocative clothing, LindaG. So I’m with you in that. I did suggest to a nosey neighbor that if I found him on my property that I’d shoot him and dump him in the Clear Creek Gorge. Apparently, he took me seriously. No more nosiness. People can walk down by the driveway and knock on the door. If they skulk, on the property, they can trigger things best left cocked and inert.

  2. Went to Laramie last night, on the way up saw the main fireworks shop had a few hundred campers, tents, canopy’s and grills going. Organized fun. People out enjoying themselves. The American Flag everywhere. On the return trip, fireworks being launched from every campsite. People having a great time. Apparently they do this every year. People pulled over to watch.

    Awesome sight…as in “normal America”.

    Contrast that with a massive tempest that blew through early afternoon…2″-3″ of rain and hail and nasty wind in an hour (gully-washer is usually 15 minutes). Thought, “God is really ticked at Colorado – where fireworks are only allowed either “by permit” or by “government officials”. Sensed it was like Hercules cleaning up King Augeas’ stables.

    Need more of that, and the Flag – our flag – should be unmolested by the scum that hate the country that affords them the ability to be bums and morons.

      • Us neither, and being 6’2” helps when visiting town to the south. I’m polite, to a point.

        Truth be told, it’s a small minority acting like they are the majority because that’s what the news feeds on a continuous loop. Check in to see what they are chatting about, same BS, different day, with a smattering of made up crap to maintain their divisive narrative. So I don’t listen. Keeps me more sane.

        • And…Why is ANYONE listening to what politicians have to say? They act like theirs is the only thought needed when in fact their smarmy commentary should be left in the trash can of thought.

          • The truth is that there is more than one political America as regional differences tend to account for trends. There are the socialists that hug the Pacific Coast – going inland a couple of hundred miles at most; The Free States that tend to reach from there to the Mississippi. The Yankees and Dixie rounding it out. None of it is absolute, of course.

            BLM and Antifa tried to create problems in Northern Arizona and were turned around by armed citizens who agreed to closely monitor their demonstrations. There was respect for freedom of speech, but the destruction of property would not be tolerated. The police were present as were sheriffs, but hundreds of armed citizens chilled the blood of Antifa…particularly when the sheriffs departed, leaving Antifa to the tender mercies of boots on the ground and snipers on rooftops. A demonstration is no fun under those circumstances since it wasn’t about freedom of speech.

  3. Trump flag across the street just came down, one next door still flying. I got Old Glory and the Bonnie Blue flying. We got a new state flag that I am adjusting to. No Burn Loot and Murder signs in our little town with a sizable ,40% or so, black population. Black mayor and police chief doing a credible job.
    Had a demonstration last year during the democrat riots. Walk around the square, with a blm flag, presented a petition to the police chief for the board of aldermen and supervisors to remove the confederate riflemen statue from the square. Then all went home. Mayor refused to take it up, supes voted 5 to one to table the discussion .
    So far ,so good.

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