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SpaceX’s first Crewed Dragon spacecraft will launch its Demo-2 mission, today, May 27, 2020. It will carry two astronauts to the International Space Station. US manned spaceflight will resume. MAGA.


The Chinese Plague

From the author of “Common Sense”


Sometimes you have to Drop it

…and after five boiler makers, you stagger out of the bar and into the local liquor store… the clerk stands there, asking you what it will be, and you don’t find anything unusual about the way he looks.


The Second Flush

Is the nation so f-ed up as to pick creepy, sleepy, corrupt, senile old Slow Joe Biden for a third flush? It remains to be seen.


CNN Replaces President Trump

(Babylon Bee) ATLANTA, GA—CNN is refusing to air President Trump’s press briefings, calling them propaganda and fake news. Instead, the station will be broadcasting the far more fair, balanced, and accurate daily takes by President Xi Jinping.

“We don’t want to broadcast Trump’s propaganda, so we’ll turn to a far more accurate source,” said Brian Stelter. “We pretty much were already repeating the Chinese government’s stances word for word, so now we can go straight to the horse’s mouth.”


  1. A quote I always liked:
    Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. C. S. Lewis

    It’s been a number of years since I last over indulged in boiler makers. My liver likely couldn’t handle it anymore and the recovery would take far too long. There wasn’t a dog working the liquor store. The wombat behind the counter said he was off that day.

    • Your betters want to help you, their child. One day you may grow up to love Big Brother. Meanwhile have a sip of the Kool Aid.

  2. Probably fortunate that I have always been a lightweight. One boiler maker and it’s nap time for me. As my Army Buddy used to tell me, “You’re no fun. You fall right over”.

    Re: Slow Joe. I am somewhat hopful as I watch (in short doses) the lamestream media in headlong blind panic trying to convince us. They are afraid of something.

    “…so now we can go straight to the horse’s mouth”. Yeah, I was thinking more the other end of the horse.

  3. Still apropos: “The beatings will continue until moral improves.”

    The scary version for me? Gonna get weirder. A lot.

    In the midst of a clear snake-oil sales job, the high level of general public pliability with accepting their personal oppression is both bizarre and not surprising. Saw this earlier – People are self-feralizing and enjoying it.

    YES, “they” will vote for Biden, who’s family must be getting some serious payback in the Cayman’s for allowing him to continue making a fool of himself in his obvious diminished capacity. Mail-in ballots will be pushed harder than ever in order to attempt another election theft. They got nuthin’…this is their only villainous play…because honesty and truth is not in their DNA. (I’m now thinking Pelosi is the most evil person in Congress, having edged out HRC by a COVID micron.)

    Launch to ISS – we do some very cool stuff in this nation.

    • I’m at the house today and though I’m not glued to the TV (yet), I’ll be transfixed at the launch. It’s time to get back in the game. The Obamanation is long gone.

      • Streaming live…50 minutes or so till launch. Those boys are some seriously brave and bright souls.

  4. Interesting… And watching NASA TV right now. Here’s hoping they go! It’s eerie watching this again as an adult, as I watched Alan Shepard go in 1961 on a B&W TV as a kid.

    • I did the same thing. And I remember where I was when Challenger went down, etc. Our generation has seen it all in terms of space flight. Hopefully it continues long after we’re dust.

  5. I lost track of the numbers of launches I was on that were delayed for weather/equipment issues.

    The first mission I was on had an abort at T- 4 minutes, and that was after we’d sat there ten days waiting for the subsurface currents and winds to cooperate so we could keep the Launch Platform “In The Box”. Because the abort happened so late in the launch there were certain procedures that had to be followed, and it was another eight days before we launched.

  6. I like all of this — back to the final frontier. Didn’t know we couldn’t launch because of clouds. Oh well, such is our Enemy, the Weather.

    • The Rock Group, Queen, sang, “Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening, etc.”

    • They’re being extra careful on this launch because it has a crew. If there was an in-flight abort, the capsule would return along a pretty precise path. They need recovery assets prepositioned at various points along the path, and some of those assets are aircraft with parajumpers in them. They mentioned having several C-17’s sitting ready-to-go in case they were needed. It’s not so much the launch vehicle as it is other assets that are affected by bad weather.

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