Are Democrats Turning on Creepy Joe?

(Western Journal) If the temperature in the Biden administration itself says anything about the president’s standing with John Q. Public, patience with the demented, gaffe machine and boorish, incompetent oaf, with his old man’s shuffle is wearing thin.



I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when my fear is gone I will turn and face fear’s path, and only I will remain. – Dune


Identify the Mystery Aircraft


An Extreme Magnet

A neutron star forms when the core of a heavy sun, with the mass of about a few million Earths, collapses into a tiny sphere while the rest of its body hurtles outward during a supernova explosion. When this occurs, the inverse-square law of gravity goes into its demo-mode with a vengeance. Because this star no longer has a fusion generator, and thus no outward-pushing pressure to keep it from collapsing, gravity has a free hand. When the collapsing star gets five times smaller, its inward-pulling surface gravity becomes 25 times fiercer. When the star shrinks to 100 times smaller than it was before, its surface gravity now sucks inward with 100 x 100 (i.e., 10,000) times more force — and it keeps going. The smaller the star becomes, the more violent its collapse.

Normal 1-solar-mass stars stop collapsing when they’re the size of Earth. Then, electron degeneracy pressure halts the show because each electron needs a bit of breathing room. But if a star’s mass is more than 1.4 Suns — the famous Chandrasekhar limit — as PSR J1748–2446 originally was, then electrons get squeezed into the protons and the collapse continues. At this point, the previously separate atomic particles lose their identities. Everything becomes a neutral ocean of ultra-dense goo, and a few million Earths now pack into a ball less than 20 miles (30 kilometers) wide — a star that could barely cover Los Angeles.


Globular cluster Terzan 5 hosts the fastest millisecond pulsar, PSR J1748–2446, which rotates 716 times a second. 

ESO/F. Ferraro

Such collapsed stars often rotate 20, 30, or even 100 times a second. But if a neutron sun has a companion star as this one does, then newly captured material can speed it up further still. PSR J1748–2446 spins 716 times every second!

It’s hard to visualize. In everyday life, the fastest-spinning thing we might see is the blade on a kitchen blender or a circular saw. But those never rotate more than a few hundred times a second. This star’s equator moves at one-quarter the speed of light. This rotation of 43,000 miles (70,000km) per second would be like Earth’s equator completing nearly two spins a second instead of one a day.


What is the Obsession with Walking Tanks?


Clarification is a Good Thing

But if it’s not Aunt Edna, who is it?


Survivorship Bias




An American Girl!


  1. A close friend’s father flew 35 missions over EO in a B-24 as a bombardier. Kept a journal of every mission. Reading it was wrenching as friends were lost and as the missions got increased from 25-30-35. He passed this past Spring at 98. He, like my father (B-29), flew 1st before changing seats. Both always drove when they learned after the war with both feet. God bless.

  2. #Mystery Aircraft: Boeing P12 — that was easy: just check the fuselage slightly below and behind the pilot. 😉
    #Survivorship Bias: This is one of the favorite instruction pieces when teaching “Operational Analysis”.

  3. Mr. MAGU is going exactly as The Handlers planned, keeping him pumped up on the brain cocktail. They know half of America isn’t paying attention, and half of the other half have short memories. How many have forgotten Monday? How many are already back on the Covid Fear propaganda?

    Australia is a harbinger for America, having gone from a penal colony of tough-minded to a nation of compliant wimp’s…except for the truckers who are used to driving their semi trains across unforgiving landscape.

    An Extreme Magnet- Cool stuff. No intelligent Design? That it’s all happenstance?

    Survival Bias- An excellent reminder to think of the space around the obvious…what am I missing regarding the insanity?

    AG- …and no visible tats or piercings, or cell phone jammed into the rear pocket.

    • I’m not comparing Biden to Hitler. Biden’s IQ is much lower. However, and to my point, Hitler’s doctors kept him jacked up on speed for years and they put cocaine in his eyedrops every day to give him a pick-me-up. Toward the end of his life, his health deteriorated much as Biden’s has.

      • Biden to Hitler, “Hold my Ensure.” Bad joke with a serious matter, but similar in intent I think.

        Trump after his Remdesivir treatment, “I don’t know what’s in it but now I feel like a 20 year old!”

        Better living through chemistry has some merit…and not Rec-Med, which just makes you stupid and paranoid.

      • Hitler’s personal physician, Dr. Theodor Morell was infamous in the inner circle of the Nazi leadership for his treatment of Hitler, giving him up to 20 injections per day in addition to many other medications. There is some speculation that Morell’s treatment of Hitler may have contributed to the rapid decline of his health in the later war years. Morell was quite hated by the Nazi Elite: Göring even called him “Reichsspritzenmeister” (Reich Syringe Master”).

        • MrsPaulM’s grandmother – from the old Danish Country – used to say, “Hitler went crazy because of too much sugar.”

        • While I dont doubt that Hitlers chemical cocktails caused significant damage, I have always thought it was the injuries and especially TBI that really caused him to decline so rapidly at the end.
          Couldn’t happen to a more deserving POS, though

          The second point speaks to the loss of 83 Billion in military hardware by slow Joe and his Treasonous military leadership…
          I think we should disable ALL of that hardware…
          From orbit…

          MSG Grumpy

    • That’s because you’re a Star Wars fan. All you need to is blow off a leg and it’s not even a good pill box after that.

  4. I think the walking tanks are the result of the Imperial Walkers from Star Wars. They really need to be tall and strong to walk through any terrain. Do they have any real advantages, though?

    If the walking tank goes some speed, but a more conventional tank goes two or three times that speed, which one had the advantage?

    And the Far Side “Curiosity killed the cats” is one of my all time favorite Far Side cartoons.

    • And which one has a lower profile – so which most screams ‘TARGET’.
      Imagine keeping those intricate parts in the joints up to speed.

      • The inspiration of walking tanks/ anthropomorphic fighting machines, often referred to as “mecha”, come primarily from Japanese animation and “manga” (Japanese comic books).

        A very cool idea but as pointed out, completely impractical in reality.

        However, the smaller stuff as is being developed by Boston Dynamics for example is rather alarming.

  5. Robot tanks. Harder to toss a grenade in?

    Cats. Hahahahaha!

    American Girl. Who I’d want for a friend.

    Pres Ho? Ewwww…. 😕

  6. I had a client who became a friend that flew a B-17 over Europe.
    He decided to stay in the new Air Force and flew a tail-dragger for the CIA in Korea going into North Korea and landing rice paddy dikes to drop off passengers and, on occasion, pick up prisoners to take back for interrogation.
    After Korea he was sent off to college further his education and was detailed to travel around and look into the Air Forces many programs as an efficiency expert.
    He thought he would be flying a desk until retirement, but the fast movers the Air Force was trying to do close air support with in Viet Nam were not working.
    He was one of the few remaining pilots qualified to fly propeller driven aircraft and he found himself flying a Sky Raider over the Ho Chi Min Trail. His plane took a lot of hits, but he always made it back to base after doing a 180 and expending all of his ordinance on the people shooting at him.

    He gave me a very small Buck folder with mother of pearl scales. It is my “Sunday-go-to-meeting” knife and I think of him every time I hold it.
    He was small in stature and resembled the cartoon character Mr. Magoo and had quite a sense of humor. Very mild mannered and played the organ for church in between reading the Bible in the Greek and being the unofficial mayor of his community.
    You would never guess his history and accomplishments just by looking at him.

    We need the Warrior Priests in our nation. Cincinnatus. Washington. The farm kid from Colorado. The second generation immigrant who knows what a free America really means (not The Land of the Big PX).
    ie. Danusha V. Goska
    I fear the assault on our culture has been a preemptive strike to eliminate them from our nations arsenal.
    The current example we have as military leaders indicate that the damage was started at least a generation ago.
    Men like LtC Sheller give me hope. We are not lost…yet.

  7. For the American Girl photo to be accurate, she needs a cell phone in the LH rear pocket.
    I have two empirical data points on my payroll that support this contention.

  8. i keep seeing comments about all the stuff we left behind. well we had to, it was for the ana to use to fight the taliwhackers. they didn’t stick around b/c among other reasons, we bailed out in the middle of the night and left them hanging. the real issue is the people we left and that is inexcusable and treason in my book. now they are full court press on making ida look like the biggest hurricane of all time to distract people from the “extraordinarily successful mission”.

    • Look, a squirrel!

      Yes, misdirection… but I don’t know how many people are buying it. Not that many people watch the communist news network anymore outside of the woke.

      Americans left behind. $90 billion in gear left behind. Look at Blinken, SECSTATE, what a piece of crap.

      We should be able to fight duels with politicians.

  9. A friend’s father was a B-17 pilot. He was shot down and spent 6 months in a concentration camp until Patton came through and liberated the camp. That man had some very interesting stories.

    I had a step-grandfather who was a tailgunner on a B-17, he would not talk about the war at all.

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