A Prelude to Expanded War

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The Russian Federation Council of the Federal Assembly is moving toward a legal framework for total war in Ukraine, accompanied by a formal declaration of war. This blog posts at 1 am Pacific Time and Putin may have given his speech affirming a new direction for Russia by then. He planned to give his speech on Tuesday but put it off for a day. As a result, I’m posting this on 20 September rather than on 21 September when I planned to post it. I want to get ahead of his speech. I don’t want Vlad to “scoop” Virtual Mirage. It’s bad for business.

The Federation Council decides independently on matters within its purview as per the Constitution of the Russian Federation, federal constitutional laws, and federal laws. The Federation Council adopts its Rules of Procedure and decides on its internal regulations.

This week the Federation Council passed laws introducing new concepts of mobilization & martial law, allowing for a declaration of total mobilization that is a newer take than the old law did.

The Council passed another law wherein Rebel ‘republics’ in east Ukraine (currently under Kremlin control) will announce “referenda” on joining the Russian Federation formally between 23-27 September 2022. This would “officially” make those portions of Ukraine under occupation part of the Russian Federation should the referenda vote go that way. In effect, it would annex Ukraine and any Ukraine military attack would be an attack on sovereign Russia.

Foreigners may now be recruited into the Russian Army. A special induction center will be established in Moscow and the Council approved Russian citizenship and a Russian passport for foreigners who join. (Service brings Citizenship)

The legal framework establishes a legal framework that allows Russia to retaliate against nations who supply arms, aid, comfort, etc. to an enemy force attacking the Rodina (sacred Russian soil).  It would follow that the use of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons would be considered in repelling invaders.

Putin is establishing new boundaries, calling them Russia, and justifying retaliation under Russian law.

The speech may clarify things, but the Federation Council has already acted and codified what Vladimir Putin needs to put things in motion.


Will this end the War in Ukraine?


SVR/GRU, etc.

My friend, Claudio, directed me to this article from strategypage. Taken as whole cloth, it’s a good article and it is well referenced. I recommend it. Claudio is a sharp guy and his recommendations are always sound.


13 thoughts on “A Prelude to Expanded War

      1. Yeah. The timing is good for a concerned (and paternal) FJB to address Congress and ask for a War Powers Act, prior to the mid-terms wherein he will want executive authority to control all essential war materials, rationing, etc.

  1. I hope it will not come to a larger war that directly involves us but hope has never been a strategy. With the lunatics that are running this particular asylum who the heck knows what will happen. Sock away food, sock away trading goods, and prepare as best we can seems to be the only way forward.

    1. Look at the US Commander-in-Chief and she who would be Queen, waiting in the wings for him to stroke out – and despair. And Pelosi, in line behind cackling Camela.

  2. Damn, that has escalated to serious. I have to wonder how many Americans would take up arms for Russia? I am certain they would be considered traitors at that point. Some are kinda rooting for Putin…

    1. I doubt that Russia will get a lot of foreigners joining up when you consider how f-ed up they’ve been in Ukraine. I think that it’s more of an “if Ukraine can do it, so can we.”

  3. I remember that movie. Have watched it lots of times. Watched the whole series. Told hubby more than once that if the U.S. did that, there might be fewer problems.
    Or maybe it would make more, since we don’t have any real aliens to fight…

  4. This, just after Biden says we’ll go to war with China over Taiwan. And just after Putin and Xi meet. I think Biden is playing one-dimensional chess …

  5. Can’t remember where I read, it but someone was positing that because the Dems are so clueless about military matters they would be the ones to bring about a big conflict that could include nukes.

  6. God help us all, and I don’t say that lightly.

    In the meanwhile, who’s been making cash hand over fist in the Ukraine? Surely not any of our beloved rulers or their children.

    Russia’s mobilized three times, in 1914, 1941 and now, partially, in 2022. I fail to see happy precedent.

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