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It was time for me to get off my rump and head off to the White Wolf Mine up on Arizona’s Mogollon Rim (literally). Some people claim to be up on the rim and others are actually there. I was greeted by a dozen and one elk, hanging out, eating, and doing what elk do, now that mating season has passed.

The weather has been perfect but I did encounter some snow flurries and a dash of rain, which has been the first precipitation of the year. It’s been a dry winter. 

Arizona gun control laws are among the least-restrictive in the United States. Arizona law states that any person 21 years or older, who is not a prohibited possessor, may carry a weapon openly or concealed without the need for a license. (A concealed carry permit is required in most other states.)
This means that as a progressive person, you’re likely to be terrified because of the number of people around you who are strapped.  That’s good. Progs can leave because it’s a free country. May I suggest California?

Yes, I’m feeling my oats because I drive around AZ with Arizona license plates on my truck, sneering at California drivers.

The lower level (guest level) is coming right along in preparation for framing.
The top of the masonry creates support the floor of the main level of the structure. However the structure extends (below) far to the right of the lower level. The upper level (on concrete supports) also extends out over the landscape, creating an outdoor living are and a master bedroom with a really nice view.

Building on a slope creates a lot more requirements for masonry and engineering than building on the flats, but there are advantages (mostly aesthetic) to making this sort of choice when selecting a site.

Meanwhile, the new year means more work, more pressure to generate work and to produce meaningful results quite apart from the efforts in the high country to build a hovel.

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  1. I see work is progressing nicely. Hopefully you'll be in there soon. Here in Kansas we also have constitutional carry and blood has been flowing in the streets. Or not. One of the local deputies is ex London Metropolitan Police. He prefers working for a department where he has the means to defend himself and others if need be. Of course he's found things are far more peaceful here than back where he came from. He prefers here.

  2. Good to see you both make progress with the house and gain experience that becomes useful when building the Wall.

  3. See you keep your removable hitch on your truck. A pet peeve. Have scars on my shins from meeting one in a parking lot. My fault, should always be in Condition Red around trucks.

    The hovel looks great. Good workmanship shows.

  4. Excellent, well done!

    Shaping up to be a very respectable Mountain Redoubt. It must be a relief to be pulling out of California.

  5. It's important to have Constitutional carry.

    There is no such thing as 'armed slaves'. And that's the point, isn't it?

  6. I have a conference call tomorrow morning that regards the President' Wall. I'll let you know in e-mail how all that went after it happens.

  7. Yes, I keep the hitch attached. I don't have a hitch on my off-road rig because it changes the departure angle geometry by hanging out there. Sorry about your shins. If you move onto the southern end of the Colorado Plateau (where I'm building) I will remove it for your sake.

  8. It is. I gassed up the rig in AZ before crossing the border into CA. $1.06 per gallon less expensive. Then again, Arizona isn't using gasoline excise tax as a mechanism of social justice..

  9. They are coming along, and the good weather gets credit for being at or possibly a bit ahead of schedule. This is the first snow of the entire winter up in the highlands.

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