BMPT “Terminator”

It’s a heavy IFV, born out of the Russian’s experiences fighting Chechen rebels. The US is searching for an infantry fighting vehicle to replace the M-2 Bradley. It’s heresy to suggest that they look at the Russian entry for inspiration — but.


USMC Husky M-8478B

The Marines bought a number of Husky’s from South Africa, then license built them in the USA. They’re used for mine clearance.

I saw a Husky hit some HME on an MSR and it blew the the wheels and arm off and flipped the chassis up into the air about 40 ft. Hit the ground and rolled. The Marine got out of it and shook it off like a champ.

They are also used upon occasion as tanning beds when not operational.


Czech SOF Tatra 815

4×4 battlewagon, armed with 2x PKBs, 1x NSV and 1x AGS-17. There are a lot of warriors with egos. Would you really want people to learn that you were killed while riding in a Czech Tatra? Whatever happened, you wouldn’t want it on your headstone.


Colombia, officially the Republic of Colombia

It is the fourth largest economic power in Latin America and home to the second largest Spanish-speaking community in the world, only behind Mexico.


A Family Miracle

Sean had long heard the story of a family tradition. His father, his grandfather and his great grandfather had all been able to walk on water on their 18th birthday.

On that special day, they would walk across the lake to their local pub, Murphy’s Bar, for their first legal drink.

When Sean’s 18th birthday arrived, he and his friend, Mick, took a boat and rowed out into the middle of the lake and Sean stepped out of the boat. He immediately sank and nearly drowned. He was only save by Mick’s quick action, wherein he was pulled back into the boat to safety.

Furious, confused, and sad, all at the same time, he went to see his grandmother.

“Gran, ’tis my 18th birthday. So why can’t I walk across the water, like my father and grandfather and his father before him?

Grandma looked deep into Sean’s troubled eyes and said, “Because they were all born in January, and the lake was frozen over. You were born in August, ye fookin’ idiot.”


Representational Shifts

With a general sense that election integrity is somewhere between unreliable, laughable and felonious, borrowing a line from Hillary at the Benghazi Hearings, “what difference does it make?”






  1. Title, Husky: The latest “Antifa/Burn.Loot.Murder Urban Crowd Disperser”…or, ABLMUCD for military oriented folks. Could give it an LGBTQXYZ rainbow paint job as a disguise. Deploy the front tanning bed…like an anarchist plow. Be better if the tanning bed had a spring-loaded flipper mechanism.

    Townhall had a report suggesting the Census was rigged to “adjust” congressional seats. Not entirely conspiratorial considering; science (theirs anyway), economists (again, theirs), or the pinnacle…elections. Heck, even digital video is manipulated to show the opposite of truth. More going on beyond the daily theater charade, and I fear society will collapse in on itself at some point, like some bizarre black hole (small ‘b’).

    Don’t subscribe to Netflix…they’re scum. Although, I suppose most of those outfits are in the same lowlife boat at this point.

  2. Hahahahaha! I thought perhaps low tide; but that was even better.
    We don’t Netflix either. For no particular reason than we don’t.
    A lot of interesting stuff here, as always. Thanks, LL.

  3. Gee, that $13 million fine sure will discourage Honeywell, considering the billions China paid them for the data.

    How about some prosecutions?

    How about some goddamn hangings?

    We could give these traitors sticks, and use them for mine-clearance, save wear on the Huskies.


    • Using them to clear mines is a great idea. (1) They’re not around long enough to need to be fed; (2) the mines vaporize them, breaking them up into bite-sized pieces for carrion – dogs, vultures, etc. without the need for a formal funeral; (3) nobody misses them when they’re gone.

    • What if everything they told us in school was a lie?
      How prepped am I to reverse everything I believe I know?
      “Without a shred of evidence, I believe I need a nearby star for heat and light. I seem to accept this belief without questioning it. How outrageous is this!”
      — Gurdjieff

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